Mar 17th, 2015

pioneer android auto IMG_7835

Yep, Pioneer’s the first to bat with Android Auto products officially available. The line of in-dash units revealed at this past CES is available for boatloads of cash, depending on what you need out of your vehicle’s in-dash system.

There’s just one problem: Android Auto isn’t actually out yet. It’s a fine audio unit on its own, mind you, and for those with Apple CarPlay that functionality is readily available. But those hoping to be able to add Android Auto functionality to their car without having to buy a brand new vehicle will have to wait for an update (though Google tells us that will happen quite soon).

These things don’t come cheap:

The main differences between them seem to be in areas of navigation. The cheapest option doesn’t support standalone GPS navigation, while the latter two do. The most expensive option offers a more robust suite of navigation features over its cheaper counterpart.

All units seem to enjoy the same audio, connectivity and media support (DVD and CD), though, so if navigation isn’t your thing then you’re better off going with the cheaper of the three. They’ll slot into any standard 4-inch Double-DIN dash bay so make sure your car has enough room for it and order one in anticipation of Android Auto’s arrival at some point down the line.

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