You won’t believe the horrible passwords people used in 2014



We always talk abut the importance of using good passwords, but despite security advocates’ best efforts most people will always use something that’s just as easy to remember as they are to guess. SplashData has released its year-in report to give us a look at the worse and most widely used passwords in 2014 and, well, the list is just downright sad. Here’s a quick highlight of the top 10:

  1. 123456
  2. password
  3. 12345
  4. 12345678
  5. qwerty
  6. 123456789
  7. 1234
  8. baseball
  9. dragon
  10. football

Some other choice passwords from the list beyond those? Batman, superman, trustno1, and — you guessed it — 696969. What’s most interesting about the report is that of the accounts which were compromised in 2014, only 2.2% of them had passwords like these.

That’s not quite enough to be alarming, but we imagine most people using passwords like these might not be the best targets for any real cyber attack anyway. If nothing else, let’s use this time of year as a reminder to change your passwords on your most important accounts (and not into something as ridiculously easy as what you see above).

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  1. I used one no one would ever guess I would use.. Obama

  2. I actually wouldn’t have guessed dragon

    1. Dragon…ball Z. Or was I the only one who finished that?

  3. My gf used to use household items (followed by numbers of course). Now she uses a random assortment of curse words and numbers.

    I use sentences, complete with spaces and punctuation. Seems solid enough?

    1. Not solid at all! Use a password manager …it’s the only way to go.

      1. Been using lastpass for a while, sooner or later I will let it set passwords for me.

        1. lasspass? like, for ladies? sign me up

          1. Err.. ahh…



        2. I been using 1Password for years. ..like 5

          1. And I’ve been using an encrypted flatfile for at least 10 years. Been meaning to switch to KeePass one of these days, but I’ve got a lot of clean up to do. wc -l says… 310 accounts.

          2. I hear ya. Staying secure is hard.

        1. I use as long as I can for sites. A database of words a computer can use to guess sentences just like letters/symbols and special characters.

    2. Oh my god please marry that woman Chris

    3. How do you get past the login screen without 6 typos every time, Chris?

  4. I don’t believe it!

  5. 12345! I use the same combination on my luggage!!!

    1. Prepare Spaceball 1 for immediate departure! And change the combination on my luggage!

  6. my new password is….
    “the posts here on phandroid are going down hill fast”

    And since you should not use the same password for every site i’m going to also use…
    “please get rid of the stupid recommended for you section that keeps recommending articles that i have already read”

    Speaking of the recommended for you sections…it’s currently recommending a post about dildroid from 2009 which of course I already read back in 2009 the day it was posted.

    1. Ugh!! If I had a password for every site…

      I have two weak passwords, two semi strong passwords and one uber strong password.

      Guess that’s good enough.

      1. It’s not.

      2. it is. barely anyone actually gets hacked.

  7. i have maybe 3 total passwords. been fine so far. I see no reason to change.

  8. Yeeessss one of mine made it to #5…..its for clocking in at work so if u hack me and wanna clock me early please go right ahead lol

  9. Seriously?? How stupi..ready heres a movie trivia
    THE TOP PASSWORDs IS God Sex and Love!

  10. My password is usually my first MacBook model number :p

  11. My twitter got hacked so many times that I made my password a whole sentence… Haven’t gotten hacked since… (it’s been like a year)

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