Jun 15th, 2015

Google Maps business hours notification navigation

An update is rolling out now to Google Maps that introduces a new feature you wont believe you’ve been able to live without. As detailed in the changelog of the app’s Play Store listing, Google Maps will now tell you when a place or business you’re navigating to is closed, or will be closed by the time you get there. How’s that for convenience?

For those unaware, Google Maps already lists business hours for most places, but sometimes this gets overlooked when you’re quickly looking up an address for navigation. On a personal note, this would have come in handy yesterday when I was running on empty and navigating to a nearby Costco for a fill up, only to find out it was one of the few locations that was actually closed on Sundays.

Oh, the update also shows car rental reservations (pulled from Gmail) in ‘my events.’ A splendid update, indeed. Thank you, Google. Sometimes it’s the little things that matter most.

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