Watch the Galaxy S6 Edge survive 20 minutes under water and crush this chick’s nuts [VIDEOS]


Samung Galaxy S6 Edge water submerged

By now you know the story: a new phone is released and in a made rush for views, countless YouTubers come out of the woodwork and put the phone through a variety of “stress tests.” This is all in an effort to determine build quality by subjecting the phone to a series of drop tests, or even its water resistance by submerging it in water.

Like most Android devices these days, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge doesn’t advertise any kind of IP rating. It’s actually one of the few areas the phone was left wanting. But just because you wont find an Ingress rating on the phone, doesn’t mean it wont survive a quick dip in a puddle, or even a drop in a toilet. Most phones feature some level of water resistance, so it’s to be expected that the Galaxy S6 Edge would last a few minutes submerged in a bowl of water. But over 20 minutes? That’s pretty crazy. Check out TechSmartt’s video below for proof.

As a bonus, we found another video — presumably from the same chick that threw the Galaxy S6 to the floor like a firecracker — this time crushing some walnuts using the Galaxy S6 Edge as a hammer, on top of the regular Galaxy S6. We should warn you. The 240p video is not for the squeamish.

Thanks, @PsiQo1!

Chris Chavez
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  1. Well, this is cool. As a former Nexus 4 owner (that shattered after a 2 foot drop), I definitely had my reservations about the S6. But looks like the glass is gonna hold up okay :) Is the verdict out on the battery life yet?

    1. Didn’t Chris have a fiasco-filled experience with his Nexus 4 and the glass back?

  2. Pfff, haha. “… and crush this chick’s nuts”. If that isn’t a hilarious and wtf-provoking article heading I don’t know what is.

    1. thought the same thing! i was not sure what i was clicking on but i minimized Chrome for works sake ;)

  3. Spoiler alert: Water & electricity don’t play nice together………..

    Why on earth would this guy re-start a device,knowing it has water intrusion & not attempt to 1st remove/dry/drain the phone of water before re-starting?

    What did he think was gonna happen?

    1. Wait, what?! What pseudo science lead you to that conclusion?

      1. My Gypsey astrologist/palm reader told me after I went to my rattlesnake Christian cult with my white, Protestant not-my-girlfriend female friend. Problem?

    2. Truth. One starts to think that it would have been fine if he’d put it in a bag of rice after drying it off and keeping it shut down.

  4. had to minimize the browser when i clicked on this…..i’m sure work would have been like, “um wtf bro?”

  5. She’s desperately trying to mess up her ex-boyfriends phones but in turn promoting their solid construction lol.
    As for the water, that’s impressive.. So likely a quick drop in water would be survivable. His ex-girlfriends phone? Or given a free phone to destroy? Or just has $1000 to throw away with ease?
    I too have some easily disposable income but I’d much rather blow it on a night out then destroying brand new and usable high end phones

  6. Impressive with the walnuts, however I’d like to believe most phones would survive the water bowl treatment. The hydrostatic pressure exerted by a bowl isn’t that much compared to dropping in in 1m of water which would increase the pressure exerted against the “seals” by magnitudes of 10.

    1. good point actually…I cant put my Nexus 6 in a bowl of water and it will be fine. but i’ve seen people submerge it in a pool and it dies after a few minutes.

    2. Look at you with the science… nice.

    3. but he did they same with the iPhone 6 albeit in slightly more water but 20mins vs 2 mins, that’s a big difference

  7. All these stress tests, well here is one I want to see…. S6 versus 1 round 22lr at 100 yards. Then I will be impressed. Or maybe, S6 versus 1 field point tipped arrow from a 65 pound compound bow at 30 yards.

  8. Knew it was Chris based off the title Lol

  9. Ive got some nuts she can do that to…

  10. Hahaha, I knew it was Chris as soon as I read “this chick’s nuts”… bravo man, bravo!
    Can’t wait to crush some chick’s nuts when my S6 Edge arrives tomorrow.

  11. “Fake plastic” …as opposed to REAL plastic.

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