HTC sends invites for HTC One M9+ revelation April 8th in Beijing, new images leak



HTC had a big shindig in Barcelona a couple of weeks ago to unveil the HTC One M9, and now the variant we were really hoping to see could be due April 8th. The company is sending invites to Chinese press to show that they have “More Than One” device on tap this year, and they’ll be unveiling the latest in Beijing.

The invitation shows a device that looks to be similar to the rear of an HTC One M9, except it has the same dual camera setup we’ve seen on previous leaks instead of the lone camera featured on the company’s 2015 flagship — this, folks, is likely the HTC One M9 Plus.

That’s all we can tell from the company’s official teaser, though we know the device will have a couple of key differences up front. The main one is that there will be a physical home button smack dab in the middle of the bottom set of BoomSound speakers and will have dual functionality as a fingerprint scanner. The display is also a tad bigger, though at 5.2 inches (if OnLeaks’ most recent information is to be believed) it’s not the phablet-sized monster we were expecting.

The device is expected to have Quad-HD resolution at 2560 x 1440, 3GB of RAM and a 20 megapixel camera sensor. It might also have MediaTek’s 64-bit Octa-Core MT6795T.

Oh, and it looks like the mockup made by @OnLeaks was about as accurate as accurate can be — the in-the-wild shots seen below definitely show a device that looks like a slightly bigger HTC One M9 with a fingerprint scanner.

Its Chinese debut might suggest this device won’t be made available for many other regions to start, though we’ll have to wait for official word from HTC to be clued in on their exact plans.

[Weibo, Nowhereelse.fr via Engadget]

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  1. I would hope(big emphasis), that they bring this to the US with a snapdragon. I wanna know if they are pushing more pixels on that back camera and at least using the second camera for depth & ultrapixel functions…I wonder if thats even possible? Becuz i sure do love the pictures my M8 can take on daytime and lowlight shots. I am sure down for this phone

    1. It almost looks as if I’m sticking with my M8 for now… unless they really get it right with the M9+… hoping for a bigger battery, QHD wouldn’t be bad, better camera with OIS and for the love of God, some multitasking functionality… even with its just 5.2in screen… hovering windows would be perfect. Then all my hopes and dreams could come true.

  2. Because that header photo doesn’t look fake at all…

  3. that home button….yuck. mediatek….yuck. the picture samples released….VERY YUCK. This should be the HTC one M9+yuck.

    1. It’s not a home button.

  4. The finger print scanner looks like it’s not for anything else because there are on screen buttons, and the black bar at the bottom looks even bigger. I have been a huge fan of HTC, but they just didn’t do it this year,unfortunately.

    1. I was going to say what if they bust out with Capacitive buttons and the HTC logo is the Home button?

      Then the user can choose between onscreen or off screen.

  5. There can be only One!!! Duncan McCloud

  6. this may be a decent phone – i am REALLY tired of people bashing the processor choice – take 3 minutes and do a bit of research. the 6795T outperforms the 810 in every benchmark test – it is a great processor from mediatek. based on EVERY benchmark result published i would rather have this processor. honestly, i would have just skipped the htc one m9 and made this the flagship device for 2015. but what do i know.

    1. People over emphasis the processor name and don’t look at what it can do. The word on the street was the 810 ran hot and was no good. New tests now state it isn’t over heating. See the reviews and check it out before you bash the processor. Otherwise this looks like a sick phone.

      1. i wouldnt call what he said bashing. Hes saying the processor in THIS phone is not as bad as critics are saying. He also said it outperforms the processor in the M9

    2. The problem isn’t the processor, but gpu (PowerVR 6200). This gpu is much weaker than the adreno 430. It should be as powerful as the adreno 320 found in the snapdragon 600 from 2013 if I’m not mistaken. That, plus the bump to QHD resolution (the already weaker gpu will have to work twice as hard for increase in pixels) will make the 810 a better SoC choice.

  7. If it has media tek and a high price tag, no thanks. Looking to sell my Note 4 and not pay up a huge amount for a new phone.

  8. Such a beautiful phone minus that bigass horrifying ugly home button. Fingerprint scanning is far too much of a gimmick for me to have that god awful thing on my phone. Reason #1 why I strayed from Samsung 1 month into owning my S4. Been an HTC fan since. At least they didn’t do this to the regular M9.

  9. This should’ve been the m9.

  10. Sick plot twist.. This could be a windows phone! Could be plausible duo camera could take advantage of windows denim the use of the media tek processor there is no high end apps that would push the GPU. Then again I dunno what I’m saying I’m just one of the millions of people found on the internet who agrees with everyone this should of been the original m9.

  11. htc really shot themselves in the foot this year design-wise…speaker grill around home buttom while leaving the horrible no good htc overbezel and i’m sure on screen navigation…i feel bad for the way customers are going to leave their product on the shelves…

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