Yahoo will host an Android vs iOS Fanboy Smartphone Challenge at SXSW 2015 and I’ll be representing Team Phandroid



Newsflash everyone – I’m a fanboy. An Android fanboy.

On Monday, March 16th at SXSW in Austin, Texas, Yahoo is holding a Fanboy Smartphone Challenge. They’ll be putting an Android enthusiast and an iOS lover head to head in the ultimate fanboy showdown. Thanks to a little bit of luck and years of praising our Lord and Savior, Matias Duarte, I have been chosen to represent the Android faithful in glorious battle.

What does it mean to be an Android fanboy? Well, simply put, I live, breathe, eat, and sleep all things Android. A normal day for me consists of playing with an abundance of Android powered devices; from phones, to tablets, to TV consoles, to smartwatches, and even face computers. Besides owning an absurd amount of gadgets, I’m often found geeking out, talking about Android to friends and colleagues, writing about Android here on our beloved Phandroid or social media, and generally consuming as much Android related news as humanly possible. I also may or may not own way too many mini Android figurines, collectible pins, stuffed plushies, and enough swag to start my own second-hand Android store. It’s not an obsession. It’s just a hobby that I’m very passionate about.

For Yahoo’s Fanboy Smartphone Challenge, I’ll be put through a series of tasks against my opponent, which will be done game show style. I’m hoping that I can use my Nexus 6, since my opponent will be using an iPhone 6, though Yahoo wasn’t too confident in hooking my Nexus 6 up to their A/V system. I did inform them that the Nexus 6 works beautifully with a Chromecast, however they sent me a Nexus 5 so that I could use it with a Slimport to HDMI adapter just in case. To be a little honest here, that kind of upsets me a little bit, seeing as I may not be able to use my daily driver, not to mention a phone that’s a year newer, and capable of activating voice commands while the screen is off – something my opponent’s trusty iPhone 6 cannot do. Oh well. I’ll turn it into a positive. My opponent is going to need all of the help that he can get. I don’t mind starting with a handicap.

It’s worth mentioning here that this game show will be done in pure jest. This is all in good fun. I’m not one of those fanboys that hates the other platform. In fact, I surely can recognize a positive when I see one and I’ve been known to praise Apple where applicable. Their products may not be for me, and I may not agree with everything that they do, but Apple does get a lot of things right. It doesn’t matter if you’re first to bring a product to market if it’s a horrible product or an implementation that isn’t very user friendly. This is why the general media sees Apple as the Jesus of computing. When Apple enters a market or launches a service you can bet that there will be little to no snafus along the way (well, except for people getting lost and bending phones). And speaking about markets, almost no one can drive a market like Apple can. I’m excited to see what they’ll do with mobile payments and wearables this coming year. Their success only means additional success and greater adoption for Android Pay and Android Wear.

Anyways, this event sounds like a blast and I’m excited. If Yahoo wants me to be a fanboy, I’ll gladly ham it up and be a their fanboy. I’ll be on stage wearing my Androidify’d t-shirt, Android beanie, wearing my Moto 360, and by the sounds of it rocking both the Nexus 6 and Nexus 5. Praise Duarte.

If you’re in Austin at SXSW this Monday, be sure to stop by Yahoo’s Brazos Hall at 12pm to see it all go down. Sadly, there won’t be a live stream for all of you to watch at home, but Yahoo has told me that they’re planning on posting the recorded video promptly at Wish me luck!

Derek Ross
I'm a passionate Android enthusiast that's on the pulse of the latest Android news, writing about Android as often as possible. I'm also a little addicted to social networking. Hit me up, I'd love to chat.

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    1. He’s not your bro, dude.

  1. “I have been chosen to represent the Android faithful in glorious battle”

    Oh my god… That headline gave me chills. Better knuckle up Mr. Ross! This might get crazy! I’m down in San Antonio, I’ll try to head up there and cheer you on!

    1. Sort of how I do it too.

    2. Haha awesome. Thanks!

      1. Oh! Before I forget, I suggest really highlighting how awesome it is to be able to customize your phone’s layout in almost infinite ways. The kind of creative freedom you’ve never seen on iOS.

        And as always, the great fun we have with live wallpapers:

      2. 1. #HomeScreen #Clean #WhoNeedsAStatusBar?
        2. #AppDrawer #HowDidIGetThere? #Gestures #NovaLauncher
        3. #FacebookInBlack?
        4. #CameraInMyNotificationPulldown? #QuickSettings #QuickToggles #LeBlur
        5/6. #Glovebox #MyMultiwindowAppLauncher #REALMultitasking
        7/8. #REAL3rdPartyKeyboards #WhyYouNoFloatOniOS
        9. #WhereHaveAllTheButtonsGone ##PIEControl #WhoNeedsButtons
        10. #Hangar #AppsEverywhere

        oh…and by the way: this is my $60 Moto G!!!! o.O #AndroidFTW

    3. Great film.

    4. What movie is that again?

  2. This sounds fantastic!

  3. Start preparing your concession speech.

    1. “In closing, be together, not the same.” /micdrop

  4. Good luck! ; )

  5. Nexus warrior! Give ’em hell, kid.

  6. Interesting. Serious fanboysism that results in hating users of another platform and trolling comments is noting short of pathetic and annoying, but fun rivalries being played out is entertaining. This should be exciting to witness.

