Cyanogen CEO wants you to “calm the f*$! down” regarding delayed OnePlus One Lollipop update


oneplus one lollipop

OnePlus made some lofty promises for those who opted to buy their phone: Lollipop would be here by March 27th for those wanting OxygenOS, and March 31st for those who wanted CyanogenMod 12S. Looking at today’s calendar shows that it’s April 1st and neither updates are out, meaning they weren’t able to meet those goals.

So when are they coming? We still don’t know. The hold up isn’t that the firmware isn’t ready to go — OnePlus says things are mighty stable right now — but they have to wait for lengthy certification processes to be completed before they can get the green light, and it’s something they didn’t foresee taking such a long time.

kirt mcmaster

And you think they’ve had a hard time dealing with the backlash due to the missed promise? Cyanogen has it even worse: they’re being bashed for the delay even when they weren’t the ones who promised it. CEO Kirt McMaster even went as far as using his brash tone to get the point across:

While we might have preferred something a bit more politically correct, it’s true: Cyanogen has always gone by the “it’s ready when it’s ready” mantra, and they probably don’t deserve the flood of hate rushing their way.

This was simply another case of a young company (OnePlus) learning a tough lesson — never, ever, give an ETA on the OTA. Let’s just hope it doesn’t take more than a couple of weeks to get everyone the goods they were hoping to enjoy by now.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

Download: T-Mobile LG G3’s Android 5.0 Lollipop OTA file

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  1. way to treat the customers the right way. That a boy!

    1. That’s what happens when you write check you can’t cash.

      1. completely agree!

    2. Yup… As soon as they incorporated, the guy turned from brilliant dev to total asshat. More importantly Cyanogenmod used to be a great 3rd party ROM on many many devices. Today, its just not. Buggy as hell, no official releases or even decent RC’s for the top devices since… I cant even remember when.

      1. completely agree. tried flashing on my G3 quite a few times and always had SOMETHING not working. They would fix this, only to break that. Or break that, trying to fix that over there.

      2. You do realize that the CEO in question (Kirt McMaster) is not a Dev? He is not Cyanogen (Steve Kondik).

  2. “probably don’t deserve the flood of hate rushing their way.”

    If anybody has earned the anger and frustration pointed their way, it’s OnePlus.

    1. completely agree. dont sit there and claim you are going to do something. be vague about it so people cannot hold you to any kind of solid word.

      1. The thing is, the people who bought that hardware, myself included, knew the history, lofty goals and missed promises. I’m easy like a Sunday morning. ;) People take this phone stuff way too seriously. If “they” don’t like the company’s mantra, sell the 350.00 power house phone and get another brand. Simples!

        1. cant argue with that logic.

          1. I’m on CM12 already anyway. Works great for me. ;) I see the frustration on the broken promises too. Hakona Matata!

        2. You’re totally right.

          The company just has a lot to learn about how to maintaining a positive image, and being conciliatory to customers who feel spurned.

          For a CEO to tell his customers to “calm the F down” proves that OnePlus is almost totally tone deaf in this regard, and that burns people up.

          But, as you point out, nobody will be putting a gun to their head to buy the OnePlus 2.

          1. Well, I read what some of their customers wrote (One plus forums) about giving away 5 phones before the deadline was up. You would have thought, OnePlus killed a kitten. ;) Literally. The sky was falling.

            I’m not saying Kirt was totally in the sane lane but some folks just went ballistic! Over a due date and some free phones.

  3. Yeah, calm the f’ down and “don’t settle.” Worst marketing moniker ever.

    1. Worst marketing to you nincompoop. If you don’t like change and you don’t like things that are controversial. Go back to your computer on xda and reddit and continue to do your thing until you die you waste of a life piece of sh*t.

  4. ???, I like it, finally someone who not scared to not be all professional

    1. haha good point

      1. I think the android world should be like the gaming world, them fools ruthless

        1. League of Legends is so toxic. ._.
          I always feel like people are trolling when they say “It’s okay, try this…” or things like that after doing something bad.

          1. ??? I don’t even get mad, I just laugh, I be like these people are really, A holes

          2. LoL!! Yea, I don’t let it get to me. I just start doing better than randomly say, “I’m sorry that KS I did earlier is causing us to mess up now”. *we’re winning*

        2. Let’s hope there’s never a #droidgate…

          (edit for spelling)

          1. I’m lost, what r you saying

          2. Had a spelling error there… Was attempting to reference the hellishness of #gamergate.

    2. No, that’s John Legere. It’s a thin line, and Legere stands on the “arrogant bastard with the results to back it up” side while McMaster is on the “arrogant bastard” side.

      Now I’m just waiting for the clowns to come at me with the “what results?!” nonsense. You may not have five bars of LTE with HD voice under your rock, but you can’t dispute that Legere’s leadership has brought change to the industry.

      1. Accidentally read that as “five bears.”

        1. Which is only half as many as ten.

          1. I didnt come here to learn! damn it ;)

      2. Yeah. Legere’s crazy, and I’m not a T-Mobile customer because their rural coverage still sucks, but… T-Mobile has actually been changing the industry.

