Jun 12th, 2015


Motorola/Verizon/whoever has been hard at work preparing the Motorola DROID Turbo for its first taste of Lollipop since the updated firmware debuted last year (it actually arrived for the GSM Moto Maxx back in February). We know the Turbo is going to jump straight to 5.1. Motorola has been telling us this for months now and reaffirmed this only yesterday in Google+ post. We heard rumors that the update could arrive sometime in mid-June, with dates jumping between June 11th and June 12th.

Well, here we are on the 12th and still nothing. No worries. We’re sure it’s right around the corner. How can we be so sure? Well, Verizon has been busy updating all the DROID Turbo pages on their site to reflect the new Lollipop update. In fact, you can test drive Lollipop on the DROID Turbo right now using Verizon’s online simulator.

Verizon Simulator Motorola DROID Turbo Lollipop

The web tool let’s users play around with specific functions on the device, walking them through each step with easy to follow animations. It’s actually pretty neat and something Verizon’s offered for awhile now (and not just on the DROID Turbo). Starting to see why major updates like this take so long?

The most interesting part is the date along the bottom which shows the last time the simulator was updated with Android 5.1 goodies: June 11th, 2015. Yeah, it’s so close we can practically taste it. Hang in there, folks. In the meantime, you can play with Lollipop on the DROID Turbo via the link down below. Enjoy.