  7. A kick in the apples & a Ronda Rousey arm bar should do the trick……. ;-)

  8. You should insist on getting Nexus 6.

    1. Google’s removal of wired video-out from the Nexus 6 is already strike 1 against android (no SlimPort or MHL wired HDMI).

      I know people say you can use ChromeCast, but even if you carry around another device with a WiFi tethering mode, can you do this where there is no network connection? And didn’t Google also disable miracast?

      The same is true of Nexus 9, right?

      Google seems to be disabling features left and right in a shameless attempt at forcing us to use whatever they’re promoting at the time (Google Plus last year, Google ChromeCast and USB-OTG this).

      1. Even if there is a network available, Chromecast doesn’t work if it requires a login to access WiFi, because there’s no browser. The only way around it is to change the MAC address to match the Chromecast’s on a device with a browser, log in there, and then turn on the chromecast

        1. So, if there is no network available, the ChromeCast won’t work at all? Even for screen mirroring?

          You cannot use a WiFi tablet and a ChromeCast on a ship at sea, for example, when there is no third device?

  9. I can’t imagine if you can’t use the nexus 6 a note 4 or g3 wouldn’t be faster than nexus 5 and connect just fine to projector

    1. I’m not really familiar with those devices though. I’m more of a stock Android guy.

  10. Good luck. Make sure to turn off your home screen so you can always use your phone without unlocking.

      1. Smart lock doesn’t always work for me for whatever reason :P

  11. Your competition is showing up with an Apple TV. Maybe take the Chromecast anyway. And a working travel router.

    Have fun, do well! ^.^

    1. Eh, he said that in his bio but really we’re only going to have our phones hooked up to the stage AV system.

      1. If it weren’t for the lag I’d go for using VNC between the two Nexii. :D

        OK, lag and being disqualified but… :D

      2. Hey, maybe those can help you. I’ve made them a long time ago, but some are still relevant :

        and this (also a bit old, but a lot of it is still relevant) :
        it’s 5 parts, BTW.

        and maybe a list of features:
        I remember I saw a graph of when each feature was added for both OSs , but I can’t find it.

          1. oh, and that’s mostly about users POV. For developers, there are plenty of advantages of using Android:
            1. quick upload to the play store. no need to wait for approval.
            2. choice of which OS to use. For IOS, you must have a Mac.
            3. one time payment of about 25$ (to publish any amount of apps on the play store), as opposed to payment (of about 100$) per year for IOS.
            developing apps and downloading the tools are free.
            4. Much more potential for apps, and a lot of openness, including showing of Android code itself.
            5. Java, vs Objective C. Each has its own advantages, but I think Java is much easier to use, read and learn. It’s also more similar to other languages than Objective C is.
            6. built in crash reports and statistics for the play store (for devices that have the play-services). You nearly have nothing for IOS (but there are third party solutions for it).
            Together with #1 , you can fix bugs and publish your app the same day they were found.
            7. unlimited beta users. For IOS, it is limited (up to 200 I think).
            8. Much easier to publish apps than for IOS, and you can put any video or image on the play store. The App-Store has special rules, and the videos aren’t normal ones.
            9. So many developer tools and apps (especially for rooted devices), even on the play store.

            I’m sure I can think of more stuff.
            Of course, there are disadvantages too.

  12. Better represent! Lol

  13. Good luck Derek!!!!

  14. So tell them your opponent should be using an iPhone 5S then. Lets try and keep this as fair as possible.

    1. That’s kinda hard to do. Phones come out at different times of the year. Unless the 5S came out the same year as the Nexus 5. I lose track of all this mess. LoL!!

      1. They did. They are both last years models, one gen old.

        1. Then his victory will be all the more sweeter.

          His last words, “It was a good battle. I just wish I had the *newer* model of this phone.”

          He cannot be humble. =.P

  15. If we lose… Apple Fanboys will hold this against us. You must show no mercy!!

    You can do this!! You are a Saiyan warrior!!

    1. If we lose, I would avoid the internet for a day or so :)

      1. I cannot even imagine what would happen if we lose…

  16. show them the true power of android! we’re COUNTING ON YOU Brother!

  17. I always say, “it’s always good to have a hobby or something you are passionate about, but no one should be that consumed with anything.” everything in moderation. Good luck and hope you have fun.

