OnePlus confirms that you’ll initially need an invite to buy the OnePlus 2


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We’d hoped OnePlus would have grown enough to do away with the invite system for the OnePlus 2, but it looks like we’re in for more of the same old song and dance. The company has confirmed that the OnePlus 2 will require an invitation to buy at launch.

Before you throw your arms up in a fit, it’s important to remember why OnePlus has to utilize these peculiar sales strategies in the first place. The biggest reason is that they don’t make a ton of profit on every device sold, so over-estimating their manufacturing needs by even the tiniest amounts could potentially be fatal in the long run. They also still don’t have the capacity to churn devices out at ridiculous rates like the big guys.

That doesn’t mean the OnePlus 2 purchasing experience will be exactly the same as the original device’s. We could see the invitation system evaporate much more quickly than it did for the OnePlus One (which only fully occurred just this morning) as the company has likely perfected and streamlined their manufacturing process to more efficiently meet demand.

Those are all the details OnePlus is willing to share with us about the forthcoming smartphone today, though rumors put its launch within a Q3 2015 window. We’ve also heard it will launch with a 5.5-inch 2560 x 1440 display, Snapdragon 810 chipset, 4GB of RAM and a 3,300mAh battery. It’s sure to be a smartphone worthy of attention by the time it arrives, though it’ll be up to you to determine whether you want to continue putting up with the sales and marketing hijinks OnePlus has become known for.

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OnePlus One is now permanently available to buy without an invite

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  1. Invitation only again? Is OnePlus in the tech business or throwing birthday parties? Sad too, because I know a few people who loved the original.

    1. Theres a reason behind this outside of marketing and generating hype, and they’re damn good reasons. Did you even read read the whole article?

      1. Yes I did read the whole article. You would think the large number of people left in the cold during the first launch would have them tweak this launch. It was a disaster.

        1. I agree with you. I read the entire article, and I think the invite system is a complete disaster and a turn on to me. When I bought my car, it was made when I paid for it. I had to wait a month to see it off the assembly line, but it was worth it. I think 1+1 should take this and run with it instead of using an invite system. why not just use the “made at order” system?

          1. Exactly. I’m sure people would be glad to use the “made to order” system considering they would know exactly when to expect their device. That’s better than scouring the internet and trying to win contest hoping to get an invite. Great idea bro.

          2. I understand what both of you guys are saying but me personally I rather buy it using an invite only because when I buy a new phone I sell mines first and use the money to buy the new phone and I usually without a good phone for a little over a week. With this system for me I would be without a phone for a month. So i get you guys but everything arent for everybody

  2. My hope of course is that they offer invites to people who bought the One first, show a little loyalty. That being said, as I’ve only had mine for about 2 months, it’s unlikely I will buy the next one unless the specs are out of this world.

  3. well there goes buying this phone. not sure why they cannot just build the phone at order. this would not require an invite and would literally have them build a phone to match the paid-orders. Just like going out to eat or buying certain cars.

    1. Because people aren’t going to be willing to pay for a phone and then wait however many weeks it takes to build it after it’s been ordered, even though those same people are perfectly willing to wait weeks to get an invite for the “opportunity” to buy the same phone. It’s the “gotta have my stuff now” mentality of today’s world.

      1. makes sense! I’m a patient person. I would buy one and wait it out if the price was right. I do not, however, want to wait for a stupid invite. Its a turn off 100%.

        1. yeah, there are probably plenty of people out there who would be perfectly willing to do just that, unfortunately, the whiners would complain about somebody placing an order and waiting getting their phone while they (the whiners) are still waiting to get an invite.

  4. Invites again? *Extreme Eye Roll*

  5. My guess, $349 and $399 version for 32 and the 64GB version. If they aren’t going to make it cheaper, an invite system is bounded to fail.

  6. depending on how expensive it would be I may just buy an invite this time I’m willing to spend about 50-100 bucks if I have to wait for over a month. Had the one plus since July of last year because a very cool member and friend got me in , I’ve enjoyed it, it hasn’t been without it’s issues but it’s a quality device and since I’ve had a 5.5 screen now it’d take an act of congress to get me to go back to 5.0 or lower.