        Meanwhile Cyngn keeps on claiming they’ll change the industry, and then acting just like any other OEM. That’s the biggest issue I have with Cyngn – actions speak louder than words, and their actions are in routine conflict with their words regarding openness and wanting to give users a choice of operating systems in the mobile world.

        Some of the aspects of contract with OnePlus in the beginning (once revealed in the court documents last November/December) made it clear – they want users to have a choice of Cyngn and no one else. (OnePlus was forbidden from cooperating with anyone else in regards to OS options on the phone for a set period of time after launch. I’m fairly certain that was the result of the Oppo N1, where Oppo sent a number of community projects early N1 units that allowed them to steal Cyngn’s thunder. Cyngn’s response to that was to effectively drop the N1…)

  5. I’m gonna play a bit of Devils Advocate here:
    I do remember a time being on a phone that got virtually ZERO updates (MOTOROLA PHOTON).
    And yes,I was one of the most vocal w/my displeasure.
    This isn’t anywhere near the experience w/the 1+1,it has received many,many updates,bug killing-stability fixes.I’ve owned three 1+1’s,so,I know what I’m speaking of here.

    People speak in this tone to each other all day/every day & no one blinks an eye.
    I’m sure there’s no malice w/the statement.Some speak this way & get a free pass,while others are lynched on social media/etc…….
    The update is coming,enjoy the 1+1,it’s a great phone,even on old/old/old KIT KAT. ;-)

    1. and look what happened to Motorola, one of the reason people got this phone is because they promised updated with in 3 month of new version release. Sounds like false advertisement to me.

    2. “Never settle” do you remember the bs one plus was founded on? It’s like a joke….

  6. Sorry, if you don’t want to be held accountable as a professional, DON’T GO INTO BUSINESS!!!

    1. oooooor go into business to tell people to F off. I’m sure this is great business ethics that you can learn in any Ivy League college.

      1. You don’t go to college to run your own business. You learn to deal with numbers and learn how to deal with people. SURE ivy league college can teach it. But dimwits like you think you go to college to start your own business? What kind of bs entrepreneur is that? You must be kidding me. You are one of the most moronic person I read responses from today. Congratulations.

        1. hmm Penn State graduate here actually. That is one of 8 Ivy League colleges in the US. I did not learn any of what he learned in business ethics or business management classes. I run a business that employs 283 people. 48 of those are over the 6 figure mark. I’m not sure what your IQ is. I’m not sure why your vagina hurts this bad over people disliking how a CEO treats their customer base. You might work there and people might be infringing on your livelyhood. If so, I’m sorry? But seriously, the internets got you all kinds of messed up. You can call me moronic, but I will not be writing your mothers 8 dollar check this week for cleaning my bathrooms after I take a crap in there. Congrats.

          1. You graduated from Penn State? And you run a business? I guess 48 of those 6 figure mark isn’t you. You have no idea. Whatever that you go through, just stop and rethink how to be an adult first okay? You’re so incompetent not worth my time.

          2. Hmm u have no idea my friend. Jealous much? My 200k degree earns me 3 times that much compared to the food stamps your family is collecting. Redneck

          3. Your 200k degree and you make what? Less that that? What a joke Jeff Btchiack. You bragging about your sh*tty self I know you are lacking self confidence. You have kids ? Wow you probably are around them too much to act like a stupid tramp along with your wife for too longt that’s why you probably need a tampon with her too. Plus you one ugly mofo. How did your dumba$$ get a degree? How did you even become a father. If you were one, your kids probably will act like you. Have them go to college and be a dumba$$ thinking like their close minded father who acts like an adolescent online hahaha. What a joke. Your photography sucks.

          4. Stalking much? Proved a lot with that response. Trust me.

          5. Rofl, you changed your profile. Guess it hurts doesn’t it? You white trash redneck. You earn a degree and you think you’re God because your family can’t get one. 200k my ass. You are worthless even with that money. Your offsprings will be stupid as your are. No wonder you act like a teenager, because you were part of mom and pops incest event years ago. Probably take 20 more years or more for you to act like an adult and think outside the box other than that hick mind of yours

    2. Who said he didn’t hold himself accountable? You obviously jumped the gun when you decided to have your own emotional input in. What a b*tch. Business is all about going through mistakes. not stopping after you make a mistake. You have no clue. Go ahead, I’ll see you at my 9 to 5 for the next 40 years you piece of sh*t. You probably won’t make a difference in the world anyway, so reply or not, I could care less. You brought your kid in the world, but you help him get a job like any other slave in america. I dare you to put him through college because of your fear of stability. Piece of sh*t.

  7. this isn’t XDA-Developers…this is the REAL WORLD…these are CORPORATIONS with PAYING CUSTOMERS…”calm the f down” doesn’t cut it when your stated goal is to “take android away from google”…good luck with that…



      At least he is making the goal to take android away from google.