  18. Damn, Derek, wish I could be there! Only 3 hours away from Dallas, but so, so far. Give ’em hell man!

    1. Go Spurs Go! Hehe, sorry fellow Texas bruv, had to toss that in!

  19. iPhone 6 can activate voice commands while the screen is off. It just has to be plugged in whilst doing so.

    1. The Nexus 6 doesn’t need plugged in. ;)

      1. you wrote that it couldn’t. I was informing that it could.

        1. The difference is usefulness. If you have to be tethered to a wall to use touchless commands, it’s a useless iteration of the feature (and a meaningful differentiation with devices like the Moto X or the Nexus 6). Of course, useless is the best description for the entire iOS feature set…

    2. wow the nexus 5 can do that too

      1. Did anyone read this article? I read it and corrected the author. That’s it, that’s all. I’ve owned a Nexus 5 so I’m well aware of its capabilities.

  20. There’s no contest. Lollipop+Nexus FTW!

  21. Just point out that their phone is now a size that Stevie said nobody wanted.

  22. And if God forbid you lose, we riot in the streets. Lol

  23. Please show the power of widgets. I know IOS has support for a few widgets In their notification shade (another android ripoff), but it still isn’t enough. Widgets are one of the major advantages of Android that nobody talks about. IOS can really launch apps fast tho!!!

  24. At least they didn’t say use your G1. Come on yahoo if it’s nexus 5 it has to be iphone 5. Nexus 6 vs. iphone 6.

    1. I think the original T-Mobile G1 with Google could compete with a modern iPhone.

  25. As a Windows phone user, I find these little fights entertaining

    1. So do the other 17 Windows phone users.

      1. That’s exactly what I mean

      2. Make it 16 I just went back to Android lol

      3. Senzu BEAN!!! *TFS KRILLIN VOICE*

      4. 17 is an overly optimistic number, don’t ya think ? Lol.

    2. I always find Windows Phone users in general entertaining. Blackberry users as well. I guess anything happening with devices people actually want is always more entertaining than what you’re left with, lol.

      1. Don’t worry about WP users, at least we don’t have to deal with lag, or viruses or crappy cameras

        1. OK sunshine. I guess your browser isn’t IE? The most crappiest. Lagging, virus filled browser in the history of browsers. So bad that the first thing every Windows user does when they buy a new PC is download a different browser. Namely Chrome. Viruses ? Is this the same false claim that Apple also made ? What crappy camera ? Its cool you like your OS , just don’t come in here and wave it around like its a virgins panties on prom night, when its actually the dirty bloomers from the whore that really gets around. Thanks !

          1. Sounds like you stopped paying attention at IE6.

            You should inform yourself before making comments, considering IE11 is just as good, if not better, than the other current browsers on the market.

          2. No, it really isn’t. Hell, it isn’t even compatible with old IE pages, like American Airlines. It’s pathetic how bad IE 11 actually is in the real world.

          3. So you want IE to follow standards yet you also want it to support code from old IE versions???

          4. Not really. I don’t want IE. It’s a hot mess.

          5. i have a surface pro 3, i tried IE just for the heck of it. Took forever to load even the main page. Chrome downloaded faster than that page loaded. Sad. Dont get me wrong, i love Windows , but IE is still a mess.

          6. Considering that Chrome on the desktop is one of the biggest resource hogs ever made, it’s real case of glass houses.

          7. You lagdriod fans are so easy to provoke, you feel like a domino token, have a nice day

          8. Windows…laggiest, most virus prone mess available. Next

        2. Or app selection… or copy/paste… Oh yeah… a year later that one got added… Or relevance… Or customizability… or dignity when someone sees your building blocks on your screen…

    3. Aww… someone’s feeling left out! EVERYONE!!! GIVE FER A BIG HUG!

  26. I think it’s better if you use the slimport. I’ve noticed when I’m mirroring my Nexus 5 to a Chromecast it slows down the phone.

  27. You should install Espier Launcher just to mess with everyone.

  28. This is a fight that we can’t lose.

  29. You both should just say, “Android and Apple have phones. What does Yahoo have?”… Drop your mics and leave.

    1. Yahoo actually makes some great libraries for iOS and Android development.

    2. Yahoo has a hot CEO, Google and Apple do not LOL.

  30. Kick his ass sea bass

  31. I don’t think it’s fair for you to bring your Moto 360. The Apple Watch isn’t even available for consumers yet. It’s not like the Apple Watch was treated as if it were launched last year and was awarded one of the top 10 gadgets of 2014 by Time magazine. …or… was it?

