Watch 1987’s Apple Macintosh II being emulated on Samsung Gear Live [VIDEO]


Macintosh II Android Wear Gear Live

That crazy Android Wear hacking developer is at it again, this time with a new video showcasing what he was able to slap on his Android-powered smartwatch. Corbin Dallas’ latest feat? Emulating 1987’s Apple Macintosh II on his Samsung Gear Live. It’s like the Apple Watch we could have seen 28 years ago in some alternate reality.

You can see him struggling a bit in the video, but this is because the OS being emulated (using Mini vMac II emulator on Google Play) generally requires a mouse and keyboard. Mr. Davenport’s potato fingers, however, weren’t exactly optimized for input on such a tiny display. Anyone else would have difficulty too.

You may remember his previous works where he showed us how to get a Game Boy Color emulator up and running on the smartwatch, Flappy Bird, even Grand Theft Auto 3, Minecraft Pocket Edition, Doom, and Windows 95. Yeah, he’s pretty crazy (the good kind). If you’re into that sorta thing, find out how he was able to do all of these feats in his blog linked down below.

[Corbin Davenport]

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  1. Kill it with fire!

  2. Chalk this up to people who have way too much free time, including myself for making this comment :P

  3. Lmao! Nice.

  4. This just shows how far we’ve come. Who would have imagined that we would be able to put what a computer was in the 1980’s and place it on your wrist? Ugh!! It’s things like that that make me appreciate technology even more.

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