      Unlike your ungrateful joke of a life. You are one of life’s critics that will just breath to discourage instead of encourage. Your image as a human being is disgusting. I hope your offspring doesn’t have a chance. Real world or not you don’t put down change for a greater change. Disgrace.

      1. sorry, I just rolled off your mom. whats going on?

  8. i’m sure that bullsh*t will take the fight out of everyone…

  9. The team from Cyanogen always had that issue with people….. i remember when i used to root my Droid1/2, their customer skills are really bad. i have always said they should hire someone to handle people request, etc…. i’m not interested on anything from this company anyways and this is the reason why…… you may go to hell anytime “NOW” Mr. CEO.

    1. the snark was kinda cool and admirable when they were the anti-corporate, we do android better than google, xda forums, we get you updated first version of cyanogen…they’ve gone to the darkside aka corporate world and puerile antics don’t cut it when people have invested their money into your product…i don’t think they realize that

      1. This is true. You have to be at customers beck and call. Just look at how AMAZING Amazon Cust. Support is. OMG!! And Tmo’s!! I don’t know how they do it!! But I love calling them. I be ready to throw people in an inferno when I have to call Tmo, but after talking to them, I’m ready to plant trees and start a garden; I be so happy. LoL!!

        1. Lmao that’s funny af

          1. Amusingly, the most trouble I’ve had w/ TMO customer service was in-store on the phone, and even the TMO employee at the store was about to scream at the guy.

          2. LoL!! Well then…

        2. :D … Oh, Tmo support really is that good? I should give them a call as well, even though they aren’t my carrier.

          1. Ask to start a line and stuff. They’re quite informed of their services, actually. They don’t sound like they’re reading from a script.

      2. apparently they forgot that who placed them where they are now were the users giving their money -away- with their “donations”… i bet they did not behaved like that when were asking for money.

    2. I decided years ago to not use anything cyanogen involved because of their attitudes.

  10. i hear a lot of good things about the PHONE but the business dealings of both companies leave much to be desired…i’m suspect of everything OnePlus…and that happy meal toy drone they made didn’t help…wouldn’t spend money with them

  11. this could be another AWESOME marketing ploy?? God knows they have an AMAZING R&D team ;)

  12. The prime April Fools joke of all prime April Fools jokes was well in McMaster’s court. He could have been a pleasant person for one day.

    But he blew it.

  13. All I know is that my old ass Galaxy S3 and Nexus 9 work pretty much the same. There is nothing special about 5.0. People just want it because it’s new, not because it’s better.

  14. I’m happy sticking with 4.4.4, rooted and Xposed framework.

    1. CM 12 , Rooted with Xposed framework and happy as well. ;)

  15. If that was me on the receiving end from the CEO… Would of been an all-out Twitter war..

  16. Will an invite be required too?

    So glad I skipped over these hipsters

  17. This dude is an arrogant prick. He has no idea how to be a CEO. Could you imagine Google or Samsung or Facebook telling customers to calm the F down? Nope.

    1. It’s worked for Linus Torvalds:



      1. Also Steve Jobs, widely considered to be the greatest CEO of all time when he said “F**k Michael Dell” in front of a huge audience

        1. Jobs and Torvalds were both talking to or about other companies not the customers directly. Big difference.

    2. He has a looooong way to go to hit Jony Ive arrogant prickdom status though.

    3. He’s probably trying to be like Legere…

    4. HTC needs too, people get mad about them not updateing quickly, when it’s the carriers, heck How does att update the M7 before the M8 and other places been blessed with lollipop, att deserve back lash, but HTC can lose it a lil if they want

    5. You know what? He is a CEO for a reason and why he got there and NOT YOU. Obviously sensitive b*tches like you work for another B*tch on top of the corporate pyramid.

      1. Lol feelings hurt? :(

        1. You have no thick skin that’s why you assume that. You probably around weak b*tches in your life that’s why you can’t handle that response.

          1. ;) stay classy my friend…

          2. you should not be a hypocrite. sit down

          3. so classy, I agree with the guy above you. alright, gotta go bang your mom again.

          4. the reason why phandroid are filled with idiots like you.

          5. Yet here u are….alright gotta go. Your mom is wanting some again internet tough guy

  18. he’s killing the Cyanogen brand every time he speaks!

    1. Yeah, I remember hearing the same kind of gutter language from the likes of Oh-Hyun Kwon (Samsung), Tim Cook (Apple), Bon-Joon Koo (LG) and Cher Wang (HTC). Wait, hang on… No. I didn’t, because those are professional business people.

      What an embarrassment. Stay classy Kirt. Idiot.


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  19. I’d like to thank OnePlus for their terrible ordering system, which saved me from purchasing this phone. Instead, I am enjoying the update to the lollipop version that came on my phone.

  20. Whose “lengthy certification processes”? If it’s Cyanogen’s own internal certification, then no, the firmware is indeed not ready. If it’s external certification, then shouldn’t Cyanogen been aware of how long it would take?

