Mariah Carey to replace Kate Upton as face of Game of War, Terminator Genisys director will make the commercial

ADM_HERCULES_BP_79 - Mariah Carey at the 'Hercules' Los Angeles premiere held at the TCL Chinese Theatre on July 23, 2014.

Pictured: Mariah Carey

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Mariah Carey Vegas

If you’ve spent any amount of time online or even your local theater, there’s a good chance you’ve come across a Game of War commercial featuring swimsuit model Kate Upton. She’s been the “it” girl ever since gracing the cover of Sport Illustrated back in 2012, so it really didn’t come as much of a surprise to find her the centerpiece of a $40 million dollar Game of War marketing blitz. If you’ve got that kinda cash to burn, why not hire 2014’s “sexiest woman alive?” Maybe that’s why Game of War’s next girl sounds so odd to us.

According to sources from TMZ, Mariah Carey is in the process of inking a deal with game studio Machine Zone Inc to become the new face of Game of War: Fire Age. Mariah Carey — who is nearly twice Upton’s age — is no spring chicken and hasn’t been relevant since the 90s. Mariah will reportedly take home a 7-figure paycheck to be featured in a new 30 second ad put together by none other than Alan Taylor, director of the upcoming summer flick Terminator Genisys (he also directed Thor: The Dark World as well).

Game of War is apparently raking in around $1 million every single day, so they money is definitely there. Exactly how they went about moving from Upton to a washed up Carey is anyone’s guess, but we’re sure to see more of Mariah broadcasted across all media channels in the coming months. So long, Kate. It’s been real.

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  1. Ughhhh.

  2. I’d take her over Kate Upton any day, couldn’t care less about Game of War though.

    1. So you prefer old plastic surgery has beens over young , blonde, and busty ? whats wrong with you ? lol

      1. I think he prefers talent, smarts, longevity and contributions to the world, over anonymous, cowardly trash talking over the internet. I’d love you to post your body and mug so all can rate that who so chose. I doubt you’re a young Prince Charming.

        1. Wow you’re in love with her it seems. Listen mental midget. The subject was not whether I am young or good looking, I could be both and that would be none of your business. The subject is whether Kate Upton of Mariah Carey is hotter. And really I doubt she’s getting hired because she’s supposedly smart or helping the world. She is taking an easy payday because let’s face it , her best years , singing and looking good are clearly behind her. She’s probably cheaper than Upton, obviously. Now go away and sniff those old panties you bought that you think she sent you personally. Lol.

          1. Actually I’m not. I just can’t stand Internet cowards and cyber bullies who have nothing better to do than attack someone’s looks and worth. As if they themselves have accomplished a fraction of what these people have or even have a fraction of the looks or talent. I’m just presenting the other side of the picture. Speaking out against unnecessary hate is nothing but me speaking out against unnecessary hate. It does seem you hate her, though. And your looks are as much my business as Mariah’s looks are yours.

          2. I’ll just leave this here :)

          3. I didn’t know we had Mariah and Kate famboys here.

          4. And Lol, that wasn’t the question at all. You’re so wrapped up in your delusions that you’re seeing questions that aren’t there. Someone said he’d take Mariah over Kate. There’s no question there.

          5. mariah is hotter. kate kinda reminds me of anna nicole smith. mariah although 45 can still look hot. i doubt kate at age 45 would be still hot as mariah.

      2. mariah has more talent in her pinky than kate and you combined.

  3. Seems like they go for the fat boobs butter face look.

    1. Mariah’s look like flap jacks ?

    2. Seems like you’re going for the shi%%y overly critical approach. If she’s that ugly to you I can only imagine how good you look, “Human Bender”.

      1. Ooh burn! Someone has a crush!

        1. Yeah I’m noticing a lot of people white knighting here for them. These commercials and anyone who stars in them is terrible and should be made to feel terrible.

          The game sucks.

        2. Guess there are 10-year-olds (or rather people with the same mentality as 10-year-olds) on Phandroid after all.

          Troll harder.

