Sega is removing select titles from Google Play, download what you can or possibly lose them forever


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With more than 28 titles on the Google Play Store, Sega has done a pretty great job of introducing a variety of casual or even Dreamcast ports to Android gamers. If we had to guess, we’d bet Sonic the Hedgehog exists in some form or another on your device.

If you’ve been looking to build up your collection, you might want to do it fast. Sega announced today that they’ll be removing a handful of select titles that no longer meet their “standards.” They didn’t specify exactly which titles, only that the removal span across app stores like Google Play, Amazon Appstore, Samsung app store, and the Apple App Store.

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They did mention that the games could always make a return in the future in an “updated form,” so nothing is set in stone. Also, any titles you’ve already download/paid for will still be available to you even after they’re removed, that is until they’re no longer compatible with a future Android version or new hardware.

Since we don’t know which titles could possibly be taken down forever, you just might have to download all of them or miss out on some of Sega’s classics.

[Sega titles on Google Play]

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  1. It’s a mad dash! Everyone for themselves!

  2. Who is SEGA and what do they do?

    1. They make sub par sonic games whos lack of polish results in hilarious mishaps , like retsupre

  3. Only two games I have are Virtual Tennis (Via Amazon App Store) & Crazy Taxi (Google PlayStore). Will download both when I get home (Wi-Fi)

  4. It’s like Disney movies going back into the vault “forever”!

  5. Hopefully, this will be the removal of touch only and ptw freemium games, and a replacement of them with versions that support premium pay and hardware controller support. I’m betting that they are going to push into Android TV and/or non-casual gamers (using controllers) for their revenue.

    1. That way you can pirate them like you do other premium games.

      1. I only sideload games that are not available on my device, due to either hardware restriction, or geo restriction. If I do sideload apks that are available, it’s usually due to price. When the price comes down, I buy it.

        Nice try, though.

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