You can now buy SanDisk’s 200GB microSD card for $239 at Amazon



SanDisk’s insane 200GB microSD card is now available for purchase. You can grab one for as little as $239 over at Amazon. This isn’t the most attractive price in the world, we know, but you have to remember that you can’t find anything else of this size on the market.

The card is Class 10, UHS-1 and rated for up to 90 megabytes per/second transfer speed. You’ll also get an adapter with your purchase for use in devices that don’t support microSD. Not a bad deal at all. This thing should work in any phone supporting standard microSDXC cards so don’t hesitate to buy one for your device if the smaller storage options just aren’t enough for you.

[via Amazon]

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  1. Target price for 200gb would be 160. Better deal is 128gb that you can get for $80 at Amazon, Best Buy, B&H, Adorama, etc.

  2. Regardless of price… they fit 200GB on that little thing? Amazing. How far we’ve come in the past few decades…

    1. I retired from the computer industry in 1987. We were paying $100,000 for a unit that held two half-gb disks plus you had to have a control unit for each eight gb that was another $50,000. We had 16gb for $1,700,000. Now you can buy 200gb for $239. Where will the max be reached, if ever?

      1. I think the next major change will be using quartz crystals (I think it was quartz I read about) to store data, supposedly they can contain millions of gigs and store data for hundreds of years.

  3. Too bad you can’t trust Sandisk for reliability. Sending back a bad 64GB Sandisk SDXC that has gotten little use.

  4. Why? Watch a lot of movies on your phone? I don’t.

    1. I like to store lots of movie/TV files for offline viewing, esp with Google Play, even on a fast WiFi connection it takes up to 4 minutes to begin playing content when I try to simply stream it (could be a phone issue I suppose) and I also like to always have my “thumbs up” list on Play Music downloaded as well and there are a few thousand songs on it, something like this would definitely be of use to me. Although, I think I will wait until the price goes down or buy one a little smaller.

  5. used to be a big deal, but with cloud and streaming my 32gb doesnt even fill up.

    1. Not everyone can access or use cloud storage, due to poor local networks, travelling in areas with little or no connection (e.g. commuting on the underground or by plane), or have limited data plans, with even “unlimited” data plans being throttled after 1 gig a day/7 gigs a month, etc.

      I myself need lots of videos and music store either on my exsd, or a usb storage device (connected to my phone), for my job teaching kids. Relying upon a WiFi connection at work isn’t really good, so it’s common sense to have a physical copy at hand.

      Thus, for the majority of people in the world (price non-withstanding), such cards are VERY popular and in demand.

      Hope this helps.

      PS: Just look at my attempt to post here, in the attached picture. That was on an underground train in Japan (a supposedly “high tech” nation). America is not synonymous with the rest of the world.

      1. 32 isnt enough when not by wifi or get throttled you cant watch or hear every gig at once

  6. love the size, but not quite the price, prefer around $1 a gb or less.

  7. After two 64GB SanDisk microSDs gone bad I will never ever buy a memory card from them. It is not worth the hazzle. I prefer to stick to Kingston, they never let me down in the past.

  8. Its 2015 and i can’t believe this garbage still exists. The world is so outdated

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