          1. Ooh double burn! You have me pegged!

  4. I guess when you’re raking in $1 million a day, you can afford to throw money at a washed-up hack.

    1. Didn’t know they hired you.

  5. If the game was good, you wouldn’t need boobs to sell it…

    1. If you were less Medieval and self-righteous in your attitude towards this kind of thing you’d realise that it happens because it works. Even if you take the moral high ground nobody will care because sex sells. It may be questionable or even deplorable to you but it is what it is.

    2. after milking everyone using boobs, they’ll be now using cocks. hahaha and i’m sure it will make you play the game. lol i know ur confused.

  6. that is a sorry downgrade If I do say so myself, there is no hotter than Kate Upton. Mariah Carey is old n busted.

    1. the point is to reach more ppl and mariah has more followers and has a large fanbase. they made the right decision.

  7. Can’t believe crap games like this make 1 million a day…..

    Are we the minority now? Is quality the minority? Am I becoming that old, is this a new generation thing…..I think not….

    There have always been stupid people, I guess smarter people just figured out how to exploit them better: boobs and misinformation (basically hollywood meets politics) :P

    1. Mobile games are different than PC and console games when it comes to the more popular ones. Games that you can pop in, leave any time, it works so perfectly. I love those kinds of games. I can pop it for any amount of time and handle my business. Some games, I have to play for about 10 minutes to finish the missions at hand.

      Other games that fall in this category are like:
      Jurassic Park
      Tiny Tower
      Clash of Clans

      Those games are the types that are popular in the mobile world.

      1. Popular =/= good

        1. there’s a lot of popular games that are actually shitty. and very good games that are not even advertised (i know one korean mmorpg where advertising is illegal).

      2. pc games esp mmorpg requires you to be always on, a no-lifer playing almost 24×7 just to keep up….i used to play f2p mmorpg and spent hundreds of $ on it. mobile gaming doesn’t require that much time and more affordable, no wonder they are more popular now.

    2. Boobs can get people to download a game, but it cant make you play and spend money on it. Thats just boredom and stupidity.

      1. the fact is, every download means $$ for them. so it’s a wise move why they choose mariah coz she has a huge fanbase across the world.

    3. Quality has always been the minority. Extreme minority.

  8. Why would anyone want to be associated with the trash game. It’s barely playable half the time and unless you want to dump a few thousand into it you can’t even begin to compete. If I didn’t know some people I would have uninstalled a long time ago. Even still I only log in to do quests or start a timer every so often.

  9. Yes!!!! Tired of seeing that clueless bimbo everywhere for GoW (also a trash game). At least Mariah has talent.

    1. This is sarcasm …… right ?

      1. She’s sold more albums then you.

        1. He should have phrased it “Mariah HAD talent” circa 1990s. Shes a disgusting, body flaunting hack now.

          1. And YOU are? The same…minus the part about ever having talent?

          2. that’s why she’ll be bumping out kate and earning 7-digit figure for a 30-sec ad coz she has no talent. she would be earning a 10 digit if she had that talent circa 90’s, wouldn’t she? how about you? sneaking to your office computer while your boss is on vacation? lol

  10. What a piece of crap game.

  11. wow harsh.

  12. Kate probably asked for a large increase in money for the next set of commercials and they didnt want to pay. So they got someone cheaper. In her heyday Mariah might have commanded tens of millions…but now its a ‘mere’ 7 figures.

    1. Are you delusional? There’s no way Kate Upton commands more $$$ than Mariah Carey. Most people don’t even know what a Kate Upton is. Mariah Carey is a household name and GLOBAL ICON. Mariah Carey received $20million to judge 1 season of American Idol. Mariah has 15.5 million Twitter followers. Kate Upton has 2. Kate Upton will never in her lifetime command what Mariah Carey does. There are very few women on this planet worth upwards of $600 million and guess what, Kate Upton aint one.

    2. mariah’s earning 7-digit figure for a 30-sec ads. name one of your favorites who has deal as good as that.

  13. That’s absurd! Well, I don’t play that game anyway!

  14. I dont play the game, i tried, its too time and money consumptive. The only reason i even looked was because of Uptons boobs on my smartphone in ads for the game. I can see new downloads suffering if Carey is the new face and cleavage. Maybe 1980s Mariah Carey, but not 2015 Mariah Carey. A posterwoman for someone outdated and boring trying to make themselves more relevant with plastic surgery and plunging necklines, and rising skirts. At least Upton has an excuse for being half naked all the time.

