Mobile Roar 97: Comcast & T-Mobile, ads in Blinkfeed, and E3


This is one of the few weeks in the year where phones and mobile gadget news is overshadowed by the gaming industry. We still have a few important mobile topics to discuss this week, such as the horrible rumor of Comcast buying T-Mobile, but we also talk about what Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo had to say at E3. Of course, we also share our wins and fails, app picks, and answer listener questions.

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  • Let’s talk about E3


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MR show 97

Joe Fedewa
Ever since I flipped open my first phone I've been obsessed with the devices. I've dabbled in other platforms, but Android is where I feel most at home.

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  1. Please no not comcast. I have the best plan ever can’t loose it to comcast. A flat $50/month unlimited talk text and LTE data plus 6gb hotspot.

    1. That sounds very similar to my plan. Except you got me at the “6GB”. Last I heard, Tmo gives 5GB of tethering before requiring you to pay on this plan. Did they bump it up… again? LoL!! At one point is used to be just like 3GB.

      1. Yes they bumped it up again on both t-mobile and metro. I tipped phandroid off about it but they never made an article you should now have 7gb full speed and unlimited throttled hotspot

        1. OMG!! And 5GB was more than enough.

      2. Acctually they now give unlimited tether it’s just throttled to 128kbps after the limit I guess if it’s not an uncarrier announcement phandroid does not care

  2. I use blink feed all the time. That is actualy how I was brought to this page. If there is something on blinkfeed you don’t like you can hide it. O don’t mind them outing ads mostly because every google app has ads and no one notices. Since neither of you have had a recent HTC id suggest picking one up they are fantastic they are a quallity that can’t be beat nothing feels more premium in the hand.

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