Your last chance to enter to win a OnePlus One from


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You know you want a OnePlus One, we know you want a OnePlus One, and only a few hours remain for you to enter for a chance to win a OnePlus One from All you need to do is throw your email address in the hat and you will be part of a random drawing to determine who is taking home one of the hottest Android handsets of last year.

Enter to win a OnePlus One from

The OnePlus One has been notoriously hard to come by. Only until recently potential buyers had to first secure an invite for the honor to do so. Well, no invite is needed here. Just click on over to

You can only enter under one email address, but you can increase your odds by giving others a heads up via your social networks. The more friends and followers you get to answer, the better the chance you will be tweeting them from a brand new OnePlus One.

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  1. I will come mow grass for a 2 months if my name is picked

  2. Uhm … dumb question: who won? o.O

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