Tinder’s new paid features will officially arrive in the US next month with ‘undo’ button and location change


Tinder Plus

If you were curious on exactly how the popular dating app Tinder would monetize their business, the long awaited paid version of the app is said to be arriving next month. The changelog for the update — which will give paying customers the ability to undo their last swipe, or change their location to potentially chat it up with anyone in the world (not just their current location) — prematurely went live in the latest iOS update, but was later retracted.

Tinder told TechCrunch that the update is scheduled to go live mid-to-late March in the US and is already being tested in select markets around the globe. This is why the Google Play Store shows an old changelog for a previous update that introduced this functionality back in version 4.0.1 with in-app pricing ranging from 99 cents, to $20 an item.

According to Tinder, pricing is still being worked on so exactly how much these features will cost when they’re officially rolled out is anyone’s guess. There’s also talk of Tinder testing a liking cap in the UK that limits the amount of likes you can swipe out in a given amount of time (the cap would be removed in the paid version). Check out the new paid features in action via Tinder’s new promo video below.

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  1. One night standers rejoice

    1. Pretty sure hooking up with Tinder matches is often seen as sleazy and dangerous.

      1. Really? whenever I actually agree to meet the dude somewhere he can never settle on a place. He usually just outright says “my apt” or continually wants more pictures….

        Which honestly? I don’t get dudes. It’s like they want girlfriends but they don’t want girlfriends? They want a free hooker, 99% of the time, or at least that’s what it seems like.

        1. So damn true. More like a free and easy hookup (hookers cost money).

        2. Tinder pretty much started as a hook-up/casual sex app, whether that was intended or not I don’t know, but that is how it became popular, but now it has a flood of users with different expectations I guess, but i would say guys definitely go to Tinder with expectations of sex, because “everyone has heard stories of tinder hookups”

          Anyway, if I was looking for dating you’re much better off with Okcupid or places like that, although thirsty guys will be everywhere.

        3. Does Tinder still require facebook? I guess I wouldnt mind hitting the dating scene again but I am not desparate enough to make a facebook account.

        4. Exactly. We want you around, just not around- Patrice O’neal

      2. Hence my sarcasm.

  2. Tinder seems to be a bunch of spam and bots nowadays. When I first started using it, I actually talked to real people. Granted most of the time it didnt go anywhere, I met one or two people off there. Now it just seems to be unusable.

  3. A paid option? So now you can just go straight to ordering a hooker?

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