50% off ZeroLemon’s bombproof 20,000mAh solar battery pack at



What if you could take advantage of green energy for nearly unlimited charging capabilities for your mobile device? Thanks to ZeroLemon you can. Thanks to, you can for only $49.99.

ZeroLemon SolarJuice battery for $49.99 at

ZeroLemon’s SolarJuice portable battery pack features 20,000mAh of portable power. That’s enough to charge even the biggest Android batteries 4 or 5 times over before needing to locate a power outlet. Actually, you won’t even need to find a power outlet because, as its name implies, the SolarJuice battery pack features a 1.2W monocrystalline solar panel for charging using the nature power of the sun.

The SolarJuice battery offers dual charging ports for simultaneous use with multiple devices, features indicator LEDs for keeping track of how much charge is left, and even includes an LED flashlight. But if that wasn’t enough, this battery pack also features bombproof design with resistance to shock and water.

It’s no wonder ZeroLemon normally charges $100 for the SolarJuice, but you can take advantage of 50% off through now. Might as well buy two at that price, right?

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  1. Anyone here have any experience with these and have a comment for or against? Thinking about buying one…

    1. They make great phone batteries if that helps.

  2. holy crap…I literally want one of these. How does this not cost an arm and a leg?

    1. Read the comment above you maybe that’s why lol no sarcasm intended

      1. psh knew there had to be SOMETHING. wtf

        1. But the reviews from amazon are really good

          1. i’m not sure what to do….i think amazon reviews are fake….but then again, the internet does not lie….what to do =

  3. It’d be ok as a battery pack (although expensive compared to alternatives), but the solar panel is way too undersized to recharge the battery within any reasonable period of time.

    This is the case for any similar device where the solar panel is the size of the battery.

    1. But if the battery is charged, then what does that matter. I think the best use for it would be to leave it to have sun access to keep it’s charge until it’s necessary to use. It’s certainly not trying to replace a fossil fuel power plant driven electrical grid.

  4. It really doesn’t matter how big the battery is, solar charges way too slow to be useful. A panel of that size will probably charge 10% even if you leave it under the sun for 24 hours. (that’s if you even get 24 hours of sun)

  5. I ordered this. Hopefully it’s not a mistake. I was looking for a power bank already. The ruggedness is worth it.

    About the Amazon reviews….I read those the other day, but for the 6000Mah charger. Seems they are very similar to the 20kMah.

  6. Bombproof, yeah, OK…

  7. Bought it. Looking forward to trying this thing out on extended backpacking trips where I use my Galaxy S3 as GPS, camera and mp3 player.

    I’ve had mixed results with ZeroLemon in the past — hoping for better results this time.

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