Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 might not have all the high-end specs of the Galaxy Note 5 [RUMOR]



If previous Galaxy Note release schedules are any indication, we’re still at least a good 4 months away from Samsung revealing any news on a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 followup. Looking at the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, it only makes sense to assume that Samsung would plan something similar for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Looks like that might not be the case, if the latest rumors out of SamMobile hold true.

According to their sources, Samsung could be planning on a single Galaxy Note 5 model equipped with all the high-end features you’d expect from a phablet flagship: 2K or 4K UHD display, gobs of RAM, premium build materials and an Exynos 7422 processor that features CPU, GPU, and RAM on a single chip. No surprise there, really.

But when it comes to a follow up the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge sporting Samsung’s curved AMOLED display — codenamed “Project Zen” — the curved phablet’s specs may not be as high-end as the Note 5. It seems we could be looking at more of a mix in hardware, with a 5.4-inch or 5.5-inch Super AMOLED double-sided curved display (like on the S6 Edge), hexa-core Snapdragon 808 processor, 16GB internal storage, 16MP camera with OIS, and an 8MP front-facing shooter. Of course the S Pen will also be included, but it’s interesting to see Samsung cutting corners with this new Note Edge model.

Of course, before you get too upset, nothing is set in stone and things can, — and more than likely will — change in time for the phone’s release. If true, would any of you be disappointed in a slightly less high-end Galaxy Note Edge 2?

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  1. SIGH….Looks like I will be getting the GN5 vs GNE2 :/

  2. 4k, expandable storage and Gear VR finally has a shot for no screen door effect and better graphics? For me, VR is awesome but the graphics seem very Xbox 1ish (no, not Xbox One, 1 from the year 2000 :(

  3. All I’m worried about is that they’ll pull the same stunt they did with the S6 and take away the removable battery and microSD. I have 2 spare batteries for my note 4 and 64 GB micro SD 75% filled. If they take them away, I’m guessing I’m leaving samsung, even though I do love Gear VR.

    1. I don’t undestand how you people run through a battery so quick, I’m a really heavy user since I use my device to record all my class lectures with the screen at about half way brightness. And while recording and the screen on the entire time at half brightness for 3 hours, I stI’ll have like 20% left. Not to mention their are wall plugs everywhere. I agree on the micro SD though. I bought a 128gb micro SD for my Note, so I’m not just going to toss it. My iPhone 6 is completely filled at 32gb.

      1. I simply don’t want to carry a charger everywhere or even have to worry about it. My battery dies, I just swap it out. My spare batteries simply charge in their own charger and I’m never tethered to an outlet.

        1. Exactly. You avoid become one of the “wall huggers” Samsung has been telling us about. Which is now ironic.


      2. It’s just having the option, that’s what’s so brilliant and convenient about it. When you have such fantastic and very practical features as expandable storage, user-replaceable battery and you don’t necessarily need it right away it’s just that much better to have them when you truly do need em.

        It gives you as a user more freedom, more flexibility. You don’t feel you’re at the mercy of data coverage or at the availability of a charging location. It’s freedom.

    2. My hope is that they’re going to employ a strategy of keeping the S line as the more “premium” line for those that prefer style over substance and the Note line for those users that prefer substance over style. The Note series seems to have been marketed (traditionally) at those consumers who may be considered the “power users” among the crowd. Throwing in that S-Pen makes that smartphone more than just a normal smartphone.

  4. No removable battery / sd card = G4 here i come.

    1. … But you can buy a darn micro SD card adapter an easily carry one around as if it was on your phone. Jesus Christ you would think that you guys would be savy enough

      1. That’s ridiculously inconvenient. You shouldn’t need to carry accessories to make your 600+ dollar phone have acceptable amounts of memory.

        1. Add more memory? People seem happy at the idea of a larger battery, but adding more memory is absurd.

          1. Whatever man. Have fun carrying around extra batteries and memory cards if that floats your boat.

          2. LoL!! Pros and cons to everything.

          3. It’s not absurd but adding more internal storage does raise the price considerably. There’s always mad sales on great Micro SD cards. Flagship phones tend to remain pretty pricey at its largest storage option.

        2. You carry around accessories anyways get used to it.

      2. I did that in my M7 days… I didn’t like it. I mean, I used it when I needed to, but days I forgot my USB-OTG, I was mad. LoL!!

        It’s the convenience that people want.

        1. That’s still more convenient, put it on a keychain. Its as simple as plug and unplug. I’m tired of these wannabe techies act like man babies!

          1. Not really fair to devolve into name-calling those that prefer the convenience of Micro SD support. It’s just a preference and these folks are expressing these opinions without calling others names.