    1. There is no way you should have to “Buy” an invite. I hate people that do this (make money off of invites). If I get one, I’ll give it to you for free. Unless I lose my One+One or it breaks, I don’t have any need to buy the One+2 at this point. Famous last words.. but that is what I am thinking today.

      1. I actually think that this is a legitimate model for those whose time is more valuable than their money – but only if the money goes to OnePlus and not some third party. This money could be used to pay the factory and pay their QC control/warranty team for better quality performance/warranty support. The One had horrible quality inconsistency issues that weren’t present in the Find 7, and those problems the Find 7 DID have got addressed by Oppo when OnePlus wouldn’t address them (like the whole improperly cured glue issue that caused yellow screens.)

        1. Shhhh, don’t give them any more bright ideas. ;) Mike AZ will be paying them 50 extra dollars for the next unresolved qc issue on the +2. I don’t see them begging for money. They have a 1000 employees now.

      2. Well I appreciate that greatly :) eh this is true however the waiting is the hardest part lol – have you downloaded the lollipop update from cm yet ? I’m digging it.

        1. Yeah, I’ve got my Xposed beta working too. Love it!

  7. Invite? No.

  8. Invite is THE reason OnePlus phone is cheap while having high end specs. I have read that somewhere but forgot the source. The manufacturer uses the tricks of buying surplus key components at very competitive price. These surpluses have limited qty and are unpredictable.

    We have a OnePlus One, bought during the 1 day without invite in Oct 2014. Excellent phone. Totally worth it if you are OK to live with a 5.5″ screen.

    1. Oppo makes the One Plus One. I think a more likely scenario is that of buying excess production line time from Oppo. Probably an arrangement between the two companies.

    2. Lots of small companies and startups manage to make and sell products on small margins without invite systems.

  9. I don’t mind the invite system too much and understand why they did things that way. I just hope if you’ve already got OnePlus One that we are the first to get invites to the two. There may be some hard feelings to get over if they don’t.

  10. Just to be safe, they ought to hire newer suppliers because the lack of supply will hurt an otherwise price friendly phone.

  11. Bug off OnePlus!!!
    If I wanted an hype phone I would buy an IPhone…. More hype than quality…
    But ISheeps don’t care… They have dineros… At least they wanna show that they have…

    1. So if you use iOS products, you’re an iSheep? Seems like great logic. It’s not like some people have needs Android cannot meet.

      1. OK, I’m ready for the chalenge. Why would you choose an IPhone over a flagship Android phone… Tell me!

        1. If someone is in graphic designs and uses a MacBook, where an iPhone makes a more seamless transition.

          1. Thanks for a rapid an accurate answer.
            That’s what’s I’ve said. No other good reason then to stay in Apple ecosystem…

          2. Well, keep in mind. Phones are niches, so there can never be a definitive clear cut winner since each phone has a weakness. IE: S6, battery life being reduced by bugs

          3. I’m not talking about gltches… Every piece of technology hace it’s own.
            NO, I only asked you to tell me about good things on IPhone over Android. And, up to now, no answers.
            But I’m use to it. Most of IPhone users buy it because of people that they know own one, or for the hype. For me it’s OK as long as they don’t try to brag about superiority of IPhones. Because they don’t know about those things.
            But I repeat, it’s OK for me…
            Have fun.

          4. And I’m out of this chat. I hate arguing about the weather. It always become very acid. I’m not that kinda guy.
            Have a nice day…

          5. Nice… drop in, troll the iTrolls, then leave.

          6. Sorry about this. I should have drink my coffee before…

          7. I’m not a troll, I’m an engineer

          8. iMessage is the best feature on iOS. It’s not even close between that, Hangouts, and Google Messenger. What’s App isn’t a proprietary app btw.

          9. Hangouts works on iOS, Android, OS X, Windows, Linux… It’s cross platform. Hangouts is amazing and I could not get by without it. iMessage only works on Apple’s side of the coin.

          10. Sure, Hangouts works, but does it work as good as iMessage? To me it doesn’t.

          11. iMessage doesn’t work at all if you or the person you want to message isn’t on an iOS device.

          12. That’s kinda the point of iMessaging….

          13. So Hangouts works better than iMessage… you and the other person don’t have to be on Android to use it, it’s cross platform, exactly the point Derek was trying to make.

