Apr 3rd, 2015

periscope iOS

The latest craze in mobile apps is live video. A couple of weeks ago an app called Meerkat rose to massive popularity on iOS, but then along came the Twitter-backed Periscope. Like Meerkat, Periscope is an app that allows users to easily share live video. Periscope is a much more fleshed-out and feature-rich app. You can leave messages on streams, like streams with a heart, and watch replays of old live streams.

The only problem with both Meerkat and Periscope is they launched on iOS first without an Android app. In 2015 this is unacceptable, especially for a free app from a major company like Twitter. Periscope answered some common questions on their blog, and of course one of them was “when is Android coming?” The answer: “Soon! We’re working on it.”

Live stream apps are not rare or even new. Apps like Livestream and Ustream have been around for years. No one can predict when something will catch on. Unfortunately, those apps were a little ahead of their time. Will you give Periscope a try when it arrives on Android?

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