          2. It is micro SD cards! You get the same benefits! They are idiots, twits, wuss’s or whatever. As soon as they see something that doesn’t “have” what they want its the worst device in the world. I’m not a fan of any manufacturer, I feel that they all screw themselves along the line somehow.

            But when you think you’re so smart because you know what root means, but fail to realize alternative methods to common problems then you’re not as smart as you or your family think you are.

          3. It’s just a bit disappointing seeing an adult (I’m assuming you’re an adult) display such vitriol towards those that express simple opinions about Micro SD as if it’s an emotional attack on your own views.

          4. Listen, I am grown. This is a tech blog, you would assume people that either people that know what they’re talking about or want to know more on the subject would be here.

            Its not! Trolls live here and they say all kinds of ill things to dissuade people from buying a certain product from a manufacturer. You say expandable storage is a issue, well here’s a solution, that’s better than removing your back plate, and battery to implement the thing.

            No removable battery well here’s a solution, if that’s not for you then fine buy something comparable. But there’s no damn reason for certain people to post on every Samsung, HTC, lg article about how they won’t buy it because of this and that. Its the same people, they are trolls.

            So please understand captain sensitivity that I’m a little thorny on dealing with people in these comments sections

          5. No sensitivity issues here, just observations. The fact that you are grown is something to be concerned about. These are just opinions folks are expressing. The bar for trolling seems to be way too low for you. Simple opinions are not always trolling.

            Ajmcnicol and others are just expressing opinions. They weren’t meant to be inflammatory unlike your approach to responding to them. I just can’t understand why these comments would be such a “thorny” issue for you.

          6. So I’m the one with issues here coming up with solutions to a often problem? Whatever the case is, people troll, people complin, but most don’t come up with solutions to problems.

            Thanks for the concern Dr Phil, I think I’m over it, now if you’ll excuse me I’ll get back to coming up with easy fixes to simple problems.

          7. The OP was just an opinion. He wasn’t asking for solutions to any problems.

          8. If you state that this phone doesn’t have this or that, that’s a statement, which a solution can be applied, if you say the Samsung phone is ugly that’s an opinion, something that I can’t really argue against or make a comment such as use a damn portable usb! Dude, I think my disqus account is open to anyone who wants to read what I post.

            Rather it was x, y, or z to whom I got fed up with all comes down to the fact that some was trolling, some made as if there’s no fix to a simple problem. Maybe you read one reply that I made and decided to have this exchange of messages with me and that’s OK. But despite what all I wrote you only seemed to be focused on what you assumed of what I was doing or saying. I tried my best to clarify things and instead of saying “OK” or “I understand” you seem to be fixated on you think that I’m taking it personal that someone doesn’t wanna buy a phone without expandable memory, I’m not.

            I have a 32gb HTC m7, I know the pains of having limited storage, but the silver lining is that I found a solution that’s much easier than dismantling my phone in order to bump it up and I can constantly switch if I need to.

            Maybe I just grew up at a time when Americans had problems they would fix it instead of whining about it, and if you still don’t understand where I’m coming from then here’s a fix thumbs me down and keep it pushing. The fact that you take issue that I take issue of something makes you somewhat of a hypocrite. Yeah I called them names, so what? It wasn’t anything rasicst, or inflammatory. Nothing to flag or get too sensitive over. It was or at least I think was pg.

          9. It’s blatantly clear if anyone was “touchy” or “thorny” or “sensitive” here it’s you. All the best.

          10. Oh boo hoo, I told you I was tired of reading about people either trolling on the issue or crying about it several times. Yet somehow you just didn’t get it, maybe its a reading comprehension thing or something. Yet you still tried to psycho analyze me and tell me that I was arguing against an opinion despite the contrary.

            You’re a cool dude. Probably one of the most chilled persons I’ve messaged on the internet. I habour no ill will towards you, but next time don’t assume and misinterpret. Remember this good ole American saying “if you can’t stand the heat, then stay out the kitchen! “

          11. Nobody is trying to analyze anyone here and there most certainly isn’t any heat to speak of so there’s nothing to avoid.

            Fair winds.


          12. Whatever helps you sleep at night chico

          13. Haha!

  5. So happy that, if there is only going to be one version of the Note 5, it is the regular version. I’ve given it time. Gone to see one in person. Still hate all curved edged phones…

    Hope they stay with a 2k screen and work on battery life and software while keeping everything else good about the S6 constant.

  6. Why wouldn’t it run the same hardware?

  7. Makes sense that Samsung would attempt to keep the Note 5 Edge costs down. Adding the extra curved edge along with those high end specs would most likely price out many people who would otherwise want the Note 5 Edge. Samsung seems to really be pushing this new edge technology (flexible displays).

