Google unveils limited edition Skrillex cases with matching live wallpapers for select Android devices


Skrillex Live Cases Edition

In a somewhat un-Googley move, the internet search giant is unveiling a new line of specialty cases now available on their online storefront. The “Live Cases” as they’re being called were designed in collaboration with world-renown artist Skrillex and not only feature unique designs, but matching live wallpapers as well.

The companion live wallpapers will change in real-time throughout the day with visuals of the Earth or constellations at night. Why? Apparently this has something to do with a balloon satellite named after Skrillex’s dog that Google sent up into the stratosphere to photograph the images. Once the satellite hits earth, Google will actually have it signed by Skrillex and mailed off to a lucky Android fan in an upcoming Twitter giveaway.

The Skrillex Live Cases will grant owners with early access to an unannounced record from Skrillex’s OWSLA label on Google Play and updates about Skrillex delivered straight to their phone. The cases even have a shortcut button built into them that either take you directly to Skrillex’s YouTube channel, or can be customized to launch whichever app you like. Needless to say, these aren’t your typical “dumb cases.”

That being said, that kind of tech doesn’t come cheap and the Skrillex Live cases retail for around $40 a piece. They come in 3 options — Space Shield, Circuit Bae, and Lil Planet — and are compatible with a very select few Android device (it’s still more than we expected). The Nexus 5, Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S5, and Samsung Galaxy Note 4 are all included and can be purchased from the Google Store while supplies last and only until the end of June.

Skrillex is just the first artist Google will be teaming up with for these new limited-edition cases, with new “Editions” coming in the near future. We’ll be on the lookout.

[Skrillex Live Cases at Google Store]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Got a Nexus 5 @ launch. Battery has to be replaced. They no longer sell the nexus 5. But hey, new cases! ;)

    1. Google can’t replace the battery or offer a credit for an N6?

      1. Google told my wife to talk to LG. LG said it was one month past its 15 month warranty and to pound sand. I think it just needs a new battery. Fortunately they aren’t hard to replace on the Nexus 5. I should clarify. The Phone is no longer available (was more of a commentary on them selling cases for it). Batteries are easy to find. One will be here tomorrow in fact. :)

        1. I see. But damn that sucks you were just out of warranty.

    2. Searching for:
      nexus 5 battery
      on the shopping sites gives lots of results for $10 or so. Some of them look legit. Or am I missing something?

      The replacement process doesn’t look too difficult either.

      1. There are people who “don’t know” how to change a blown break light bulb in their car and won’t learn. LoL!!

        But I’m like that too, but that doesn’t mean I won’t talk my mess. =.P

  2. I’d like one of these cases without the Skrillex branding, thanks Google. Cool concept though. It’d be nice to have a programmable button built into a case on my N6.

    1. Yeah, I wish they had some more chill designs too. I may get the alien one anyways because I just got a Nexus 6 and really need a case. I like the button idea ALOT so that would be my only incentive. Probably will just make it a flashlight or camera.

  3. If they came with a holster too cuz the the note 4 is too big for my pocket I would be so happy

  4. Drop that bass case like it’s filthy.

  5. I like the button. Kinda like but more integrated, although you only get one too.

  6. Why of all the people on the earth would they choose Skrillex to brand with?? Fool makes terrible “music”.

    1. Because he’s popular, and because, well you know, opinions.

      This is a very cool idea. Wonder why it hasn’t been done sooner.

    2. He has some good jams.. real good jams. 1 example

      But it’s a stoopid idea. People just need to learn to get stickers and do this for .39 and a case for $2.

      1. Didn’t know Skrillex was famous for being a sandwich topping connoisseur. Guess he’s a man of many talents (or jams).

  7. I’m glad it’s a ‘plastic’ type case, otherwise I’d be getting an N6 for that extra button use/changing screens.

  8. Considering that Amazon Japan was selling some (average) note 2 cases for around 30 dollars, the Skrillex ones seem great value.

  9. oh my god! lolz. love android and EDM but every Skrillex track sounds pretty much the same. “pew pew..pew pew” The only one that I even listen to nowadays is the Breakn’ A Sweat collaboration with the Doors (Zedd remix).

  10. I have never listened to Skrillex, but the cases are pretty cool .

  11. i’d consider this ‘best case scenario’, might annoy my co-working a bit much with his music, but oh well, lol (and i’m even wearing my skrillex shirt currently :D

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