OnePlus 2 rumored for a July unveiling at a price higher than last year’s model


OnePlus 2 teaser

OnePlus 2 is gearing up for a summer launch. We know this because OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei told us last year during a Reddit AMA that they were aiming for a Q2/Q3 launch for the followup to last year’s OnePlus One. But we still don’t have a specific date, despite the phone recently hitting its 1-year anniversary.

That hasn’t stopped OnePlus from getting the hype train rolling, teasing the OP 2 and early access for participants willing to jump through a few hoops (contests). Today, we’re could be getting a clearer picture of exactly when OnePlus will at least formally announce the phone, with sources out of MyDrivers pinning an official unveiling for July.

What’s more is sources claim to know the expected pricing: 1,999 Chinese Yuan, or somewhere around $322 US dollars for the base model. In other words, expect the phone to launch for a little more than last year’s OnePlus One, probably closer to $350 base. Remember, the original OnePlus One launched at $300 for the 16GB model, but also had a 64GB version for only $350. At that time, that was absolutely unheard of, especially for a device offering that much storage.

In either case, we’re certainly excited to see what OnePlus will unveil and yes, you’ll initially need an invite to pick one up. Rumors currently point to the phone coming equipped with a 5.5-inch 1080p display, Snapdragon 810 CPU, 3GB of RAM, 13MP camera, and a 3,300mAh battery.

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  1. You have to request an invite… But then you will have to climb to the top of the Himalayas, shout OnePlus One 10x, then do a triathlon, finish in 2nd place, not first, just to get home and read an email that your device is back ordered.


    1. At the least.

    2. (Approving applause)

  2. Would get one for sure if it was 5 inch screen.

    1. Cool there’s tons of tiny 5 inch options elsewhere for you then.

      1. Tiny 5″ options. Guess most self-righteous phablet fanatics think the same way about device screen sizes as most stupid women do about what’s in a man’s pants – the bigger, the better. Smh.

    2. Don’t worry, even if it had a 5″ screen it wouldn’t respond to touch input so you’re not missing out

      1. You’re referring to the touchscreen issues?

        1. The ones that have been remedied already?

          1. The ones that never should have happened in the first place and rarely (if ever) happen with a manufacturer that isn’t a startup? The ones that literally made a device useless? The ones that took far too long to resolve?

            I rest my case.

          2. You forgot there are those of us who are willing to go through the growth pains with start ups like One Plus :)

          3. I didn’t forget anything. I already had actual growing pains personally and by proxy through younger siblings. I don’t need any more, especially in regards to buying a phone.

      2. You Definitely correct. One Plus Two won’t mean a hill of used beans.

        1. Says the Samsung fanboy who more than hasn’t even seen one.

  3. Too late. And you think they would have figured out supply by now.

    1. It’s not about being able to figure out supply; of course they know how to do that. They do this initially to limit orders so they can fill them with a limited supply available. Once they get enough money they can open the flood gates. They don’t do this to play games, they know most people don’t like this, they do it because they have to.

    2. If they did that they would go bankrupt from having to many phones and not enough demand. Remember 1+ is a new company that has a limited cash flow.

  4. ffs. I just want a good phone, I don’t want to be jerked around to get it.

  5. Give me OIS camera… Or give me death

    1. How about I give you an iOS camera instead? ?

  6. No thanks. After the debacle that was the oneplus one….. not a chance I’d consider buying from them.

    1. Amen

    2. Name a related company that hasn’t had a debacle.

      1. Name a related company that makes you beg to buy their products.

        1. Any company that is still in business.

          1. I don’t know of one. Any company I know of other than OnePlus will take my money gladly, without me begging at all.

  7. Now that this is oneplus two…do you need two invites to get one oneplus two?

    1. Yes

      1. sigh, what happened to the good ole days?. One could use half of an invite today and keep the other half for later :-/

        1. Don’t worry man. Getting Invites is hella easy. As soon as I landed on the forums. I got 4 invites by different people for the OnePlus One…

          1. Not if you landed in the first three months or so….

        2. What happened to the good ole days when companies just, you know, sold their products?

  8. Non of these 2015 phones have made me want to jump from my G3, give me some nexus rumors!

    1. Honestly what difference is there between nexus and oneplus models. Oxygen os basically is stock. Is having the latest os that important now that most apps are on the playstore. For me personally its having a good camera. Something all nexus lack.