    1. I think you mean 1990s Mariah Carey. Her first album came out in 1990, and she was 10 years old in 1980.

      1. Lol, yea, that was a long time ago for me. The 80s and 90s seem to blur.

        1. I had to look it up. It was a long time ago for all of us. :)

          1. definitely hotter back then. Now shes just plastic boobs and generic songs.

        2. You call her old and yet you admit to two decades blurring together for you. If that’s not hypocrisy/passive aggressive idiocy I don’t know what is. Fyi, I’m saying that because it’s what things seem like. I’m not doing it because I’m a particularly big fan of either one of them. Just in case you feel like spewing some more random nonsense to try and invalidate my interpretation of the situation.

    2. they need to hire a woman who is actually kicking ass and taking names in these videos that Would be awesome even if she wasn’t as hot as upton I would definitely watch the commercials and stop making fun of the game.

      All the commercials I see shows upton running away from her besieged castle like a coward or giving speeches. I imagine it will be even less than that with Carey on board.

  15. What? Was Charlotte Mckinney unavailable!?

    1. Who?

      1. I’m not going to link any part of any of it here, but, I’ll strongly suggest you Google this. “Carl’s Jr. Charlotte McKinney”

        1. It’s basically the same as the fast food ad Paris Hilton was in years ago. Nothing new to see there.

  16. Wow. Someone has their panties in a bunch over Mariah Carey. FYI, a “washed up” Mariah Carey is $600 million and 15.5 million Twitter followers more relevant than the writer of this article. If all that dough, all that fame, all that talent, all those sold out concerts, and all those loyal fans all over the planet means SHE’S irrelevant, then what does that make YOU?

    I’m just saying.

  17. Games like that are a great reason to use apps like lucky patcher.

  18. Darn she looks like a grandma on this photo, thanks fo ruining my childhood memories.

    1. “…a grandma?”…somebody’s been watching too many episodes of Teen Mom!

  19. I see both pictures and all I think about is Milk.

  20. I read the news story and it said rumoured. The whole comments have taken it gospel

  21. I think there was a typo. Mariah must be paying them to be in the commercial. Lol. Sounds like another “I am Groot” situation.

    1. An “I am Groot” situation? I think you’ve been smoking too many trees lately.

      1. Vin Diesel was chosen for the voice of Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy because of his massive Twitter followers. I was simply pointing out a possible correlation.

        1. he was chosen because a ton of people wanted him to be in a superhero movie, so they did it just to please the fans. It also probably got the movie more views. Not really similar situations. Kate Upton and Mariah are both about equally popular nowadays, only Kates popularity has been going up, while Mariahs has been going down. And at least imo Kate is better looking, nowadays. PRobably came down to Kate wanting to leave the deal, and them finidng Mariah as a replacement.

          1. I don’t really care but Mariah has over 15million Twitter followers while Kate has 2. That was my only point.

          2. Kate probably wanted a ton of money to renew.

        2. He was also no doubt chosen for his exceptional oratorical skills as his lines in the movie clearly demonstrated. What’s next? Making more episodes of a TV show based on the amount of likes its Facebook page has? Twitter is terrible and annoying.

        3. So you think the Mariah might have been selected because of her huge Twitter following?

  22. Kate who?

  23. Mariah Carey is goofy looking and annoying.

  24. Why is this on an android website?

    1. Because you get to see this $%#%^$@$# annoying ad on your Android device

  25. i seriously didn’t think this game could get any stupider. Between it’s freemium and advertising with shameless amounts of boobs and fan service from upton.

    They’ve proved me wrong.

  26. Upton’s way hotter.

    1. You have a thermal image to back up your statement?

  27. Mariah was hot in the 90’s, 20 years later…not so much.

  28. two slobs.

  29. I think Mariah is hot lol. Maybe they’ll CGI her so she doesn’t look old lol. I mean if the dude just directed terminator, then CGI isn’t exactly new to him.

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