Jun 23rd, 2015

I love simple games. You can pick one up at any time and kill a few minutes, or many minutes if the game is really good. I’ve discovered that simple games are often the most difficult. They hook you in with a simple mechanic, but then things ramp up quickly. Of course, this is exactly what makes simple games so addictive. ULTRAFLOW is my latest obsession in this genre.

If you’re a listener of the Mobile Roar Podcast you may remember ULTRAFLOW from a couple of weeks ago. The premise of the game is simple in theory: get your ball to the goal. In order to do that you need to bounce your ball off of walls, but it doesn’t stop there. You’re only allowed a certain amount of bounces, and there are tons of obstacles getting in your way.


The idea of finding the perfect trajectory to bounce an object to a goal is not new. That’s simply billiards. ULTRAFLOW takes the idea to a much more addictive state. You have to plan out your shot for more than just one or two bounces. Obstacles will make that very difficult. There are directional arrows, speed traps, wormholes, moving walls, gates, and so much more. Eventually you have to not only worry about the trajectory angles, but also the speed of your shot.

I love everything about this game. The design is minimal and cool. The soundtrack is futuristic and catchy. The controls are easy, and you can restart levels very quickly (because you will die a lot). However, the best part has nothing to do with how the game is played. ULTRAFLOW is free and it doesn’t have any ads or in-app purchases. Seriously. Plus, you can earn achievements through Google Play Games.

Trust me, you’ll love this game. Download ULTRAFLOW for free from the Play Store right here.