          14. That’s not really that great of an example. You can do graphic design on Windows with Adobe products. But okay, I’ll bite. Let’s say you prefer a MacBook for design or development. I know dozens and dozens of designers and developers that use Android on mobile and MacBook for work/personal use.

          15. Seamless transitions make it easier. Android requires a little extra work here and there.

          16. How’s about that iPhone apps are more plentiful and have better support?

        2. Let’s see: hardware accelerated crypto, with crypto baked into the DMA path, a fully AES-256 encrypted filesystem (not just your /data) partition, iMessage (secure end-to-end messaging that people actually use), FaceTime Audio/Video (that people actually use). Most importantly, an OS that doesn’t have a permissions model that’s hilariously broken.
          That’s just a teeny tiny part of the security aspect, I could go on forever. In fact Apple has in their 70+ page PDF about iOS security. It will blow your mind if you’re a fellow engineer; if you’re a regular Phandroid, like most of you people here, you’ll still hate iOS because most of you are, in fact, idiots. Real talk.
          I always have to say this here, I have an iPhone 6 and a OnePlus One. I love them both. But you guys that bash iOS have not the slightest clue how it works or how sophisticated it really is. And until you actually do, and you have TECHNICAL reasons why iOS sucks other than HUR HUR I CAN’T CUSTOMIZE MY HOME SCREEN LOL IT’S LOCKED DOWN YOU ARE SHEEP LOL IT’S OVERPRICED (PROTIP: iPhone 6/Galaxy S6 are the same price), then seriously quit talking about something you know nothing about.

          1. Absolutely agree with you, I really dont see why people bash either OS anyway. It all comes down to preference. I dont know or care about any of that stuff you just posted. I just personally never liked the fact that the screen stayed at 3.5 to 4 inches far longer than it should have. Also hated the need for itunes for music and having all my icons on the screen (no app drawer) so like i said it isnt a bashing from me it should just come down to preference.

          2. Sure, Apple has great security features. That also means locking down their services to the point of blaming others for problems APPLE created. Remember the iMessage debacle where users who left Apple to go to Android or another platform couldn’t receive text messages? Yeah, Apple fought tooth and nail against providing a logical solution to fixing a problem THEY created.

            They want you to remain in their ecosystem. They don’t want you to get out of their ecosystem because then they understand you’ll see how locked down and full of crap iOS really is.

            So many more people are breaking away from iOS and realizing how awful it was to be locked into the iOS ecosystem. It isn’t all that great to be honest.

            The fools who have issues with security on Android are the same fools who SHOULD be using Apple products because they aren’t smart enough manage their own security. They see an app and don’t research who actually makes the app they want. They end up downloading a malicious clone app and voila, malware.

            All iOS devices along with Mac devices are designed to be idiot proof. Unfortunately for Apple, the same idiots who destroyed Windows computers are finding new ways to destroy Apple products.

            Although I am in fact an Android user, I will recommend people only buy what they’re comfortable buying. I’ll answer questions about Apple products in the same manner I will answer questions about Windows, Blackberry, Android, and just about anything else I have knowledge about. Over 5 years in the phone industry really teaches you a lot.

          3. Sorry about awaking the trolls.
            I should know those people cannot with their brain.
            I never called nobody idiots.
            By doing so, … well…

          4. HUZZAH. Love my Macbook, love my iPad air 2, and I love my Android phone–each fits a different usage scenario in my life.

          5. Why would it matter that the /system partition isn’t encrypted? It just holds the firmware; no personal data.
            “Oh noes, the cops can see the manufacturer’s firmware!!!”

            I agree hardware accelerated crypto would be nice, but I’m sure we’ll see it in Android devices soon enough. I wouldn’t call Android’s permissions model broken per se, but it’s poorly implemented and really needs a redesign. The rest of rant is a bunch of nonsense, it’s pointless to try to argue with someone so far under Apple’s spell.

          6. “Pointless” is a convenient excuse for “I can’t coherently debate someone with an engineering background so I’m just going to claim that they’re under some magical spell”

            It’s called an ad hominem fallacy. Solid debate.

