Feb 25th, 2015


If Google Play Music wasn’t already threatening the crown for best streaming music service, it certainly is now. Google has just announced a nice bump of cloud storage for your own personal tracks. You’ll now be able to store and stream 50,000 of your own tracks instead of the old limit of 20,000 — that’s more than double, folks.

The storage increase is immediately available for existing users, and new users will have it out of the gate. No fees, no opt-ins, and no worrying about this being a limited time promotion — this is a permanent, free upgrade.

Don’t forget that Google Play Music’s cloud storage is usable even without an All Access subscription so don’t be shy to upload your tracks without having the added benefit of unlimited consumption of tracks you don’t already own. Google has more details (and instructions on how to upload music using Music Manager) right here in case you’re sitting in a state of disbelief.