Huawei Watch reportedly delayed until September/October of this year, Android Wear compatibility to blame


Huawei Watch DSC08906

We got a good look and our hands-on the Huawei Watch back during Mobile World Congress earlier this year. It was actually one of the breakout hits of the show, with tech blogs raving about the watch’s practical design and premium build quality. Back then, Huawei was aiming for a release date somewhere around the “middle” of this year, but some unforeseen bugs may have pushed that date back towards the end of the year.

According to WantChinaTimes, Huawei’s head of smartphone division He Gang mentioned the team ran into some compatibility issues with Android Wear, forcing them to push back their initial launch estimates to September or October. The problem has to do with Google services which aren’t available in China, forcing the manufacturer to come up with their own in-house solution.

With a launch near the end of the year, it’s entirely possible the Huawei Watch could launch alongside a Huawei-made Nexus, also rumored to launch during Google’s usual late October/early November time frame. Of course that’s just blind speculation at this point.

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  1. sounds like a cop out to blame Google services…it’s not like they just became unavailable in china….that’s something that they’ve known since they first started working with android

  2. ZERO interest in anything from this company in the 1st place…wasn’t everyone worried about them spying on us a year ago?

    1. What isn’t made in China that you use on a daily basis. I can only think of the item in my picture.

      1. He didn’t say he was opposed to all Chinese products… just Huawei. http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/07/19/us-huawei-security-idUSBRE96I06I20130719

      2. That wasn’t my point

  3. I believe the original report said this was a delay in China, not a global delay

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