    1. Google’s

    2. Cyanogen never set a date. OnePlus did.

  21. I hate this guy.

    1. So you use TouchWiz or what?

      1. *inserts Confused Black Girl + Galaxy Device fusion meme*

      2. He’s just a John Legere wanna be. And the whole ordeal in India with OPO.

  22. The phone is great. The companies? Not so much…

    I’ll probably be switching back to Samsung this year. The Galaxy S6 looks like a solid beast.

    1. Samsung is way better on updates. (Slow but not very slow)

  23. Cyanogen has moved to my crap list… With all the the recent moves and comments from their “big man” I have been totally turned off.

    1. Real bushleague stuff from them and that moron on top. He forgets he’s meant to be a professional and not some developer working from a college dorm room.

  24. It is a lame excuse. You totally forgot about Kondik’s promises.

  25. Well I agree with him. Calm the f down. It’s just a phone. It’s a good thing that you all are so excited about this, and so am I. But why all the hate? I think cyanogen is great. it’s the reason I bought my opo. So I don’t have to root it. It’s perfect from scratch. It will be even more great with L. But I would rather have a stable cm build than a unfinished one. If someone don’t agree, root it and flash a nightly. But calm the f down everyone.

    1. you must be Kirt McMaster

      1. it’s just a dam phone you piece of sh*t.

        1. Its just a joke you piece of sh*t

          1. well if it is a joke grow the hell up you turd.

    2. It’s hardly perfect from scratch/release because it took a few updates to be stable since release. It’s running fine now, but it wasn’t like that until after September.
      You really expect a stable Lollipop release from them? Don’t hold your breath.

  26. $$

  27. Wow, I’ve lived long enough to see a CEO publicly drop the F-Bomb on his own customers. The Board and his investors must be pretty happy about now. This guy won’t need an Apple Watch to confirm he’s a douche-bag.

    1. Lame. Tmobile CEO drops f-bomb all the time you bigot.

      1. “bigot”? Well, there’s a special kind of stupid for ya. Legere doesn’t do it to his customers, ass clown, which is rather the point.

        1. does it make it right that he doesn’t do it to his customers but to other people? No. you dumba$$. Guess you learned nothing from academics.

          1. Well, Skippy – perhaps we are in agreement there. While I think it worse that this knucklehead used it on his customers, I also don’t think it’s appropriate for ANY CEO to do so, including Legere. While I like him stirring things up in the wireless sector, it’s just not professional for a CEO to resort to using the F-bomb in any public forum.

          2. Hey redneck why don’t you keep quiet. Because it’s obvious that it’s not professional for a ceo to do that. I could care less about your opinion.

          3. “Bigot”? “Redneck”? Ah, I get it now. Because I have a NASCAR avatar, you, in your unfathomable ignorance, make assumptions on my background.

            I happen to have earned an MBA with Honors, you half-wit. Are you under the mistaken belief I give a rat’s ass about your opinion? I’m still trying to get over the fact that I actually agree on something with someone as angry and self-righteous as you. I’m second-guessing my position on that fact alone.

            I suggest you go run outside and play hide-and-go-f*ck-yourself.

          4. Earning a degree doesn’t make you smart. Look at the bigger picture in life. You are a disgrace to your family. It makes you educated. But hey whatever you do in the real world is where you are. I guess not that far. Who said I’m angry or being self righteous you assuming piece of sh*t. Your daddy probably never had thick training with you did he? Or did your mom raise you like a pu$$y. I could careless about your stupid piece of sh*t and your piece of paper of recognition. Guess you feel special Huh?

          5. “Don’t argue with idiots because they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience”

            Done with you.

          6. I’d love for him to post his address. He will quickly learn he should watch who he messes with.

          7. You’re the one speaking common sense like nobody knows anything. You’re the one that’s an idiot. Not going to respond to your incesting mofo’in ass

  28. Maybe its taking a long time because of all that crap that their trying to integrate from Microsoft?

    1. huh? I think that is not a fact….Maybe i’m wrong? I dont follow 1+1 too much…

      1. Instead of google now they will have bing and cortana. Do you not read the tech section of the news?

  29. Well, look on the bright side… unlike Google, CM actually communicates with their customers, instead of just leaving them to guess WTF is going on.

    1. That’s not true, you can get in contact with Google in a number of ways and I have. I’ve never had subpar service with them but there have been hiccups. That goes with any company though

      1. I wasn’t talking about customer support, but more about ‘WTF is taking so long rolling out this update’ kind of questions. I remember not too long ago, many people were complaining about being left in the dark in regard to the status of the Lollipop rollout for the Nexus 7 LTE. (Which has since happened, AFAIK.)

        1. Ah, while I’ve never inquired about it to Google I imagine it would be a frustratating answer see as it takes 2 or months for all Nexii devices to receive the latest firewares.

    2. They at least tell their customers the F part of WTF.

    3. Why communicate with the idiots? Google are smarter than the rest of us anyway.

  30. Did anyone hear a saying you get what you pay for? Example: I was sitting in a room with my coworker and i was looking at my phone and I said that I only have 1 bar of LTE when she looked her iPhone 5s she said she had 4 bars of LTE, We both have AT&T. There is something wrong with both Software and hardware on this phone.