    1. That’s right the average person more than likely doesn’t want to spend 1200-1500 for basically a s6 edge display on a note five body ( unless you’ve got money to burn ;)

  8. Hmm, maybe I’ll just jump on the S6 after all…

  9. My guess is yields on a 4k oled screen of that size would be difficult. To the others saying that no SD is a deal breaker sure it is for some but when you now have the option. Of over a 100gb of storage what more can you ask for the pricing isn’t that far apart. I had a 64 gb SD card in my s5 and it worked fine with tons of pics and 4k videos some even 5 min in lenght. Some of the complaints are exagerated. Now one complaint I can agree with is the battery while my s6 edge deos ok at least a 3000mah battery would be nice along with fast charging.

    1. It’s not that it’s a big deal, it’s the little that-one-time-if-only-I-had type of deal.

      I root my phone and can’t get it to connect to my computer, but I’m in recovery mode. If only I had an SD card to copy over a ROM, but now I have to do this. Yea, I’ve gotten around that before, but I wouldn’t have had to taken all those extra steps.

      It’s more of the small convenience that comes with it. From what people have said every time I ask why they prefer to have it, it’s always been for that small convenience. It’s the same as why I want my speakers on the front. I don’t use the speakers often, but when I share videos, or standing in a line, it’s perfect. That small convenience.

      Though, I still think Samsung has trash batteries which is why they need to be removable. Hopefully in one year, I’m proven wrong with the S6.

      1. Yea I haven’t kept one long enough to know if the battery sucks or not. In my experience most of them degrade fairly quick based on charging habits. The SD card is a small convenience, but without it there’s also good things that come with on board storage. Faster read/write, you can save your apps to one place. Etc. Reading why samsung went this route made sense, when I switched from iPhone I was shocked how limited SD support was, yet everyone was praising what a great feature it was. Sure I’ll miss it, but I’ll gladly take on board instead. Even with 75gb at my disposal I didn’t manage ti fill my card or on board storage up on my s5. I understand others wanting this features, but maybe like samsung said it was more trouble than it was worth and wouldnt work with the new storage.

  10. If the next Note Edge has lower specs than the Note 5 I’ll probably hold out for the Galaxy S7 Edge. If true this is very disappointing.

  11. Considering how well received the S6E has been, this news would be very disappointing indeed. I have been holding off (for now) on the S6E because I would prefer a larger screen. Why they would choose to lower the specs on the 5E (what you would think would be the most advanced model in their lineup) makes no sense.

  12. I have the s6 edge now and I was really looking forward to the note 5 edge hoping they would make the edges like the note 4 edge but on both sides… The s6 edge is nice but the edges are more for aesthetics than function… The note 4 edge is more functional… Anyway… That would be a travesty if Samsung went with the 808 instead of the homegrown chip set… It sounds like the new one is going to be a beast… Let’s hope things change with the note 5 edge…

  13. They’re trying to get them to be the same price

  14. The rumor makes no sense at all which leads me to believe it isn’t true and was probably made up by some fanboy. Theirs absolutely no reason to go from their chipsset to a snap 808 or even step down the internal memory to 16gb. The difference of price in the SOC’s is about 3-5 dollars considering they both cost under 15 dollars and the price between 16gb and 32gb is about the same, it doesn’t cost them 50 dollars to increase memory as they have you to believe from device pricings. Based on common sense derived from the Galaxy note 4 edge and Galaxy s6 edge, the Galaxy Note 5 edge is going to be similar to the Galaxy note 5.

  15. Please put front speakers micro SD card support and 6″ screen!!

    1. 6.4″ screen

      1. Yeah with minimal bezels.

    2. Goodness me… If they keep both Micro SD and a user-replaceable battery I’m throwing a party. Open bar, everyone’s invited!

      1. I’m in!!

  16. Rumors are carried by haters, spread by fools, and accepted by idiots!!!!!!

    1. Oh boy. Doesn’t that sound like something that’s in every country… But Phandroid isn’t the place to discuss that… Ugh… You’ve really struck a nerve with that statement. LoL!!

  17. Maybe it is just a rumor but it doesn’t seem as though the Note edge has sold all that well, being even more expensive won’t help.

  18. If it turns out to be true, Samsungs decline will be severe. If they don’t soon release a better flagship they will be surpassed really quickly by several of Chinese manufacturers – and they instead will release a variant that’s around 6.5″ and that’s a flagship modell, and not just medium range as all of samsungs above 6″ has been.

    1. Seeing how much they spend on R&D and the number of pies they have their fingers in I think they’ll be ok.


  19. “Looking at the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, it only makes sense to assume that Samsung would plan something similar for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5”

    I shudder at the thought.

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