Deal: Get a Chromecast for $20 through Groupon


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One of Groupon’s sweetest deals is back: it’s a $20 Chromecast. It’s refurbished, mind you, but we’ve not known Groupon to ship faulty hardware. The thing usually costs $35 new, so this is a hefty discount of 43%.

If you don’t like stuff that was owned by other people you can always head to Amazon to buy it new. They have it for $28 in that condition, which isn’t a whole lot of money for more peace of mind. Be sure to consider both options and get yourself one of the hottest multimedia devices being peddled on the market.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Should be a Chormecast in every house…

  2. This thing is such junk… I seriously can’t believe Google continues to make chromecast.

    1. Junk? What other stick offers as much bang for the buck? None.

      1. I agree. amazing little device =) would be better with a remote, but hey, that is just a personal want

        1. Remote? You use your phone for that. It’s best that developers customize controls per app instead of a generic all in one approach. IMO.

          1. oh I’m aware, I use my phone all of the time. I am probably the only one who is wanting an actual dedicated remote tho. just a personal thing =)

          2. I doubt there is enough people who would want it, but if you got all the app developers to agree to program in some basic mapping commands, you could probably make a Bluetooth remote to connect to phone/computer fairly easily and cheaply

          3. I know, you’re right.

          4. I prefer a remote as well, so I’ve been using my Fire TV Stick a lot more than my Chromecast. Having a remote to quickly pause/unpause is far better than having to unlock my phone then pause/unpause.

          5. how are you liking the Fire TV?? I looked into it and read a lot of good things about it. I love that it comes with a remote. Do you need Prime??? I think its cheaper if you ARE a Prime member, right?

          6. I have the Fire TV Stick. I love it. The interface is simple and very responsive. I do have Prime, but you don’t need it to use the Fire TV or Fire TV Stick. The Fire TV Stick was discounted for Prime members back when I bought it, but it looks like its the same price with or without Prime now.

          7. maybe that is for me….I love my Chromecast, I just wish it had a dedicated remote. Some times my phone is sitting on the charger, or i’m having to exit what I am in to change what i’m watching, its just a BIT inconvenient. Maybe having BOTH, is the answer haha

      2. You’re right… Its best in class amongst all the junky sticks. I’m a Google junky. I buy EVERYTHING Google makes. I couldn’t return this thing fast enough. Still has incomplete support for major services, it’s a complete slug and the interface is total Mish mash. Can’t for the life of me imagine why anyone would use this garbage over a Roku 3.

        1. hmm I have bought 2 of them, they are fast and fluid. both refurbs too. I think you got a bad one man….I have never heard of this issue at all.

        2. Price is the main reason ill buy this over a Roku. And Google is more open with its software.

        3. Mine works great! I wouldn’t go without one!

        4. The interface is whatever the app devs put on your phone.

          It has more than a few services supporting it.

          Did you get out back when it was younger?

          Agree that the Roku 3 does more – for more money.

    2. Because you don’t know how to use it makes it junk? I laughed when I read this..

      1. Ya cause it’s so complicated right? It’s junk because it’s junk. You wanna pretend otherwise that’s on you.

        1. Youtube how to use Kodi and LocalCast with Chromecast. Educate yourself on the capabilities of things before you spout off. Believe me, you thinking it’s junk shows the rest of us that you don’t know how to use it.

  3. Junk?

  4. I got these last year, they still work great. I sometimes trust refurbished more.

  5. chromecast is awesome! get one =) 20 bucks is a hell of a dealio

  6. Im about to buy it and I dont even own a TV yet lol.

  7. Combine with Kodi and LocalCast, nothing beats it!

  8. I would have 3 of these by now instead of 1 if they just supported 5ghz.
    My microwave interrupts my casts every single time on 2.4 spectrum, and 1080p 60fps stutters on a lot of apps.

    Even still, I use it ALL the time.

    1. I’ve heard microwaves can technically do this but I’ve never actually seen it happen, maybe it’s time for a new microwave or maybe you could build some sort of faraday cage around the microwave?

    2. 1983 called, they want their microwave back.

      1. It’s actually quite a new model. The TV and Microwave just happen to be right on the other side of a wall from each other, and there’s not a good way to move either of them. : /

        1. Maybe you have a bad ground or something? Again I’m sure given some innovativness and the right materials you could probably block the microwave/wall rf signals, it’s not like you need any off that extra stuff anyways

          1. Modern microwaves aren’t supposed to interfere with the 2.4GHz range much. I agree with Max, maybe a bad ground, maybe something isn’t shielded properly, or maybe the microwave is defective.

  9. I bought one from Groupon last year. What a deal! I mostly use it to watch games through MLB At Bat but Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube all perform flawlessly. There seem to be more and more apps supporting Chromecast all the time. I like to use Haystack News and HBO Go as well.

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