    1. Maybe. Apple has back in the day reported incorrect signal strength via their signal status bars relative to actual signal strength. Signal strength indicators depend on the device manufacturer and their algorithm, but personally, I agree with you that the OnePlus One signal strength is pretty bad.

    2. Bars don’t matter. Speed test is where it matters. And I’m pretty sure each device may support varying radios, so it can’t be a one to one comparison, a device sold by the carrier will tend to have better connectivity/support in my experiences.

      1. When I’m in the conference room I usually lose my signal completely and an iPhone has 1 bar of 4g. So I can clearly see that its not just bars…

        1. Wow that’s terrible. I would consider switching carriers if that happened to me.
          Thankfully I can manage at the worst 1 bar of T-Mobile LTE, while my work issued AT&T hotspot gets regular 4G, it’s pretty shocking. YMMV of course.

      2. Also on the carriers part. I don’t thing its true. I hag galaxy s3 and when I had stock ROM on it the connection was fine. After I installed CM11 it was having issues reconnecting to 4g and poor signal in general.

    3. So you believe that the iPhone is worth what Apple charges because of superior hardware?

      We are gonna have to agree to disagree on that one.

      1. You are an ignorant son of a b*tch. Did you not understand the concept? You have to get technical and start comparing like a 12 year old.

        1. you are complaining like a 12 year old….congrats. oops hold on, gotta go back to banging your mom

  31. Much rather have a stable Lollipop than one delivered on a specific date. Further, My five Android tablets and my Nexus 5 all have Lollipop and it hasn’t changed my life! Be patient!

    1. Yes! Its just a phone.

    2. You make a good point, but there are people that bought OPO based on the promise of Lollipop being ready 90 days after drop. they totally got bait and switched and have the right to be very angry IMO.

      1. I certainly don’t see it as bait and switch.

        It isn’t a case of giving you a different product than you expected,
        it is a case of delaying the delivery. Now if they decide on no
        Lollipop, then that would be bait and switch.

        I’d bet well over half of all software projects aren’t truly complete on the agreed upon date. In fact many are abandoned before they see the light of day.

        Further, sometimes things happen over which a developer has no control.

        Arguably it would have been better to say something like “we will make every effort to deliver Lollipop within 90 days of its release but we won’t be rushed into delivering it before we are satisfied with the product.”

        Once you get Lollipop, you’ll think it looks a bit more modern but I suspect you won’t be able to do anything you aren’t doing now.

        1. The thing is that you buy a shirt or just a Tshirt, it doesn’t change you regardless which tshirt you wear. But you don’t want to keep wearing the same shirt.

    3. You really expect a stable Lollipop release from them? Don’t hold your breath.

    4. This is about reliability and trust. Not the importance of the update. If your calculator outputs wrong numbers, it’s not a mitigating factor if the numbers you entered were of little importance. The topic here is reliability.

    5. It is stable for over a month. I’m using the nightly and it works great. Too bad that because of minor issues they delaying the final release. This is not making them professional – this makes them a company that doesn’t meet deadlines.

  32. As to Cyanogen not setting a date I believe the did say they would have an OTA update 90 days after release they missed it. And they have also talked like they want to take Android from Google,not if you can’t release a timely update on on single phone with one single hardware set. Sorry just won’t happen. And OPO’s motto is never settle and they are the flagship killer (My wifes HTC One M7 got Lollipop today) and Mo Versi communicates very well on twitter as long as we are handing out communication kudos. Also the day after I purchased my OPO I dropped it and shattered the screen. I sent in a service email (the only way to contact them) and by the time I got a return email with any info not automated I had researched found ordered and had shipped from China a screen. Then had it locally installed before they got back to me. That I call a fail on customer service as well.

  33. The problem is that the update is ALREADY ready… and they keep saying, it’s ready when its ready…. well its already “ready”. some more light should be shed on this “lengthy certification process” and light should be shed on WHY its so lengthy.

  34. I hate CM. They are terrible people.

    1. You should have Written “I hate Cyanogen. They are terrible people.” CM and Cyanogen are not one and the same

      1. Close enough. Both are terrible.

    2. Agreed.

  35. The vast majority of people who want Lollipop in their OPO can simply install one of the fifteen ROMS that exist on XDA and they will have Lollipop. You don’t know installing a ROM? you can search on Google. You don’t want to search on Google how to install a custom ROM?, then you have to wait for it when it’s ready. It’s not like the phone doesn’t work, or there is a serious flaw that only can be resolved with Lollipop. It’s just an update, calm down and take it easy.

    I prefer a smooth ROM (or with the least errors possible) than installing any ROM where you are going to have compatibility issues and then people will be complaining because what they’ve installed did not work well or they’ve damaged there phone or other problems.

    BTW: The f word is never ok if you’re talking with your customers, no matter how annoying they get.

