Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge pricing and availability confirmed for India


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Samsung held an event in India where the Korean manufacturer officially confirmed pricing and availability of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge in the country. According to SamMobile who attended the event, the Galaxy S6 will be available in all storage configurations at the following prices:

Samsung Galaxy S6 pricing for India

  • 32GB: Rs. 49,900
  • 64GB: Rs. 55,900
  • 128GB: Rs. 61,900

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge pricing for India

  • 32GB: Rs. 58,900
  • 64GB: Rs. 64,900
  • 128GB: Rs. 70,900

Along with being manufactured inside of India, both devices will offer 4G LTE compatibility with the country’s wireless networks. Pre-orders are available starting today, with Samsung confirming that India will officially join 20 other countries for the same April 10th launch date.

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  1. Samsung Galaxy S6 pricing

    32GB: Rs. 49,900 = $803 us
    64GB: Rs. 55,900 = $899 us
    128GB: Rs. 61,900 = $996 us

    Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge pricing

    32GB: Rs. 58,900 = $948 us
    64GB: Rs. 64,900 = $1044 us
    128GB: Rs. 70,900 = $1141 us

    OUCH.. say hello to a $1000 phone (US conversions provided to you for fun just to scare the hell out of you, and assuming conversions stand of course).

    1. Actually it’s LESS expensive than the S5 at launch in India (Rs 51,500 for the 16GB GS5). Expect the exact same on and off contract prices in the US that samsung has charged over the past few years. Because 32GB is standard, you can actually see this as a price decrease.
      NOT ouch…

      1. An $1140 phone (+ sales tax mind you)….. seriously speaking.. who else has that pricey of a top tier phone?

        1. What makes you think you can just do a simple currency conversion? Import and sales taxes are included in most international prices. Go look at the iPhone prices in India if you think this is expensive.

          1. Oh dude…. come on. I don’t know WTF the prices are going to be in the USA. I don’t know WTF import taxes are or are not applied. And I don’t know WTF the final decisions will be by marketing for pricing in the USA versus any country. It is just simple fun math games – I guess you missed that part of my first post – to see the – possible – conversion numbers is all.

          2. Oh sorry didn’t realize you were joking around. Tones are difficult to pick up on the interwebs. Sorry. I thought you were bashing Samsung for sharply increasing prices over last year when in reality it looks to be the same (at least in India)

          3. Tongue and cheek happening here.

            I mean surely this means these WILL be pricey USA phones – there will be some cost translation. Not doubt. But, I have never paid that much off contract for a phone and I only buy top tier phones. A “possible” $1000 on a phone in the USA? I only deal in Android so I have no idea what an iPhone costs in USA. But the top tier HTC M9 might be what, $750. Here we ‘could” very well see a USA phone at $1000-1100. That is pricey by anyones standards.

          4. HTC One M9 is Rs. 50,000 ($800 direct currency conversion).
            Phones are simply more expensive in India due to import taxes already included in the list price. It’s India’s way to discourage foreign competition and encourage Indian firms to make their own goods (including smartphones)
            Both the HTC One M9 and GS6 will retail in the US beginning around $649 – which yes, I agree, is a lot of money for a phone.

          5. $649 is manageable. Over a $1000… not so much. I would not be shocked if the S6 Edge will be a $1000 phone :0

          6. What are the iphone prices in India?

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