Apr 2nd, 2015

Lollipop statue

Motorola has been testing Android 5.0 for their 2013/early 2014 phones for a bit now, but there’s a reason they haven’t given the green light for a rollout: they’re planning to leapfrog it. Company man David Schuster confirmed on Google+ that the Moto X 1st Gen, Moto E 1st Gen and Moto G with LTE 1st Gen would all go straight to Android 5.1.

It might not be the most popular choice to learn that more time will be needed to go straight from KitKat to Lollipop, but considering how many issues Android 5.1 addresses you’ll be glad Motorola decided to go this route.

Unfortunately that’s all they had to share at this time. There is no new timeline on when to expect the upgrade, nor do we know if there will be a separate testing period (there usually is). All we know is that you’ll have to deal with KitKat just a while longer to ensure your path to Lollipop is as bump-free as possible.