Red leather option for Moto X (2nd Gen) now available in Moto Maker


Red Leather Moto X 2nd Gen featured

We took a look at all of Motorola’s custom leather options for the Moto X (2nd Gen) when we got a tour of their headquarters last year. They had most of their bases covered: black, natural (light tan), cognac (darker brown), and navy blue. More recently they added football leather option, but it was (and still is) exclusive to the Verizon model.

Moto X read leather motomaker

Today, they’ve officially added a new red leather option for all Moto X models and as usual, it comes with the normal +$25 premium. Motorola calls it a “rich red hue,” even if the option on Moto Maker shows something a lot more toned and darker than that. We’re guessing you’ll want to see some photos in real life before pulling the trigger, although our lead image above should give you a better indication of what you’ll be getting.

[Moto Maker]

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