OPPO reveals the R7 Plus alongside the R7



OPPO has just revealed that their upcoming R7 smartphone will debut with a larger brother, the R7 Plus. The OPPO R7 Plus features the same full metal unibody design as found on the R7 and includes the same 2.5D glass with near edge-to-edge display. The OPPO R7 Plus will also sport on-screen keys, something never seen before in OPPO smartphones and the R7 Plus comes equipped with a rear fingerprint reader, which will most likely unlock the phone in the same manner as the OPPO N3.

And that’s all we know for now Android fans. The OPPO R7 Plus came as a complete surprise, but has this Android fan extremely excited. I absolutely love OPPO hardware, but capacitive physical buttons have always been one of my pet peeves with the company’s offerings in the past.

The OPPO R7 and R7 Plus are set to debut on May 20th in Beijing and we’ll be there for the full reveal. What do you think of OPPO’s latest? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Any word on screen & battery size for the R7+?

  2. I miss one handed phones. HTC one m7 and moto x first gen were perfect sized

    1. Except for the thick bezel on the m7 and the poor battery life

  3. Nice phone but I just do not understand the problem some people have with capacitive buttons. They are superior in just about every way to on screen buttons. They work just as well, and they don’t take up screen space unnecessarily. There is no logic to preferring on screen buttons. It has no advantage whatsoever. It doesn’t even mean a smaller size and the bezels on all of these phones are even bigger than phones with capacitive buttons like Galaxy for example.

    1. Have a look at the bezel on the R7 vs the R7+. They’re larger. Also, onscreen buttons are only there while navigating through the phone’s UI. Once you start to – say – watch a movie they get hidden making no buttons visible, taking up no space from the phone’s front whatsoever. That’s the logic.

  4. There is no market for this in a world where the Moto X gets updates and has better software.

    1. The said the same thing about the first galaxy note it’s to big nobody will buy and look how it turned out.

  5. I’m really liking the plus!

  6. rear firing speakers…no thanks. the phone is really attractive tho.

    1. Same issue with the G4 , and that’s y I passed that one up

      1. same here. i guess i’m holding out for the next Nexus offering. or moto x 3rd gen? gimme some front facing speakers damn it

        1. I’m glad I’m not the only one that feels that way.

          I’m hoping for those and possibly Project Ara to solve all my problems.

          1. ditto! I hope its something revolutionary that puts google on the map with whatever it released

        2. For me it’s notifications and ringtones that would love front-facing speakers more than anything else.

        3. Nah I went with the M9, I’ll be upgrading next spring because I got att Next programme, so 1 year ain’t so bad with a device, I think next yr will be the year I buy and keep a device for at least 2 yrs

          1. I did that when I got my NExus 6 back in November. Its nice, I’ll save about $300 on the phone…I just lose the rest of what i’ve put into the phone in payments when I swap it out after 12 months. I’m hoping the next Nexus device is released on AT&T again. otherwise, I might be screwed haha.

          2. I highly doubt ull be screwed, I’m sure att will get it, especially since nexus decided to become more premium and increase price, I’m sure they won’t be able to afford relying on purist only who would buy out right

    2. Even having a speaker on the bottom edge is more effective like on the Note 3. That’s what I’m currently missing on the Note 4 and G3.

      1. its why i’ve said “nay” to the G4. My nexus 6 has spoiled me!!

        1. Yeah, that N6 is nice alright. But if I had to choose, considering the capabilities, I’d give the edge to the G4 for its Micro SD support and user-replaceable battery. Those are good as gold. Good as gold.

          1. I dont disagree with that. I am kind of hoping the Note 5 is something amazing….and i’m not really a sammy fan at all!

          2. Blasted Note 5 has got me holding my breath and biting me nails. What will they do?

          3. I’m going to guess it will include top of the line specs and have a 8,000mAh battery with a Nikon d5100 camera built in

  7. Can’t tell for sure but looks like the Plus has a bigger screen. That’s my number one reason for choosing a phone and hopefully Oppo will follow the new standard industry pattern where “Plus” means bigger screen, as well as additional (pretty much useless) features.

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