Android-based Brillo OS and Weave to revolutionize The Internet Of Things [VIDEO]


Fresh off the stage from Google IO 2015, Senior VP Sundar Pichai has officially taken the wraps off Project Brillo, their new platform for the “Internet of Things.” For those that haven’t been keeping up with the term, Internet of Things (IoT) simply refers to internet connected devices which will soon reach everything in your home from light bulbs, to washer machines, door locks, and everything in between.


Like how Android was for smartphones and tablets, Project Brillo looks to be Google’s underlying operating system for the IoT. It’s an end-to-end functioning operating system based on Android, only its the lowest layers of Android. This means it carries a very minimal footprint, while still providing support for things like WiFi, Bluetooth Low Energy, on tiny devices like smart light bulbs.

Android M Weave 1

Getting these devices — smartphones, appliances, light bulbs — all talking to each other properly will possible with Weave, Google’s common language for connected devices. With Weave, a camera understands a function like “lock,” or a smart door lock understands a function like “lights.”

Android M Brillo Weave 1

To wrap it all up, Google briefly showed a device running Android M and being able to recognize all these connected devices. According to Pichai, the Brillo Developer Preview will be available Q3 of 2015 and Weave Full Stack coming Q4 2015.


Chris Chavez
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  1. I really hate the phrase ” internet of things ” it bothers me for reasons I’m unsure of and the fact that I found this meme shows me I’m not alone :p

  2. I’m sorry. I can’t take this seriously. I kept laughing when I read the word “weave”.

    Gurl, hold up!! She did not!! Ima pull this girl’s weave out her head!!

    Bwahahahahaaa!! I’m sorry, that word is so funny to me.

    But jokes aside, I like this idea. I was wondering how they would get things to communicate. The main thing seems to be energy, but with Project M looking to save on that, Google may finally be able to start pushing this out. Soon my home will be futuristic… though if the gadgets are in the present it’s not really futuristic. ._.

  3. Google Weave ?

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