  32. Who is the opponent?

  33. I’m dumping every dime I have into Jergen’s hand lotion stock.

  34. The only think that makes me a little sad is that they’re making you pitch a year-old phone agaisnt a new one.

  35. I’m glad it’s you man. Best of luck and give em hell!

  36. Test

    1. I’m sorry. It’s positive.

  37. Head down to the table with music playing a la Mike Tyson…Time, Time 4 some time for some action…

  38. Since you brought it up, if fragmentation was a category, Android would take the crown. Get ready to send that concession text! All grilling aside and although I’m betting on iOS to win, I do look forward to seeing you bring your best.

  39. love it how they gave the person representing Apple the saturday morning cartoon villain vibe xP

    1. Well, in all fairness, his name IS Snidely…

  40. Devil’s advocate here but…

    ” …not to mention a phone that’s a year newer, and capable of activating voice commands while the screen is off – something my opponent’s trusty iPhone 6 cannot do. ”

    The iPhone 6 does have that function.. so your claim is simply not true. The major issue I have with Android vs iOS arguments is the ignorance spewing from both sides. I happen to work with both everyday. I happen to own both platforms and love both platforms.

    For me its Apples and Oranges. But I would at least get my facts straight before getting into a debate.

    And I understand I may be getting too deep into this. The author of this article could very well enjoy iOS as much as I do. But i’m just speaking to the broad debate in general.

    1. This was mentioned several times, and as has been further explained, the iPhone needs to be plugged in to do it. Being able to engage your device hands-free anywhere is a HUGE benefit.

      1. androids does this too when plugged in (if they have the latest google launcher). Moto X on the other hand….. kicks ass in sleep mode with no charger, so its basically the Chuck Norris of voice commands!

        1. Pretty much any modern phone can do this. My Nexus 7 has the feature turned on. The cover can be closed, and if it hears me say “OK Google” it responds. In fact, I was watching some anime in Japanese (English Subs), and it kept thinking I was saying that, and popping up with the Google search bar. Then, when I’d cancel, the video would ship back 3 seconds… Rinse repeat! (I finally had to skip forward 30 seconds or so to finish the episode)

    2. HEY SIRI only works when the phone is plugged into the wall. Speaking of spewing ignorance…you just did.

  41. So facts and logic vs ignorance and blind devotion? This will be interesting.

  42. Psst. Being a fanboy is not something to be proud of. It’s literally everything that’s wrong with the tech community these days.

  43. To really be fair, this should be done with phone’s that are brand new and include a list of functions that need to be performed that may or may not require app installation. If the Apple guy gets to prep his own phone, he’ll know where the icons all are. I believe one of Android’s best features is the App Drawer.

    When I’m helping out family members, one of the things the Android has over iOS is that I always no where to find a shortcut if it’s not obviously available on the home screen. With iOS I always spend a few minutes looking into which group the person put the Settings shortcut. With Android, I pull down from the notification bar and click the button.

    1. Why go through all that searching, just tell SIRI to launch the app and it’s done. No need for an app drawer.

      1. While siri is working on trying to understand something in a loud crowded room, why not use google gesture search…

        1. Alternatively, in iOS, swype down from any home screen. The search bar appears along with the keyboard. Start typing, or tap the microphone to dictate by voice. The search results show the app along with its location. Tap to launch it. Boom. You’re done. Google Jestures is not available on iOS and if it was, launching an app to launch other apps wouldn’t make much sense.

  44. Make sure to show off that even though they can also use Hangouts, only android can have a different text and call tone for each individual hangout or contact. :)

  45. Both OS’s are great. The main reason to switch to either one these days is stagnation. I’ve had Android phones for maybe the last 5-6 years and kind of getting bored of it. But you can say this vice versa.

    1. I felt that way, somewhat. I bought an iPhone 6 plus. As soon as it sunk in that I could make no changes, I boxed it back up and returned it. There is no such thing as boring OS, until you try iOS.

      1. Try Windows Phone… all the boring with 1/10th of the apps!

        1. On our MDM we have one user using a Win8 phone……lol The rest are iOS and a few Androids!

          1. Honestly, I’m glad other phone OS’s exist. Competition drives innovation. I just wish that Apple & WP had some faith in their user base. This locked-down crap is the worst. I can’t use an iPhone for more than 10 minutes without getting annoyed with it. The wife had an iPad, and if I stuck to one game on it, I was OK. The minute I actually tried to do something with it, it got annoying. Man I played the hell out of Guns & Glory…. Perfect game for a 10″ screen.

  46. Come home victorious, or on your shield.

    1. Awesome 300 quote

  47. Not surprisingly, IOS prevailed.

  48. When will the video comes out? I wanna know how you lost.. Its impossible to lose Against iOS. If wifi screwed it might be yahoo’s problem.

  49. Is there a link to the video?

  50. I’m all smiles

  51. Ummm…..Loser!….lol The Parrot Drone part was’t fair, but I guess that was part of the competition though. Not sure that Apple guy would have figured to turn off wifi and use LTE instead, but who knows. The Droids do suck!…lol

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