Instagram’s collage making Layout app is finally available on Android


Layout from Instagram 1

After launching their photo collage making app for iOS back in March, Instagram’s Layout is now finally available for Android. It’s a song we’ve heard before and something we’re, quite frankly, used to by now. In any case, the app basically introduces a feature Instagrammers have been clamoring for since the service first launched: the ability to create photo collages in an Instagram-friendly 1:1 aspect ratio.

Layout from Instagram for Android

Sure, this feature could have easily been built directly into Instagram itself, but for whatever reason Instagram felt the need to keep things separate. We have no problem with this as it keeps the app lighter than it otherwise would be with this functionality packed inside. As we talked about in our initial post, the app is painfully simple to use, something other collage apps could never seem to get right.

Simply choose photos from your gallery app — where they’re all conveniently organized in tabs — or snap photos on the fly using the photo booth feature. From there, you choose the layout of your new collage and can fine tune it by dragging and dropping photos around. Simple, quick, and more importantly super easy.

The best part is you don’t even need to use Instagram for sharing if you don’t have an account. Save the collage and share it Google+, Twitter, or whatever else you’re using these days. If you guys want to give Layout a spin, you can find the app for free right now on Google Play.

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  1. Too late. I’ve been using Photo Grid for years. Works perfectly fine for me.

  2. Just as an FYI, be sure to follow the link from this post. I stupidly did a search and there is another Layout FOR Instagram app that does the same thing, but is an ad-ridden mess. The correct one is Layout FROM Instagram.

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