HTC One M8 receiving Android 5.0.1 Lollipop in Canada starting tomorrow [UPDATE]


HTC One M8 DSC06660

It’s a good day for owners of last year’s flagship devices. Not too long after the Samsung Galaxy S5 received Lollipop on Verizon, it now appears T-Mobile has begun rolling out Android 5.0.1 for the HTC One M8.

From the reports we’ve been seeing, it doesn’t sound like it’s a very broad rollout (oddly enough, we still haven’t received it on our device). But apparently some people out there are receiving it, which, at the very least, means we should be expecting it in the very near future.

TMobile HTC One M8 Android 5.0.1 Lollipop update

Here’s the really weird part: according to HTC’s software update page, T-Mobile’s Lollipop update for the HTC One M8 is still in the 2nd stage of integration, still missing certification and completion stages. It’s entirely possible HTC is just late at updating the page (we’ve seen this in the past) or perhaps these reports are lonely Android users just trolling us honest folk.

UPDATE: As brought to our attention by @Behold_this, both of the HTC One M8 owners posting screenshots may have gotten their devices mixed up (or are purposely trolling). Although the software number is blacked out, T-Mobile ROMs look like “x.xx.531.x” while Developer edition ROMs go by “x.xx.1540.x.” Not cool.

Canadian HTC One M8

For HTC One M8 owners to the north of us, we have direct confirmation from HTC Product Manager Mo Versi that HTC has now received technical approval for Lollipop on both Rogers and Telus, and that a rollout in Canada will begin tomorrow. No trolling this time.

[Twitter | Images: Reddit]

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  1. Y’all are gonna get tired of me, because I’m gonna keep crying about how these devices are getting lollipop before my AT&T moto x 2014

  2. I’ll be keeping a Close eye on my beloved T-Mobile htc M8 tonight…. thanks for the heads up Chris.

  3. Finally

  4. Still waiting on mine!

  5. Meanwhile, Samsung is just jerking off in a corner and not giving much attention to their consumers.

    1. Unless you are completely ignoring the fact it’s out on the S5 on one major carrier, and the biggest one (Verizon), then sure. Turns out, that puts HTC way behind. T-Mobile is #4 :-/

      1. The HTC update has been out, waiting on carriers. Why did Verizon, with about a third of the US subscribers, not get it out yet?

      2. Samsung having the VZW S5 w/ Lollipop is an anomaly and still doesn’t care enough to get the Note 4 its long awaited update. Nobody really asked for VR on the Note 4.

  6. I’m cool on Kitkat until Xposed supports it. =p

    1. LoL!! I used to be that way, but there aren’t any modules I use anymore that isn’t built into the ROMs or Lollipop. Like Lollipop changes the status bar to match Google apps and ROMs have built in support for no password when using Exchange. I don’t have any need for Xposed anymore. And I’m shocked.

      Well, that was when I was running a lollipop ROM before downgrading from GPe back to Sense.

      1. Hah, yeah, I’m an Xposed junkie. There’s several modules I use that I doubt I could find in a custom ROM (that I’m already running too); Chromepie (big one), Amplify, Sense Tools, Notify Clean, Youtube Adaway, No lock home, sense 6 lockscreen modes, etc.

        I might try it out though just to see if I can get by without them. But I’m almost sure I’ll miss it. =(

      2. Rooting and slapping on ROMs died when I got the M8

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