    1. Don’t use cm than if you want bug free

    2. It’s not that we don’t want a smooth software… It’s just the level of information that is missing. We have paid for this product… and I don’t think OnePlus gives a ETA before talking to Cyanogen that make OPO software? Cyanogen promised 3 months after release of Lollipop… This didn’t go, then this last promise.
      I am not sad about the delay, I am sad about a promise that is broken and no information given about it.
      If they would learn to inform, many of those angry people around wouldn’t be angry or disappointment.
      Custom service is not in their vocabulary.
      If they want to remove Google from Android they have to up their game… otherwise they will disappear

      1. To be honest that was a huge mistake, to promise an eta over something they obviously don’t have control. They have a post over oneplus forum with daily updates.

  36. Calm the F down?? That wasn’t a douchey response at all. Talk about overpromise and underdeliver.

    1. The guy is the definition of a douche, the Forbes interview I read was a prime example of a cocky idiot that knows nothing about software.

  37. Not to mention after micromax sacked oneplus on the cm exclusivity

  38. I like his hair.

  39. April Fools…?!?!?

  40. He’s the one that needs to calm the F down. I’m done dealing with Cyanogen. It was OK while it lasted.

  41. I have a Nexus 7 2013 here and I was told weeks ago that I’d be getting the 5.1 update. I make sure to check every day but I’m still running 5.0.2. It’s no big deal and all the software that runs on my N7 runs just as well on my OPO with 4.4.4. In fact, I’d say that 4.4.4 is more stable anyway…..

    1. I agree- I actually flashed back to 4.44 after upgrading to Lollipop, and am glad I did. KitKat runs better, better memory management, better performance, and I still have all the “new Lollipop features” that I’ve had for ages through Xposed modules. Not to mention, there’s a lot more Xposed modules that are available for KitKat than for Lollipop, more 4.4 custom ROMs with more customization options, CM11 theme engine is better & has more available themes than CM12…. All these people begging for Lollipop are just buying into hype when they’re better off on a good 4.4.4. ROM running Xposed Framework.

      1. And that is what I do here. I run Xposted Framework to add in all the features I want. My Nexus 7 2013 is stock because I wanted to be forst for updates. In reality the updates from Google are incredibly slow. The first thing I did with my OnePlus One was to unlock and root it. I still get the updates from Cyanogen even though they are as slow as Google. Don’t really see why nearly everybody is getting so stressed out with updating to Lollipop. I’d be happy delaying the 5.x update until 5.1.1 is released. At least it should be more stable….

  42. Why is phandroid blaming OnePlus?! They felt that the update was already good to go, yet Cyanogen doesn’t tell them about the delay. Also, wasn’t it Cyanogen that promised back in February that the update was already in the final stages of certification and then later forgot to tell us it failed to meet the standards to pass. They went as far that it was only a matter of “days” before the update was pushed. If anyone has made more mistakes and broke their promises in this situation, it’s Cyanogen.

  43. This is why I avoid OnePlus and Cyanogen.

    1. Yeah that’s why.

    2. My OPO works beautifully, and i’m sure when the OTA comes it’ll work more better beautifully. Yes it sucks anticipating something and then it being delayed, but this isn’t the first time, and it certainly won’t be the last. Every company has experienced this. Continue to avoid, for seemingly no reason, if that floats your boat.

      1. Agreed, this is what everyone understood when they bought a $700 phone for only $349. We knew it was a startup, we knew there would be growing pains. With all that said… Sure I would’ve loved the update yesterday, but I’ve been without for almost a year and still love my OPO. When it comes I’ll happily upgrade. I’d rather have the bugs worked out than have a half baked release (*cough* Nexus 4 updates) where bluetooth was shoddy and volume issues weren’t taken care of.

    3. I made the mistake of buying one…

  44. This guy can suck a OnePlus One!

  45. Looks like a jackass

  46. So the certification process takes 2 months. So why does all the companies promise 3 months from the time Google release the android source code. In April, they will not announce the drone product, but who the team make up are, what their nationality and where they go to school and where they will be working.

  47. I’ve been in field service work for over 30 years. One thing I learned, if you are on a service call, and a dispatcher calls you wanting an ETA for another customer, unless you are actually on your way, NEVER EVER give an ETA. 2-3 minutes after you hang up, something will go Tango Uniform and that ETA gets pushed back, and even if you call the customer and tell them of the delay, when you get there, the customer will say “but your dispatched said you’d be here at such & such a time.

  48. This CEO sounds like a teenage punk!!!

    1. And he act very much too. He is disaster for CM and mark my words, will sell it to some much bigger company.

      1. i guess john legere is the same way then

  49. I’ve had just about all the nexus devices and I’ve had some problem along the way but Google was perfect in taking care of all issues. My OnePlus One has been perfect. It actually performs better than all my Nexus phones and tablets. Would like to see an update but not one that’s half baked with problems. What is your rush? What diff is a few days or even weeks to get a top notch system?

