The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 could be one of the first Android devices with USB Type-C


Samsung Galaxy S6 Fast Charging

The next big thing from Samsung is scheduled to be the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. The device is due to launch this year sometime before September, but in typical Samsung fashion the rumors are already flying. The latest rumor claims that the Note 5 will be one of the first Android devices with a USB Type-C port.

You’ve probably heard of USB Type-C as the “reversible charging cable.” It can be plugged into your phone at any orientation. No more fiddling around with your cable to get it in the right way. There are some other more practical benefits to USB Type-C as well. It offers transfer speeds of up to 10 gbps, and increased charging speeds.

Android M supports USB Type-C, but we wouldn’t bet on that meaning the Note 5 will have it. Samsung has shown in the past that they don’t need to wait for Google to implement their own features. Android M finally has fingerprint scanner support, but Samsung has been doing that on their own for a couple of years already. What do you think about the Galaxy Note 5 rumors?

[via SamMobile]

Joe Fedewa
Ever since I flipped open my first phone I've been obsessed with the devices. I've dabbled in other platforms, but Android is where I feel most at home.

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  1. 10 gps

    1. it must be really damn accurate with 10 gps receivers…..

      1. That’s why they needed to stuff in a 4,100 mAh battery – to power all dem sensors ;)

        1. for 1 hour

      2. That’s so the NSA can track you better.

        1. What’s the Korean equivalent of the NSA?

          1. The KSA. The Korean Secrets Association. Guess they’re not as good as the name might suggest.

  2. The Galaxy Note 5 will have USB type C no doubt. Nothing stops Samsung Note products they are technology nothing else matters.

    1. “Nothing else matters”

      You’re right! Nothing other than the technology matters, such as:

      timely updates, patents, marketing that isn’t embarrassing, open source licensing compliance, the developer community, keynotes conducted by people who speak intelligible English, consumer requests

  3. As long as it keeps the sd slot and removable battery I don’t care what cable they use.

    1. I’d like to think Samsung is aware that their Note series is meant for its “power users” so keeping those two unbelievably valuable features is good business. Fingers crossed.

      1. Samsung has done stupid stuff things in the past so I wouldn’t put it past them.

  4. Faster charging? Reminds me of something. Reminds me of a Q2 charger that I was promised for the M8 later in the Summer… Summer 2014. >.>

    Whatever happened to those? Did they come out? Am I missing something? Do I just go and buy this Q2 charger?

    1. Qualcomm Quick Charge 2 has been supported on the M8 since last summer and yes, you can buy one.

      1. I’ve known about the compatibility. I just would have preferred an official HTC One. I have been under the impression HTC was going to make some and sell them.

        I just did a search now and I was able to find one that claimed to be a Quick Charge 2.0 charger. Eh… Having an internal battery I’m a bit more conscience of the chargers I use.

        At first I thought they weren’t even out. LoL!!


          Came out last year as I recall.

          I seem to recall a rasher of flaky ones going around from just about every source back then as well.

          Btw, I hear you, I’m an M8 owner.

  5. Isn’t next Nexus 5 also rumored to have TypeC?

    1. There is no next Nexus 5. Maybe a Nexus 7 pho-blet to succeed the Nexus 6 but not another Nexus 5. Nobody wants that.

      1. Even if re-released with no change, the Nexus 5 would still be one of the best phone for the price. A lot of people want a 2015 Nexus 5. It just need updated components (faster, more efficient SoC, more RAM, faster storage, larger battery, better camera) for the same $350 and we have a killer.

        1. A re-release is very unlikely since the Nexus 6 is everything anyone should possibly want in a phone. I don’t share that opinion but it’s what Google thinks so it goes.

          Should have added a “/s” to my previous message since I was being sarcastic about nobody wanting a Nexus 5 2015.

          I desperately want one but since the original Nexus 5 never sold tens of millions of units, with phones that don’t have a 5.5″ or bigger screen disappearing fast, and Oneplus being the only device around at an amazing price it probably won’t happen.

      2. Yes, there have been N5 rumors – and many don’t want bigger than that, including me.

        1. I fully agree on the screen size. My apologies.I wasn’t aware that there were any rumours about a new Nexus device/s. I appreciate the link.

  6. I’ve gotten so used to wireless charging I forgot all about the new charging port. Hopefully wireless charging will be right out of the box on the note 5. Everything else with the note series will fall into place!

    1. Until wireless charging is as fast as wired, it’s not a must have feature for me. Convenient on a night stand for a slow overnight charge, but that’s about it

      1. And that’s where it shines! When I’m sleepy I just put it on the charger and don’t have to fumble around with plugs and cords or at the office I can just set it down… And wireless chargers aren’t really that slow

      2. It’s not a must for most. But people like me that is sitting on a desk all day, lay the phone to charge all the time is good, and you can pick it up to read messages and lay it to charge again.

  7. If the note 5 keeps getting all these rumors and they turn out to be true it’ll be hard to turn down the note 5 for my next Device

  8. What I want to know is will it have a micro SD slot and removable battery. If not, I don’t care about any other features.

    1. THIS.

  9. Well I recently went from a Gnote 4 to a 6 Plus. But I’m happy Google is copying Apple, it’s good for us Android fans for Google to copy Apple.

    1. One of the most ignorant comments I’ve ever seen, I hope you are trolling. So… Apple didn’t copy the fingerprint sensor, the wireless charging, the notification drawer, the blah blah blah. And you are comparing SAMSUNG, not GOOGLE, you are dumb.

    2. Your 6+ doesn’t have usb type c either

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