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We were told not to expect the HTC One M8’s design to be repeated in HTC’s 2015 follow-up, but another new leak suggests we’ll be getting treated to a familiar face. Cyberport — a German retailer — posted a listing for the HTC One M9 with supposed renders of the device, and it looked just like the prototypes we’ve leaked in the past.

Renowned leak machine Evan Blass (@evleaks) quieted the noise about those early prototypes with renders of a brand new design, and he suggested HTC was seeding out decoy shells to public testers in an attempt to cover up the real deal. It’s odd, then, that this retailer would have official press renders of the original device depicted in a few different colors and angles.

The only plausible explanation we can think of is HTC’s sending decoy placeholder images for careless retailers to use in case any of them happen to slip up ahead of the company’s March 1st reveal date. Says Evan Blass on the latest leak:

If the Cyberport images were genuine, doesn’t it seem likely that HTC would have had them pulled down by now?

He has a good point… and they have pulled them down as of the time of this writing. Whether that says these are decoy renders remains to be answered. The only sure thing we know is that we don’t know anything for sure, and it’s likely going to stay that way until HTC makes everything official.

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