  50. I think that most of the OEMS are careless and aren’t interested to service our phones. This time all of them could have released the update before the 90 day period because google had released a preview version in June . The purpose of the preview version was to give an idea to developers of what lollipop could be so that they start working from that time. The best solution to this problem is that Google should start fining them for being late after the 90 days period . Then only will they have the determination to update our devices

    1. How do you figure that Google has the power to “fine” them? Or anyone else for that matter

      1. I know that android is open source . But then someone has to take the responsibility right? Or else we would have to live at the pity of the OEMS

        1. OEMs are in no way obligated to provide updates to us, and because of that nobody has the power to fine them for not doing so.

          1. Actually OEMS have to update their devices at least for 1 year after the release .

    2. Cyanogen and Android are not the same. There are significant changes. And every peice of hardware is vastly different.

  51. We never asked for an ETA of the OTA or Lollipop or OxygenOS. Oneplus always promised dates, firstly it was 90 days then it was 12th feb but that was the introduction of the OxygenOS team, then it was soon, then early march, mid march and finally 27th and 30th march, WTF. You better dont do hoolahoo of it oneplus, Cyanogen is correct, just push the OTA’s when they are ready but before that dont give a f%$K for dates or ETA.
    Till then i am okay with CM11s, just make all themes free so that we can switch to all :P

  52. What a f* attitude for saying those craps.
    Android Lollipop was out on November, a single developer can make a decent AOSP rom within a week. A company like cynogen can make this within few days. The only reason I bought Oneplus is because of the commitment to update to the recent version within 90 days since the source code is available. That’s way too much of what they need to make this happen. The didn’t do that. When a company doesn’t do what it committed to do, it should at least apologize and not cursing their users. And yes – we expect them to meet the deadline. We paid for it. They are not doing this for free.

    1. If it’s so easy, then just compile it yourself and slap it on your phone. No one is stopping you. These guys aren’t sitting around with their thumbs up their ass trying to find ways to rape you out of your money. You’ve got an awesome phone for a steal. Imagine if they released a buggy OS – would that be better? And they can’t release stuff before it passes certification tests. There are legal issues.

      Let’s face it, you just want your new toy NOW, like some spoiled toddler. Will it even work any differently? Is there some feature that you have to have that is preventing you from making calls? Costing you hundreds of dollars a day? Or do you just want the bragging rights of having the higher version numbers on your phone than the guy next to you?

      1. I just want a company to do what it committed to do. Motorola brought an update to Lollipop within a week. LG within less than a month, Samsung less than 3 months. And oneplus is much close to AOSP than any other OS so it should be much easier process. I didn’t buy a device to do this myself. That’s the company responsibility. You are too easy with them. It’s been 5 months. There is already 5.1 version. I expect much more transparency about why it is taking so long. What is so different in Oneplus than other manufacturers that it can’t do this right? And what is the reasonable commitment after they didn’t meet their previous commitments.
        And it is not only about version number. Android 5.0 is much more advanced and contains many new features than the previous one. I’m not using a phone just to make calls. (do you?)

        1. My phone works exactly as advertised. And it is certainly NOT closer to AOSP than everyone else; rather the opposite. It’s not even Android, its Cyanogen! It’s just based on AOSP. If you purchased it because it was vastly different and superior, then those changes take time to debug and release. If you bought the phone because it was cheap, then certainly you got what you paid for!

          And if you read what the CEO said, they are satisfied with the firmware they have right now and waiting on certifications. You are blaming them, but they didn’t know how long the certification process would take. They are caught up in this too. Quit throwing a tantrum!

          My friend has a Samsung Galaxy with Lollipop, and I prefer my OnePlus. Cyanogen is simply a better OS (IMHO), although I tweak the hell out of mine. And his phone was about double the price. He gets 5.0 a month early? FINE! My Lollipop will be better when it gets here. In the meantime, grab a nightly build and flash it yourself. As a user, you can install it to your device before a company is allowed to put it out. Corporations have certification issues to deal with!!

          Maybe what you should ask is what certification they are waiting on and who is granting it, or rather NOT granting it. You can then send your frustrations to the correct party and get them to get off their asses and sign off on the certification paperwork so OnePlus can release!

          There are one or two features that looked interesting in Lollipop, but they aren’t as critical for me as the features that Cyanogen has. Much more advanced? No. Like what? Using ART? Turn it on in the developer options – it will warn you, but it works fine (except for JRuby from SL4A).

          1. It was advertised as a flagship device that commited to provide updates in the first two years within 90 days since the source code is available. So no – it doesn’t work as advertised.
            And its almost a mirror of AOSP. I don’t know what you are talking about. I’ve used a nexus device that runs pure AOSP and and a CM rom, and beside few extra customizations it is the same. Much more similar than Samsung or LG.
            Furthermore, if you’ll look at the actual Oxygen that was released today you’ll see that it doesn’t have even quarter of the changes that cm has so it is even closer to AOSP.
            Now that we’ve got Oxygen we can’t stop this pointless discussion because obviously me and you have different perspective of what a good device is.

  53. #NeverUpdate

  54. #NeverBuyingThisSHITAgain

    1. buy samsung its #1. because all other non androids sucks.

