Supposed leaked HTC One M9 renders pop up, and something’s not adding up



We were told not to expect the HTC One M8’s design to be repeated in HTC’s 2015 follow-up, but another new leak suggests we’ll be getting treated to a familiar face. Cyberport — a German retailer — posted a listing for the HTC One M9 with supposed renders of the device, and it looked just like the prototypes we’ve leaked in the past.

Renowned leak machine Evan Blass (@evleaks) quieted the noise about those early prototypes with renders of a brand new design, and he suggested HTC was seeding out decoy shells to public testers in an attempt to cover up the real deal. It’s odd, then, that this retailer would have official press renders of the original device depicted in a few different colors and angles.

The only plausible explanation we can think of is HTC’s sending decoy placeholder images for careless retailers to use in case any of them happen to slip up ahead of the company’s March 1st reveal date. Says Evan Blass on the latest leak:

If the Cyberport images were genuine, doesn’t it seem likely that HTC would have had them pulled down by now?

He has a good point… and they have pulled them down as of the time of this writing. Whether that says these are decoy renders remains to be answered. The only sure thing we know is that we don’t know anything for sure, and it’s likely going to stay that way until HTC makes everything official.

[via MobileGeeks]

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  1. Well, I guess no M9 for me. Had the M7 and have the M8, I need change in my life

    1. youll b bac

      1. then get the new Ubuntu phone when it comes out. Big change that.

    2. Iphone? Lol jk

  2. Patience young padawan. In time, it will reveal itself.

    1. i’m with you….i’m going to just be patient

    2. Front-facing speakers with minimal bezel can be done. Dunno what’s wrong with HTC. So much bezel… so much…

  3. if that rumor about Samsung incorporating front facing speakers is true, its going to be a freaking bloodbath.

  4. Hmmmmm, All the HTC fanboys that are normally Flooding Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Post seem to be a little quiet :)

    1. Err no because everyone that know anything know that those pictures are way off.

    2. We’re quietly lurking.

      1. Stalker

      2. Yes yes we are..

    3. man get outta hea, yall metal on the S6 gonna be cheap anyway

      1. There you areeeeee!!!! lol

        1. lmao, what can i say, you cast the bate, and i bit

      2. So the aluminum can metal on the m8 isn’t cheap? There’s a reason they use them for soda cans.

        1. I know , and Samsung decided to join the soda club, except there’s will feel like foil paper

  5. Thank you, you are the only website that said this. Many site just say it is the official rendering. Now the silver color one is off because it has a gold front and gold side but with a silver back. The other decoy in the older leak also have a silver back but with black strips and not white.

  6. I just don’t see any possible way this is the final product.. Even Jeff Gordon, not the driver, is extremely excited about this launch, way more than the M8. This whole ruse was to throw everyone off the scent and it is working perfectly. I bet you a can of tuna that the picture posted by @evleaks is the correct one and that will be fantastic. **Crossing fingers**

  7. I love my M8 so if the M9 looks basically the same but has more advanced features I am fine with that. I don’t need radically different designs all the time to be satisfied.

  8. Yea I’m having a hard time believing this is the final product. It seems off (aside from the square camera) based on everything we’ve heard & seen. If this is final though, I’ll probably be looking towards the G4 when that comes out. Unless Samsung does something amazing. I can’t wait to do d out next week though – I wanna know now!

  9. This will definitely not be the final product. I mean… look at it. Its the same damn devices. Nah… we will be in for a real treat come March 1st… you can bet my ass on it…. that’s right, my ass.

      1. heeeeeyheeeey, whats goin on chris, hows it goin

        1. Yooooo. Already packing for my trip to Barcelona for MWC. Leaving this Friday!

          1. awe man, only if i could experience MWC, but have fun out thea bud, i will be tuning in live for the announcements drinking a 6 pack of coors light

          2. Safe travels. S6 and HTC One M9, huge day March 1st.

          3. Can’t think of Anybody more qualified that I would want to hear the Actual truthful news on the M9 than you Chris. You appreciate the “0ne” series, as much as I do. :)

          4. That just made me cry!

  10. I think we should just ignore One M9 info at this point. The official announcement is less than a week away, and all these rumors have been just one big merry go round.

    1. Yeah, it’s fun…… to some degree and it starts to wear off about now. IF the real leaks are going to hit, I bet they will this week though.

  11. Is it possible this is that HTC M8i that is supposed to be announced soon?

  12. Meh… I like the duo camera and am sad to see it go. I think I’ll be skipping this generation. Haven’t done that since the S2.

    At least I’ll be saving money. LoL!!

  13. While I do hope there are more extreme differences… even if this is the M9, I’m gonna get it anyway. I didn’t have the M7 so I’m not tired of the design yet, I still admire it. But I’d be sad that I came back to HTC and have them keep the same design for years like Samsung.

  14. Oh well, it will be announced very soon.

  15. If this is the M9 (I have owned the M7 since launch), and the S6 is as radically redesigned as the leaks suggest, Samsung is going to eat HTC alive this year.

  16. I saw this exact phone yesterday at the Tampa airport. A guy was using it, with the sticker on the back with an internal serial number for testing on it. Talked with him for about 5 minutes about it, he said it was the M9. He wouldn’t let me hold it but he did show me the about screen with it running 5.0.2. I pulled my nexus 6 out to snap a few pics and he said that i couldn’t and put it in his pocket. He said to expect it on sale before March is over

    1. So did it look like this picture or like the other ones with the smaller speakers and camera in the center at the top??

      1. Just like these, it was the silver.

        1. Ah man… I was really hoping for the other one. Hopefully they make up for so little change in design with some good features.

          1. Its much different. Just look up Spigen M9 case. Shows the new speaker design and no camera on the right side, so it has to be dead center on the front.

          2. While it is true we can’t be sure what deltako said is true, you can’t be sure either. Stop spreading misinformation.

            All the images we have seen point to the phone above. Your latching onto 1 render.

          3. All images have been of the same phone, one that HTC has already said is a dummy case. Spigen wouldnt actually make a case for a non existent phone. Its not just an image, its on their product page. Whos clinging to what now ?

    2. The Spigen Case seems to prove these renders are false, so id say youre wrong. Besides HTC already said theyve been testing in dummy units.

  17. BAM!! And just like that random Spigen Case ad with the M9. Yea, these leaks aren’t adding up.

    1. It looks like the speaker grills are below the logo when you zoom in.

    2. This is more like what I hope it looks like with the speakers and a narrower bezel all the way around.

  18. Guys go to spigens website why would they show the m9, with that front if it wasn’t true

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