Where does the LG G4 land in the Best Android Phone rankings?



Our Best Android Phones rankings have been shifting a lot lately. In the last few months we’ve seen flagship phones from HTC, Samsung, and now LG. The shake-up continues with the release of the LG G4. The Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, and HTC One M9 have been enjoying their time at the top, but it’s time for a change.

While the G4 still isn’t available for purchase, we’ve been able to get our hands on it. We gave it a 4/5 in our full review, but the more we play with it the more we like it. Alternatively, we gave the One M9 a slightly higher 4.25/5, but our feelings have gone slightly south since playing with other 2015 flagship phones. The one thing that remains the same is our love for the Galaxy S6. Samsung has hit it out of the park this year.

Head on over to the Best Android Phones list to see our rankings. The top of these rankings should hold steady until the next Nexus or Motorola device comes around. After you read our rankings let us know how you would rank the phones. Be sure to also visit the full phone guide to see the top upcoming and available Android phones.

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Ever since I flipped open my first phone I've been obsessed with the devices. I've dabbled in other platforms, but Android is where I feel most at home.

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  1. thanks for ranking the Nexus 6 so high each time, its such a great phone! I know the S6 is a great phone but the Edge just seemed gimmicky for me. I dont think it should be that high on the list. It seems limited on what you can actually do with it and it kind of felt….delicate. I know its not, something weird about that phone, maybe i’m just getting old haha.

    The G4 looks amazing! I cant wait to see this list when the 3rd gen Moto X and next Nexus phone(s) is released!

  2. The Z3 should be on the list.

    1. What about the Z3v :0

  3. I agree with the top few rankings. The S6s kick everything else’s ass from a technical spec standpoint. The LG4 makes sense at #2 because it has removable battery and SD card that the S6 lacks.

    1. I can agree with this. where would you put the edge?

  4. The ZENFONE 2 should likely crack the top ten next time this list is published/updated.

  5. The s6 edge is the best smartphone to date IMO. Samsung really knocked it out the park this year. Can’t wait to see what they did with the note5 and edge.

    1. I admit to being an edge skeptic… Until I wound up getting a Note Edge through AT&T shenanigans last night because they somehow ruined my HTC One w/ the unlock code.

      1. But the “edge” on the S6 is NOT the same as the “edge” on the Note. 1 is a whole separate screen, the other is just the screen curved. The S6 edge is pretty much a gimmicky joke. The note edge is way more legit.

        1. The s6 edge is for ergonomics and looks, functionality was not the priority here. Call it a gimmick all you want, but to me and all those who have one it’s the best thing since sliced bread. I just love this damn beast.

          1. You know that’s how I view many S series users. The S6 and S Edge appear to be marketed at those who prefer style over substance. The Note series of course of heavily geared towards users who prefer the latter.

            If Samsung keeps the Note series on that same path I think they’ve established a good balance between it and the S series.

        2. Feature wise it’s not useful but design wise it’s the best looking phone on the market hands down. No need to hate.

    2. Oh man that Note 5… Goodness gracious I’m worried. Many Note users dearly depend on Micro SD and a user-replaceable battery. Here’s hoping the Note series doesn’t get neutered.


  6. The edge was a great attempt at implementing a new form factor..I would like the edge to be a little more wider so that when you watch videos..the video doesn’t go into the curvature causing a little washed out look at the top and bottom of the video…

  7. I respect that 3 new phone the S6,LG4 and M9 I think it’s all good high quality phone

  8. I have read numerous places that put the M9 at the bottom of the list. The G4 is rated, by some who have and used, better than the S6 and some say not better.

    Who cares really… get what you dig and works for you.

  9. Very close Second behind the S6 and WAY ahead of the M9.

    1. Ahead of the s6 in my world.. No home button with knock on, SD, and removable battery.. Not to mention perfect size.. And so far, good reviews on battery life.. Care less bout the plastic.. It will be cased..

      1. you live in a very different world,the lg is huge,ugly and plastic.

        1. Purely subjective opinion… But Ya I do live in a different world, and it sure is great

  10. I think I’ve been suayed to the G4, watiing for some more reviews and in depth camera analyses to be done but I’ll likely be pulling that trigger. plastic really is a better material than glass & metal for me, i drop my Note 2 all the time and it is still going, no cracked glass because the big doofy ugly plastic chrome-bumper sides absorb a ton of shock. i literally dropped it from 6 feet while walking fast on concreate yesterday. it bounced into the street and shot its cover and battery in opposite directions. i embarassedly picked it up and other than a ding in the plastic corner, it was totally fine.

    1. Shame about the invagination on the leather backs. would like to try a leather back but those just look terrible to me.

    2. Here pig pig pig pig. (Suey? Anyone ?)

  11. Still think the Note 4 is better than any phone on this list.

  12. I had the S6 when it dropped and while it’s an insanely awesome and amazing device (coming from someone who abhors Samsung and is a vanilla Android enthusiast), it just wasn’t a Nexus or a Moto X. I had to disable close to 30 apps I was never going to use on that thing whereas you don’t have that issue at all with the Nexus line and minimally with the Moto X line (unless you get the unlocked variant in which it’s free of carrier bloat). I’m really hoping this year’s Moto X is granted access to work on Project Fi. That could be the thing to get me to finally jump from Sprint’s hellhole…

    1. don’t forget about the updates, drives me crazy after nexus 4 (i have note 4)

  13. I read somewhere that the G3 was going to be shipped with a Virtual Reality headset from now on, does anyone know if they’re doing the same with the G4? It would be a major selling point for me, even though mobile VR might not be the “sh*t” I think it would be pretty cool still.

    Edit: I found the article I read as well, http://globegadget.com/lg-brings-virtual-reality-to-g3/ is this for real or was this just some stupid rumor?

  14. Of course M9 sucks lol

  15. your’re just listing flagships! s6 is super expensive :(

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