OnePlus One receives a permanent price cut to $249, Dropbox Pro bundle announced


OnePlus One DSC06070

OnePlus One’s week-long flash sale was so popular that they’ve hit us with a permanent price reduction. The OnePlus One will now cost $250 no matter when, where or how you buy it. That’s a pretty insane price tag for a smartphone that stood toe-to-toe with 2014’s best Android phones.

OnePlus has also announced a new partnership with DropBox. There’s bonus for anyone willing to spend $350: you’ll get a 64GB OnePlus One as well as one year of Dropbox Pro. That tier gives you a very comfortable 1TB of cloud storage to work with, so if you run out of space on the device you can always start pushing stuff up there.

The 64GB OnePlus One’s new price of $300 + 12 months of Dropbox Pro at $9.99 per month would come out to be about $420, so this combo nets you $70 in savings. The offer starts June 10th, and will only be available for a limited time (which OnePlus has yet to detail) so be sure to get your order in early if it sounds enticing.

[via OnePlus]

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  1. Uh, did you say micro SD card?!? I don’t think so….

    1. That’s why they made USB OTG’S. For I own 4 paired with SanDisk extreme plus micro sd card and I swear it’s faster then my internal memory…..

      1. 1)Clarification: Before editing, the article mentioned the cloud storage option for after the internal memory AND micro SD card were full. My comment was meant to point out that mistake….I happen to own a OnePlus One. 2) My OPO is the ONLY Android phone of MANY I’ve owned that DOESN’T have an external memory slot, mainly because the 64GB option was such a bargain. 3)Although I also own OTG cables, offering them as a practical option in this time of cheap memory, is like suggesting an aux cable for external speakers as a suitable substitute if a phone maker decides to not include Bluetooth….it works, but it’s far less convenient and low tech. I hope this “no micro SD card slot” trend dies quickly!

  2. Man, that’s an insanely great price especially for the hardware you’re getting.

  3. I dislike the company so much, I wouldn’t use their phone if I got one for free.

  4. good deal

  5. OnePlus might to be to late. I wonder how many sales they lost to the invite system and sporadic windows to buy the phone.

  6. Is it bad that I’m almost considering side grading from the N5 because battery life is so bad…

    1. Trust me, Lollipop SUCKS on battery for all hardware it seems. I lost my 2-3 day battery life on my OPO since that update.

  7. so all of us previous opo buyers are just screwed as far as this deal goes I guess. figures.

    1. Wait you want reduced pricing/new offers BUT for a device you purchased since last year? HILARIOUS.

  8. esp after taking FOREVER to fix those damn touchscreen issues!!!

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