Speed Test: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge vs iPhone 6 Plus boot time [VIDEO]


There has been a lot of talk about the speed improvements in the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. We already compared speed of the Galaxy S6 to the Samsung Galaxy S5, and we compared the speed of TouchWiz with Android 5.0 Lollipop. Now, thanks to some help from a friend, we can compare the boot times.

In the video above you can see the boot times of the Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S5, and iPhone 6 Plus. After pressing the power buttons at the same time they all boot up very quickly. The Galaxy S5 actually finishes just a split second faster than the Galaxy S6 Edge, followed by the iPhone just a second or two later. It’s a close race, but we’re a little surprised the Edge didn’t win.

This doesn’t mean the Edge is slow by any stretch of the imagination. In our previous speed tests the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge outperformed the Galaxy S5. The power button the Edge could have been pressed just slightly later. At the end of the day it’s just boot time, and the Galaxy S6 Edge has more speed where it counts. How do you feel about this boot time speed test?

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  1. Who cares about a boot test… Show actual performance tests…

    1. We did. Click the links in the article.

      1. The title suggests a speed test between S6 and iPhone 6. My article must be missing links because I don’t see anything further beyond a silly boot test.

        A boot test for two different OS’s on two different hardware platforms amount to nothing. It’s not like I’m rebooting my phone every few hours.

        Fluff article is fluffy.

        1. Like another user mentioned… it’s like testing which car “starts” faster. Who cares?

      2. I don’t see any links for performance tests comparing the Galaxy S6 vs the iPhone 6.

        1. You asked for performance tests. There are two linked in the article.

          1. LoL, I opened all of the links from the article and still don’t see performance tests of the Galaxy S6 vs the iPhone 6… I see a bunch of S6 vs S5, but not side by side of the iPhone 6… Am I missing something?

          2. More importantly, let’s see some performance comparisions to the M9.

          3. I never said they were against the iPhone. I just said they were performance tests.

          4. But who cares about a boot speed comparison between the S6 and the iPhone 6… That’s comparing apples to oranges… Why not just do a complete performance test between the two devices instead by comparing actual apps/load times, webpage renders, etc, etc?

          5. You could assume that if X has a faster boot time than Y, it could be faster with apps (since an OS has quite a lot of code by itself).
            So this is a tiny benchmark too, and it’s quite a nice one too, testing mostly loading of the internal storage of the device.
            Of course, it also depends on what’s in the OS itself.
            I wonder what does IOS has that needs to load in just about the same time as Android.

  2. If the software on the S6 Edge isn’t final then yeah I can see why it might be slower then the S5

  3. Boot test doesn’t do it for me. I did have the chance to play with one (regular version)when a samsung rep came in and I was impressed. It was super fast and the ability to theme it made me forget about TW. I still hate that when you use the keyboard it pops up in the notification bar wanting you to select a keyboard ….its not a big deal for most but for some reason it bugs me.

  4. Boot time test for a device type that 100% of users run in a standby instant-on mode LOL

  5. Worthless test in that I reboot like once every 2 weeks so who cares and there are a variety of small nuisances that can affect boot time each time and in this test, there was like what…. no difference.

  6. In other news, my car starts up faster than my brothers newer car…

  7. Hardly ever reboot Samsung devices since they easily have an uptime of several months. iPhones don’t show uptime to mask when they spontaneously reboot.

  8. Why do they still make sounds on the boot screen?
    This could wake up people, as there is no way to mute it.
    Yet another reason to root devices…

    1. If your phone is on silent or vibrate, the boot sound is muted.

      1. Is it possible to mute it while it boots up?

  9. Yea, just don’t tell an iphone user that there phone is not the fastest. But that should not be hard seeing how all iphone users all live on the same planet where no one knows any truth.

  10. What version of Android was the S5 running?

    I say this only partially in jest, but with the memory leak problems of Android 5.0x and 5.1, you may be rebooting more frequently than usual.

  11. Lol

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