  55. what a fail… and in fact opo is not that great as people say, it’s ok but has some huge problems like a very weak signal (inc. wifi), gps that sometimes doesn’t work… and no way to change it, no shops around
    buy a good device next time, don’t do my mistake

    1. yeah go buy an htc or Lg3 noobs.

  56. Understandably, since OnePlus is one of the few companies to be so open to custom ROMs, I find it a bit silly, that a few noob customers who’ve never seen such openness with other brands whine about problems that don’t exist.

    Need an update? It doesn’t exist. Need a custom ROM? Feel free to pick from dozens. CM12 nightlies work near perfectly out of the box – just slap on a GoogleApps package and you’re all set. CM12 nightlies are exactly that… They update almost every night. Use CyanDelta from the Play Store to download only the differences between the latest update and the last one you downloaded and save your bandwidth. Check changelogs before you update and only update when you see a bug you’ve faced has been addressed.

    If your camera keeps refocusing while recording video and the click is audible in the recording, find CameraNext on the XDA forums and flash that in. That’s the one that comes with CM11S.

    And seriously, if you still don’t understand why you’re buying the OnePlus One, you should stick to buying overpriced flagships and Apple products, and save your precious time.

    1. what kind of sh*t is this. its not even apple products that are “high priced” it’s not over priced unless you’re a broke B*tch. Look at all the other companies that sells unlocked at prices over 650. And I agree with the last part, save your precious time. These idiots spend too much time modding phones rather than improving themselves like they going to live longer than their piece of junk.

      1. anger probs much?? dude touch you while you were little?? go take it out on him bro

        1. You are representing your past that’s great, you don’t need to share it. You and most idiots are why phandroid looks like trash. If you can’t handle a bit of swearing then I guess you can go back being that pu$$y you are behind your computer and all you weak b*tch friends.

          1. Again. Anger management courses. Take some and learn how to talk to people. Go back to playing pokeman instead of showing us all how you can’t take a similar response that you’re giving all of us with your hurt vagina

          2. michael has a vagina that’s why he agreed.

    2. Ok. You are thinking from a power user perspective.
      A lot of people bought the OnePlus One because of price and because it comes with CyanogenMod out of th box so no need to deal with technical stuff.
      The OnePlus One is a device for people like you, but also for the person that doesn´t have much technical knowledge but likes to be updated. IT is all about simplicity.
      If a consumer buys a Galaxy S5 for instance and sees that Samsung does a relatively good job when it comes to keeping their flagship phones updated, they will probably buy future Samsung devices. It is in fact for that reason that more and more people without a technical background are now buying Google Nexus devices.
      The Nexus phones used to be aimed at developers and geeks. Not anymore.
      If OnePlus and Cyanogen want to be taken seriously and become mainstram ROMs and devices, they need to offer good support. Or else they will always be nich devices and ROMs.

  57. get off of oneplus company’s c*ck. android complain about every single dam thing.

  58. I don’t see why we shouldn’t blame both Cyanogen and OnePlus. We used to criticize companies like Samsung, HTC and so on for delivering Android updates months after they were launched on Nexus devices. Same goes for Cyanogen and OnePlus. From a consumer perspective CyanogenMod is the official ROM for the OnePlus One.
    Nowadays companies deliver Android updates much faster. Samsung started updating the Galaxy S5 to Lollipop last December.
    The hardware on the OnePlus is no different than most smartphones like the Nexus 5 and so on.The Nexus devices started receiving Android updates 5 months ago. Almost half an year ago.
    Cyanogen hasn’t been able to release a stable Lollipop update on any device yet. Yes the Cyanogen ROM is feature packed with stuff and that is why most of us use it.
    But if Cyanogen wants to get serious as a Google Android alternative, they need to work a bit faster. Specially when it comes to their partner devices. With that said It is the best ROM for people that want stability and good support.
    I have no problems with the delay. I used to have a Nexus 5 and decided to switch to the OnePlus One and I have no regrets.
    Out of the box I can do a lot more with the OPO Cyanogen 11 than the Nexus 5 with Lollipop.

    1. finally a person that understands instead of discouraging the sh*t out of companies that actually wants to change for the better of things. God I’m sick of these idiots thinking how business is being 100% correct like how they teach you in school to not make mistakes. What kind of bs are these morons learning nowadays. Not much. Props to you though jfplopes

    2. i like your logic and reasoning skills. It makes sense to me. Rather than being an internet toughguy like the guy posting all over here. Totally understand what you are saying and I think you are right in a lot of ways. 1+1 is a great phone. its always in the top android phones list for a reason, right? I just think their CEO is not helping business or making the right headlines when he is telling people to calm the F down. It shows a lack of business mindedness. He will deliver either way, I’m sure.

  59. Ha ha ha welcome to the real world sucker :’) the poor moron Who think he can make his own OS, cryes like a baby once he feels the heat.

  60. My OnePlus is just fine with kitkat for now, no big deal.

  61. I don’t have anything to add to this, but just wanted to point out that the little window that comes up on the bottom right to ‘recommend’ reading is recommending that I read an article from 2010 about a ‘new’ phone coming out that year…

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