Mar 19th, 2015


When you get you first look at the inside of a Samsung Galaxy S6 you might begin to understand why Samsung had to do away with a replaceable battery. Stuff is packed in their tight, so much so that even removing the battery looks like a giant pain.

MyFixGuide did the honors of providing the first teardown of the phone. As we suspected, the glass isn’t coming off the back plate easily without some hot air gun action, and just as we heard in Samsung’s manual there are a good deal of screws to deal with after the fact. Once inside you’ll be rewarded with a view of some impressive engineering work and a collection of quality components.

These teardown guides serve to show the process of getting into a phone’s inner bits for purposes of repair, but they’re not to be meant as guides for your average consumer. That is to say, you shouldn’t be trying to replicate the process at home — best to stick to a Samsung repair technician or anyone with a fair amount of experience and knowledge on assembling and taking apart smartphones. Head to the jump if you want to take a look at the full gamut.

[via MyFixGuide]

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