Google ATAP will debut a wearable at I/O that will literally ‘blow your socks off’


Google IO 2015 ATAP wearable

Google’s supercharged Advanced Technologies and Products (ATAP) team apparently has plans to unveil a new wearable at I/O. We know, by now you’re probably sick of smartwatches and fitness trackers, but the according to the I/O session description, this wearable will literally “blow your socks off.” ATAP mentions that their goal is to ease tensions between ever shrinking screen sizes and wearable tech that’s actually useful. You have our curiosity, ATAP.

Remember, the folks at Google’s Advanced Technologies and Products group are the brilliant men and women behind Project Ara, the world’s first modular smartphone which we hope to learn more about at this year’s developer conference. As far as exactly what ATAP has planned for a new wearable, we hope it’s more than just smart socks or other fitness gear.

[Google I/O 2015]

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  1. a bt mouse/keyboard you control with your feet! :O

  2. Sounds like a Smartshoe. Or, a “connected” insole.

  3. Hologram technology *crosses fingers*

  4. Google holograph?imploding sox?

  5. From the title, I think we all know what this means. Finally!

    1. ..

  6. Is this “literally” said figuratively? Because I don’t know what kind of wearable I would want on my feet.

  7. Am I taking literally too literal?

  8. a giant ankle-strapped fan pointed to your feet that you can control with your phone, which can reach incredible enough speeds to blow off your socks?

    1. Or pneumatic calf-mounted air cylinders!

  9. It will only knock my socks off if battery life is better than pebble and watch half thickness of moto360. Otherwise, I am ok with my moto360.

  10. I’ll take a pair of socks that will give all my vitals to fit.

  11. Smart hat or smart collar. I’m calling it, mainly because the only other place we can clip something is our ankle and that’s frowned upon.

  12. Smart socks?

  13. It’s a smartsock with a fan attached.

    1. It would have to be something like that to ‘literally “blow your socks off.”’ I wish people who didn’t know how to use the word “literally” would just stop using it.

  14. Tired of Google announcing half baked, poorly supported, poorly advertised products.

    Get a product launch right for once! Learn from Apple.

    1. yes, wait months to years to gather everyone else’s trials and then launch an overpriced item claiming innovation.

    2. Someone has to be the guinea pig and bring out the new things. Google is just that one. Apple usually waits until new things actually work. So when Apple comes out with it, it’ll be pretty stable by then. However, people miss out on the early adopter stuff. Think NFC.

    3. Check how many iOS8 patches have been released. And iOS apps are buggier than ever.

  15. Are we finally getting that computer chip they insert into our brain so big brother can keep tabs on us at all times?

    If so awesome! *nervously checks for government agents*

  16. They have raised a lot of hype. Especially by saying this device will practically “blow your socks off”. I mean, I can expect a smartwatch, that’s not hard.

    But from what they’re saying!? OMG!! It sounds like they’re about to revolutionize!! Ima be pissed if they just come out with some Spy Kids stuff and highly advanced technology. Like where that would have been all my life!? LoL!!

  17. Athletic smart shoes with built-in air conditioning (activated when the included heart rate sensor notices a 15% increase above resting tempo)

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