Facebook’s F8 Developer Conference is happening today at 1PM Eastern, here’s where you can watch live


Facebook Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook’s developer conference is going on today folks. I know, grumble grumble, Facebook hate. But as much as you might not like the social network, they’re still pretty big and have made significant strides in the past couple of years to move beyond the likes and shares to become a tech juggernaut. We saw their first big movement with the purchase of Oculus Rift, one of the biggest players in virtual reality who were responsible for getting the world excited about the technology again.

Want to follow along? Facebook’s streaming all their announcements live right here starting at 1PM Eastern. If you can’t quite cut a block of time out of your schedule to watch live we’ll certainly be bringing you any pertinent news to spawn from the event. For everyone else, grab the popcorn!

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  1. OK so how can we suck more – inundate you with ads in your news feeds – continue to auto play video over your cell phone data, bloat our app – make you hate us more BUT CONTINUE to have you addicted to us over leaving to google +?

    1. Follow up – Oh i got it – lets take the stupid spying messenger app and make it more intrusive and get more people to use it! there ya go!

  2. For Gods sake, grow up and ditch the hoodie!

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