          7. Here’s an argumentum ad hominem for an apple troll like you. You’re not smart enough to be a train engineer.

            “lawl wut”

          8. I got your “DMA path” hanging lolwut. If you are an “engineer”, I pity your clients. imessage is NOT secure, Look up transparent encryption and you’ll see it applies to imessage. There are many other apps that are far more secure than imessage and are available for IOS or Android.

            Face Time, really? Only the dumbest of the dumb isheep use it. Gotta love that Apple vertical and closed integration. It does keep them communicating with their own kind. though and that’s a good thing.

            I think you’re the one that needs to, “quit talking about something you know nothing about.”

  12. At this point they should be able to predict within a reasonable range the demand for the phone and how many to build. I certainly understand the limitations the first go around… But I’m sure they can pre-build up to a half million and be OK. Then take build to order from there to meet demand as they see fit.

  13. The reason they can’t pump out the quantity, is Oppo builds them. You can bet it will look similar to the R7. Oppo probably gets priority on builds, since their devices make more profit than the OnePlus series.

    1. Yup. It’s pretty clear that they were just a clever way to use Oppo’s spare production capacity. If they’d charged $50-100 extra per unit, they could have actually paid the factory for production and quality control.

    2. The production it’s done by Oppo factory employees …In their break time.

  14. “The biggest reason is that they don’t make a ton of profit on every
    device sold, so over-estimating their manufacturing needs by even the
    tiniest amounts could potentially be fatal in the long run.”

    This is the dumbest excuse in the world for an invites system:
    Pre-orders: You have guaranteed demand, and potentially money in-hand to bootstrap production. People might balk at paying full price upfront, but a potential mitigation is to have a nonrefundable deposit at order-time.
    Invites: You send out invites when devices are produced – what happens if not all of those invites get claimed? You have to do another invites cycle with the leftovers, delaying how long it is before you get money coming in.

    They could easily increase have increased launch price per unit by $50-100 and still be far cheaper than most of the competition. At the time they launched the One, their reputation and Cyngn’s reputation weren’t as tarnished as they are now, making that $50-100 price increase even more easily feasible, AND that price increase combined with NOT having to deal with their stupid shenanigans and some proper warranty support would’ve prevented a lot of the incidents that tarnished their image.

    At this point, their image is tarnished and there’s a lot of evidence that there are shortcuts being taken to save money (I’m hearing rumors from credible sources about talented staff leaving because OnePlus isn’t paying people well at all.), so it’ll be harder to charge the prices they need to charge to dig them out of this hole.

    Although they could potentially have a hybrid approach: Use invites at one price point, and have a higher “buy it now” price point that bypasses invites for $50-100 extra. Think of it kind of like eBay’s “Buy it now” system for many items. On eBay, you can save money by being savvy with the bidding system, or if your time is more valuable than your money, you can just BIN. OnePlus could do the same for those whose time is more valuable than their money.

    1. Well said. One Plus isn’t the first startup to deal with tight margins and the need to tightly control inventory, yet others in their position manage to actually sell their product to the people that what them without people having to beg to buy their product.
      One Plus also now has experience of the One, they should have a better idea of demand for the Two, which makes the “we have to do this by invite” argument even more nonsensical.

  15. Can I at least say…. FINALLY there is a 64bit phone that is going to utilize the ability to have more ram! (more then the new standard of 3 – which if course is the limit to previous 32bit soc’s) 64 bit soc’s should start at 4 by default.. On the higher end anyways.. Budget phones, we’ll sure, will cut some slack. Bravo OPO

  16. I love my OnePlus, but I won’t play this fcktard game.

    1. You did it the first time, right?

      1. NOPE. Bought it used on Craigslist. :-)

  17. Maybe by the OnePlus Five they can be big enough to not need the invite system

  18. I just came here to say as long as OnePlus use this retarded system I am not even going entertain the notion of purchasing one… regardless of specs or whatever else.

  19. Looks like I had better join the forum so I can get an invite.

  20. This just occurred to me. I love my One, and I love the attention that it gets here. But this phone represents just .1% of the smartphones shipped last year. That’s right, point one percent. One million out of one billion. So if you have the One, you are among the elite… or just a minority minority.

  21. I still haven’t gotten my invite for the OnePlus One. =.[

    But this 4GB of RAM, though. Where my Gamecube emulators at?

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