      1. “Is having the latest os that important now that most apps are on the playstore.”

        That’s a rather short sighted line of thinking and even an affront to what devs have put in to get OS vers out. Either that or you’re severely confused about the core diffs between an OS and app. Or should we ask for development to cease altogether? Who needs M now when all we have to do is wait for newer apps to appear right? Those under the hood improvements, fixes and critical security updates are nothing to scoff at. The kind of things that apps alone can’t solve.

    2. Agree. Nothing this year has wowed me.

  9. I’m guessing $350 and $400 will be the prices.

  10. The Oneplus One was 1999 Yuan at launch too. The Two will likely be $300 again if the China price leak is true.

  11. 1+2=3! First to solve the puzzle!

    1. Half life 2 episode 3 confirmed!

  12. Forget it….To much work
    for the end result of simply taking my money..Bring on nexus and note 5..

  13. Sad about the lack of cyanogen, but I’ll still be getting it. The OPO has served me well.

    1. Don’t you think some version of Cyanogenmod will be developed for the Oneplus some time after it’s been released?

      1. Most likely. I loved the partnership they had though. I’ll still try out oxygen; the only thing I’ll really miss from cyanogen is the camera app.

  14. Every device with the 810 had overheating problems. No thanks…. if they used the 808, or the exynos I would be interested.

    1. Stop spreading you lies… there’s no production device with the 810 that overheats. There were issues with pre-production devices, those were fixed long ago. The 810 handily outperforms the 808, without overheating.

      1. you apparently haven’t seen reports from every device that has the 810 in it.

        1. I’ve yet to see an actual owner of an M9 or G Flex 2 report overheating. I’ve tried myself to make my M9 get hot… it isn’t possible.

          1. Your m9 has been throttled to the point the 805 gives better performance. And every phone released with the 810 had seen heat issues, there is no denying that fact. The z3+ and z4 are just the latest example

          2. More lies. Go take a look at AnTuTu Benchmark’s website. Right on the front page there’s a graph showing the top processor scores. It’s Exnyos 7420, followed closely by the 810, with the 805 a distent third. Check their top 10 performing phones. It’s GS6, GS6 Edge, then M9. Reality doesn’t match your claims.

            Who’s paying you guys go around saying the 805 outperforms the 810?

          3. Lol funny because you sound like a total shill for Qualcomm. The throttling issue is a known fact, tested and confirmed by OEMs AND independent testing. Just stop

      2. of course there are no production devices with the 810 that overheats…

        there are also no production devices with the 810 that get full performance – thanks to THROTTLING the performance so that it DOESN’T overheat…

        1. Someone here a couple weeks ago insisted that if you kept running benchmarks repeatedly, the M9 the would throttle to avoid overheating and the scores would go down. I ran his test (and for a lot longer than he said), it didn’t throttled at all. The last test had the same scores as the first. I tried with a couple of different benchmark apps, same result. Your throttling theory doesn’t match reality.

          1. WHAT?? so because “someone here said” LMFAO!!?!?!!

            how about “EVERY OEM THAT HAS USED THE CHIP” has had to counteract the overheating!!

            i guess Xiaomi just decided to apply for 5 heat conductivity patents just for kicks…


          2. Okay, how do *you* make an M9 throttle? I’ve been entirely unable to make it throttle or overheat.

            You really think Xiaomi filed these patents just for one phone? Better heat conduction is useful, regardless of the processor used.

          3. dumbass how about you do a little research before arguing with people that know more than you…you don’t even know what throttling is lmao

            hint: your m9 is throttled BY DEFAULT…the only time it’s NOT throttled is when doing benchmarks…which is why it scores high…you don’t actually get that benchmark performance because the 810 is THROTTLED TO PREVENT OVERHEATING!!

            you’re right…Xiaomi just decided it would be nice to up their production costs for no reason…did you even TRY to read the article? lmfao…

          4. False, the M9 runs at exactly the same speed during benchmarks as when running ordinary apps.

            You are the one who doesn’t know what throttling means–it’s lower the speed when a processor gets hot to prevent overheating. Everyone knows they lowered the max speed of the M9 before release, that isn’t throttling, and frankly made little difference in performance, the M9 is still 2nd only to the GS6 in performance benchmarks.

