Huawei starts MWC 2015 early, posts Huawei Watch promo and design videos to YouTube



Even though Mobile World Congress 2015 doesn’t officially start until March 2nd, Huawei has let the cat out of the bag on their upcoming announcement by posting two new videos on their YouTube channel. Huawei plans on joining the smartwatch race with what looks like a beautifully crafted Android Wear smartwatch or maybe they’re promoting a European Ski vacation. I’m not entirely sure.


From the promo videos, we can tell that this Android Wear smartwatch looks similar to the Moto 360 with it’s metal housing, thin bezels, and heart rate monitor; though the bands attach slightly different with Huawei Watch, Huawei’s offering doesn’t have a “flat tire” at the bottom, and the crown has been moved to the 2 o’clock position.

As for the design of the watch, Huawei apparently surveyed both men and women watch enthusiasts and determined that a 42mm body size is the most common. The watch will come in both steel and gold colors, have a variety of stainless steel and leather straps available for both men and women, and come equipped with sapphire glass. Huawei has also packaged their own fine crafted custom watch faces on their watch to enhance the watch’s elegant look and feel.

That’s all we know for now, but we have Rob Jackson and Chris Chavez on the floor at MWC 2015 this week and we’ll try to get more information as well as a hands-on as soon as possible.

What do you think of the Huawei Watch? Let us know in the comments.


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  1. Well, that looks like a Moto 360 that is even more beautiful than the original. If the price is right and the specs are as expected, I’ll be selling the 360 and picking up one of these.

    1. I think a lot of people might be in the same mindset, including me.

      1. I’m guessing amazon won’t suggest a can of fix-a-flat when ordering this watch. LOL Amazon humor gotta love em.

      1. I’m just gonna leave this here *cough* US government hypocrite *cough*

        1. Nobody has any illusions of the absence of US hypocrisy. This is already widely known.

          Ideally it would be best if neither nation was doing it but who would you rather be doing it, the US or China? Who would be easier to hold accountable, the US or China?

        2. Also, the reason I posted that link was because I felt it apt considering the story and also considering it was from one day ago unlike your already VERY well known story from LAST YEAR.

          1. you better get rid of mobile phone and stop surfing the web if you live in europe or Australia considering huawei supplies some of telco’s 3G/4G equipment in addition to ADSL/VDSL DSLAM

          2. It’s a matter of awareness is all, I’m certainly not advocating avoiding this company’s products.

  2. These smartwatches are starting to look nice. Hopefully, the software improves too.

  3. Now the price?

    1. We won’t know until it’s officially announced.

  4. I’m guessing it has a mediatek

  5. Glad I waited, I’ll be buying a smart watch this year

  6. Now,
    we wait for the battery life.

  7. Another tired, worn out promo model with a drawing board. Nice looking watch though.

  8. 42mm? How does this compare to a Moto 360?

    1. This is smaller, by 4mm.

      1. The G watch R?

      2. That’s great! I find the Moto 360 to be way too big.

      3. Yep, this is perfectly sized for the “average” wrist.

  9. This, in my opinion, is the best looking smartwatch yet. If the specs are good, battery life in particular, this will be a winner.

  10. I cannot believe that there is no comment about this being an apple copy!!!..not to mention that this is built by Huawei which is a Chinese government spy company!!!!

    1. Was this account created by an Onion Writer?

      1. Are you really blond and beautiful???!!!

    2. Apple is making round smartwatches?

      1. there is a thing called “Sarcasm”

  11. Videos seem to have been removed… Accidental early upload?

  12. 42mm case, 1.4″ screen, 400×400?

    Nailed it. You can take my money now, Huawei.

  13. “…and come equipped with sapphire glass.”

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