Samsung could unbundle most apps from TouchWiz on the Samsung Galaxy S6 [REPORT]


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We’ve long begged Samsung to tone down on TouchWiz and make the user experience feel less bloated, and there’s a really good chance of that happening for the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S6. We’d already heard reports that Samsung was looking to go with a more “Nexus-like” user experience for TouchWiz, though we weren’t exactly sure what to expect.

According to SamMobile, Samsung will take their cues from Motorola and HTC and look to unbundle any app that can be made into a standalone app that exists only in the Google Play store. We imagine this covers a wide range of Samsung’s usual suspects such as S Voice, Samsung’s music app and more. The belief is that the apps will be installable or uninstallable at the will of the user, though there’s a chance that this move is being made more to facilitate easier updates for core features.

Unfortunately the details are still very unclear and we won’t know more until more substantial leaks come out or until Samsung reveals the details for themselves, whichever comes first. Regardless, the fact that multiple independent sources have corroborated Samsung’s desire to slim TouchWiz down already gives us hope that the Samsung Galaxy S6 will be the most desirable option yet from the company’s flagship smartphone lineup.

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  1. I’m not waiting for the S6. They could do this for a software update for current devices. Ridiculous.

    1. Hopefully they will.
      – Note 2 owner

      1. Doubt it for the Note 2. Talking about a 2.5 yr old device. If it were Apple or Google, they would give some support to those types of devices, but it’s Samsung instead.

  2. Imagine a world where all phones were pure android experience and had timely OS updates and manufacturer customization on top of android came in the form of optional launchers and other applications! Wouldn’t that be glorious! *Wakes Up* Damn!

    1. You mean like the OnePlus One? With a theme store and tons of customization options, all tucked away in the settings?

      1. Except the other manufacturers have beaten OPO to Lollipop updates. But otherwise yeah.

        1. Blame CyanogenMod. OPO is making their own stock-based ROM.

    2. I have a Note 4, which I love, and mostly because of TW. If I wanted just a vanilla OS I’d rather go with Blackberry or Apple.

  3. This should be a standard option for every phone. I really don’t like it that you can’t uninstall a lot of the Google Apps. Why force people to keep apps on their phone that the will never use?

  4. Finally

  5. One App, Samsung Apps and all these damn features and alps are downloadable from the Samsung app

    1. One app to rule them all, one app to find them, one app to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

    2. Samsung’s App Store needs to go. They need to put all of their apps in Play so they can be with every other app offered on Android. Forget having multiple stores.

      1. I wouldn’t mind that but it looks as if Samsung won’t allow that. Moving them to the party store is fine. As long as all their apps is downloadable from one app.
        * Nothing comes pre-install

      2. Believe it or not. The play store is still not available in a some parts of the world. While we tend to think the world focuses on us, there are a lot of people without Google access. For them the Samsung app store is a must. That’s the real reason for the Samsung app store.

  6. I’ll believe it when I see it.

  7. How about this? We decide with a digital petition that Android is left pure. If any OEM want specialized features added, then the consumer downloads the feature at his/her discretion. Carriers will not be allowed to add any bloatware or Google will deny the sale of Android products. Pow. Right in the breadbasket.

  8. Well, this is all already possible with root.

    So to me, not much real value there. The real value, in toning down TW, is toning down how much of the interface they jack with with pieces of TW. But app removal, I can and do do that already once rooted.

    1. The point is, you shouldn’t have to root

      1. Well, he is the root man!!

  9. Doesn’t affect me because I always root my phone. You know what does affect me? Bottom and rear speakers that are crappy for the speakerphone, gps and gaming (with the added bonus of being energy wasting). Get your poop in a group sammy!!

  10. Well, we have 700$ phones available from carriers with basically 0$ down, that’s like complaining that you have to keep full coverage on a car you finance. So if this actually happens on an AT&T or Verizon S6, I will be very surprised.

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