            I read the Xiaomi article you linked. Nothing there says anything about production costs, nor does it give any indication that these patents wouldn’t be useful for other devices. Thermal management is always a design issue, no matter what processor you’re using.

          5. 1. LMAO read and weep you little know-nothing: http://www.xda-developers.com/to-worry-or-not-to-worry-the-sd810-an-m9-and-throttling/

            2. There are two types of throttling…the type of throttling that naturally happens when the processor overheats and the type where a device that can perform at 2.0 ghz in benchmarks is capped at 1.6 ghz in real world use so as NOT TO TRIGGER THE OVERHEATING

            3. LOWERING THE MAX SPEED IS THROTTLING YOU DUMB F*CK…throttling means to suppress, to control, to restrain, to inhibit, to reduce the power of…LMAO I thought you knew what throttling was???

            4. It made enough difference in performance for LG to go with a lesser chip for their FLAGSHIP DEVICE! explain that one lmao!!!


            “Xiaomi says that it has applied for 5 heat conductivity patents to solve the heating issue of Snapdragon 810. It has used 4 graphite cooling fins, one of them being double-layered to solve the heating problem.”

            seeing as though the purpose of the “4 graphite cooling fins, one of them double-layered” was SOLELY to “solve the heating issue of Snapdragon 810” then the graphite cooling fins were an ADDITIONAL PRODUCTION COST incurred by the use of the 810…they themselves state that the heating problems were caused by the 810…they applied for 5 patents only because they had to develop them to deal with the 810..

            it’s called deductive reasoning…try it

  15. If OP2 is going to be $50 more than OP1 they better do something better than those rumored specs. 5.5” screen? same as last year, Snapdragon 810? Underwhelming performance due to overheating. For an extra $50 I need to see either bigger memory, and a bigger screen.

    1. 810 doesn’t overheat… you’re being misled.

      1. the 810 DOES overheat…every single device released with the 810 had to take measures to counteract that overheating…what you are referring to are the devices like the M9 and G4 that do not overheat – due to them throttling the performance of the chip…therefore the poster was completely correct in stating that one would see underwhelming performance due to overheating as the device does not achieve it’s supposed specs due to the throttling used to counteract said overheating…

        1. Man even with the throttling my M9 over heats, I feel it gets hotter than my M8 in some cases

        2. You’re right about everything except the G4 having a 810. It runs the 808. Now the G Flex 2…

          1. i stand corrected…got them mixed up…but it only goes to show that something had to be wrong with the 810 if LG went with less than the best for it’s flagship device…

  16. Those specs better be #NeverSettle specs!

  17. I think I would be interested if it had the top MediaTek chip

  18. 1080P ?. Really.

    1. It’s perfect. Anything more is battery consuming overkill.

  19. Yaa, Naaa

  20. Hopefully they release the phone without the invite system.

    1. They’ve already confirmed they’re using it again.

  21. I’m more excited about the invite system than the phone itself…the invites bring excitement, joy, entertainment into my life. #Neversettle

    1. I agree. Soending hours, nay, days, trying to find out how to get one of these phones. The delays, the broken invite page…. wow, it all wove together to make the most exciting phone experience I have ever had. I can’t wait to do it all again this year in the vain hope of getting a genuine re-branded Oppo.

  22. Well the guys at OnePlus should know that this device will be in demand judging from the first gen OnePlus. So why not just go ahead and mass produce this thing instead leaving money on the table when ppl who can’t have one initially will go pick up one of the other many good devices floating around. The invite system will just piss off potential buyers who won’t wait around for an invite or the silly games that come with it. I really do hope the Oneplus team is mindful of this…therefore they should put the production lines in overdrive.

  23. anyone really trust OnePlus to be able to deal with those overheating issues with the 810?

    1. No. I’m sure they can’t, if sony wasn’t able to deal with it, nor LG ( Gflex 2)… how one+ can handle this properly ?

  24. Considering all the glue defects in the OPO, I really couldn’t trust it with an 810.

  25. So when I’m ready to buy next April, it will be readily available via invite then. Good timing.

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