Feb 24th, 2015 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 2:10 pm

Sasmung Is This The Next countdown

By now, we’ve all heard a lot of crazy rumors regarding #TheNextGalaxy, the still unannounced Samsung Galaxy S6. Apparently Samsung Norway has been listening too, taking some of these rumors — some crazy, others not so much — and having some fun with them, transforming them into some pretty elaborate concept devices.

There’s 5 total posted on their new “Is this the next?” domain, the first dealing with front firing speakers and showing an almond shaped phone with pull out stereo speakers. The second concept quotes a rumor about durability and shows a phone with its own built-in airbag. For the third, Samsung takes 3-sided display rumors and dreams up a phone with a twisting triangular shaped design.

Samsung Norway Galaxy S6 concepts

For the larger display rumor, Samsung reaches back to their flexible AMOLED concept device shown at CES a few years back, displaying blueprints for a phone that extends into the size of a tablet. Finally, rumors of an “all-glass” Galaxy S6 are dreamed up into a phone that look like glass-blown Wii-motes, complete with little circuitry housed inside.

It’s definitely an interesting approach to the numerous rumors that leak out ahead of a phone’s launch. We’re not sure where Samsung Norway was going with this, but don’t take this as much of a confirmation of anything as it their way of saying they’re confident the real thing will blow you away. Only 4 days and 19 hours left to go. Our bodies are ready.


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