Grab the original electric blue HTC One (M7) for only $200 off contract


HTC One blue 2

With more and more Android users moving away from contracts and onto cheaper pre/post-paid plans like those offered on T-Mobile, it’s important to find solid devices on the cheap.

Right now, Best Buy is offering up their exclusive electric blue HTC One (M7) for only $200 full price. No contracts. No subsidies. Just the OG M7 that still runs like a champ and is scheduled to receive Android 5.0 Lollipop in the coming weeks.

Blue HTC One Best Buy

The phone still offers some pretty great specs: 1080p display, super loud stereo front facing speakers, 2GB of RAM and HTC’s full suite of apps. For $200, the next comparable phone would be something like the Motorola Moto G. Trust us, stick with the One.

Just throw a Straight Talk or Cricket SIM inside and save beaucoup bucks. Links for the Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint models can be found below.

Blue HTC One M7 $200 at Best Buy: Verizon | AT&T | Sprint

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  1. Dumb question, but will there be any problems/downsides with putting a T-Mobile SIM card into this phone? I only ask because the page has AT&T all over it, but the phone itself doesn’t appear to be branded.

    1. just click the tmobile option. You can choose for what carrier once on the page.

      1. Maybe I’m just blind, but I can’t find that option. Seems to be only AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint.

        1. Best Buy doesn’t sell T-Mobile phones, so if you’re looking to use this on AT&T, you’ll need to unlock it, but even then it wont fully support T-Mobile’s network (missing 1700 3G/LTE bands or whatever).

          1. In that case, then why say throw a T-Mobile Sim card in it then if it won’t fully support its network? Makes no sense

          2. Ah, what I meant was Cricket. *Post updated.

  2. I’m still rocking this phone. Almost went for the m8 (day 1) but decided to wait for the m9 cause my M7 felt like it had plenty of horse power.

    1. It really does. Gave mine to my cousin and played with it the other day. Still nice and snappy.

  3. I had mine, got it from best buy, sold it and got the M8

  4. Just bought my wife a new moto x in Dec. Wish I had waited. I could have saved a few hundred. Oh well, she is happy.

  5. Hope this is a sign of things to come. $650+ for these phones are way too much of a mark up.

    1. All HTC phones should be $250-$500 once released. Why they think people will pay $650+ for them is beyond me, and they didn’t sell well the M7 or the M8. No phone should be $650+ for that matter.

  6. I loved that phone , paid a little over 600 new , I now have the M8 if I didn’t already have 3 phones I would definitely buy this one , that’s a steal in my opinion , helluva deal.

  7. Are you sure it’s contract free? I click the AT&T link and scroll down and I see all kinds of bad words like activation, $20/month minimum, ETF.

    1. change the option to buy it outright.

  8. Looks like it is not contract free.

  9. Ordered one. No contract stuff. Paid a little over $200 after taxes. Maybe all that contract stuff you guys are seeing is just mandatory disclaimer type of stuff. This is real, and a good deal. Ordered for my gf who has been rocking my old One S and now she’s getting a new One (m7 of course). She’s been wanting something new and almost got a moto g…then this beast comes along. Thanks, phandroid!

    1. I hope it works out for you. But today when I click the link it says $199 with 2-year contract extension.

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