Spigen already has Galaxy S6 cases, shows subtle differences from their Galaxy S5 cases


Spigen Samsung Galaxy S6 Air Cushion Case

Just about every year popular case maker Spigen attempt to get a head start on big name flagships looking to be announced. Throwing up a case listing for such a popular search term (Samsung Galaxy S6 case) is sure to rank it higher in Google Search results, and is probably the reason why they’re already throwing up a listings for their Samsung Galaxy S6 cases.

The phones in the listings look nearly identical to the Samsung Galaxy S5 and doesn’t quite line up with what we’ve been hearing about this “new” Galaxy S6 (new materials, new design). Not even HTC would be that ballsy. Oh, and we’d hope those rumors of Samsung overhauling TouchWiz was a little more than an iOS clone (the phone in the placeholder is running iOS 8). That’s just another lawsuit waiting to happen. But stay with us here…

Samsung Galaxy S6 case vs S5

Spigen’s Galaxy S6 case (left) vs the S5 version (right)

In all likelihood, the case itself is made for the Galaxy S6 (notice how there’s no back speaker hole and the different placement of the fingerprint/LED flash). Often times case manufacturers receive dummy units or “CAD files” about 2-4 weeks before a new phone’s launch (6 if they’re really lucky). These are typically generic 3D renders which don’t always reveal the finer details of a phone (just the shape), which is why Spigen appears to have defaulted to the look of the Galaxy S5.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is expected to officially be unveiled during this year’s Mobile World Congress in March, and will go head-to-head with the HTC One M9. We can’t wait.


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  1. Spigen has had a good track record with confirming the overall design (obviously not the materials) of their “leaks,” and it does confirm that Samsung is doing something to improve the S6, which is the removal of the back speaker. My guess is that it may be side-facing speakers like the iPhone’s (huehuehue). But if they’re smart, they’ll make it front facing.

    The S6 better be a good re-design for the design and software, because it’s starting to look like their only worthy device (imo) is the Note series. HTC might finally get close the sales of the S6 with their M9 this year if the S6 turns out to be the same bandaid-looking device as the S5.

    1. Good catch on the speaker

      1. It also says it right in the article… lol

    2. They make it front I might be considering them this year

    3. My guess is it will have the speaker port on the bottom such as in the Alpha. I’m hoping for dual speakers, but you know how hope and Samsung S phones go together, not very well…

    4. It seems unlikely that the speakers will be front facing. The Galaxy S6 will most likely still have a physical button/fingerprint scanner, which would prevent the inclusion of a front speaker along the bottom bezel.

  2. Stupid S6. QCOM dropped like 10% today.

    1. You an investor?

      1. Yes sir.

  3. I really hope they’re not bringing the bandaid again.

    1. I’d take a bandaid over a breakable glass back that can’t be removed any day. However I’d personally prefer a rubberized removable backplate like the coating on motorola phones backsides.

  4. They might be concerned with our thoughts if they didn’t have such a strong fan base. Lot’s of people love Samsung’s crap. I had an S3 and have no love for Touch Wiz and the crap app eco system. Their extras do nothing to improve and lots to detract IMO.

  5. Assuming this is an accurate look at the hardware layout, it looks like it will be waterproof if the bottom opening is anything to go by. Not something I really care about, but it’s nice to have I suppose. So no radical change to the fundamental design or redesigned home button, but I’m fine with that (the side bezels look a bit big though…). I’m getting it as long as the specifications are good and it has a removable battery/microSD slot along with the home button.

  6. Nothing to see here, move along!… Wow, 2015 and this what they come up with.. Let’s see that g4 please.

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