Jan 29th, 2015

Spigen Samsung Galaxy S6 Air Cushion Case

Just about every year popular case maker Spigen attempt to get a head start on big name flagships looking to be announced. Throwing up a case listing for such a popular search term ( Samsung Galaxy S6 case) is sure to rank it higher in Google Search results, and is probably the reason why they’re already throwing up a listings for their Samsung Galaxy S6 cases.

The phones in the listings look nearly identical to the Samsung Galaxy S5 and doesn’t quite line up with what we’ve been hearing about this “new” Galaxy S6 (new materials, new design). Not even HTC would be that ballsy. Oh, and we’d hope those rumors of Samsung overhauling TouchWiz was a little more than an iOS clone (the phone in the placeholder is running iOS 8). That’s just another lawsuit waiting to happen. But stay with us here…

Samsung Galaxy S6 case vs S5

Spigen’s Galaxy S6 case (left) vs the S5 version (right)

In all likelihood, the case itself is made for the Galaxy S6 (notice how there’s no back speaker hole and the different placement of the fingerprint/LED flash). Often times case manufacturers receive dummy units or “CAD files” about 2-4 weeks before a new phone’s launch (6 if they’re really lucky). These are typically generic 3D renders which don’t always reveal the finer details of a phone (just the shape), which is why Spigen appears to have defaulted to the look of the Galaxy S5.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is expected to officially be unveiled during this year’s Mobile World Congress in March, and will go head-to-head with the HTC One M9. We can’t wait.


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