Report: Samsung Galaxy S6 to be unveiled next month with 2 variants and smartwatch


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Not that we didn’t already hear murmurings of Samsung’s plans for Mobile World Congress, but another report suggests Samsung will look to bring more than just one big device to the show. Alongside the metal-built Samsung Galaxy S6 we’re expecting, Samsung is also expected to introduce a version of the Samsung Galaxy S6 with a curved display, ala the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge.

If you haven’t read our Note Edge review, that device uses the curved portion of the display to independently show notifications, information and mini apps that the user can use alongside the main viewing area of the display. It’s a bit of a novelty feature right now, but it’s something Samsung seems committed to testing to see if there’s a real market interest for it.

Alongside the phones, they will also reportedly be toting a smart watch. While today’s report doesn’t suggest any details about that watch in particular, a rumor from last week says to expect Samsung’s first circular smart watch.

Unfortunately that report also told us to expect Tizen instead of Android Wear, so unless you own a Samsung phone and don’t mind using Samsung’s operating system instead of Google’s then it probably won’t be the most exciting announcement. Regardless, it’ll all be very interesting and you can bet we’ll be tuned in once all the mobile tech giants converge on Berlin next month.

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  1. I had a feeling they were going to do this. I’m guessing that one will be all metal, while the other will have a removable back cover.

    1. I bet the one with the edge display will not be metal while the non-edge version will be metal like the Alpha line.

    2. Put a end to MWC now nothing else will matter rest assure on that. #SamsungKnights will be there.

      1. Someone doesn’t understand that the world is bigger than Samsung… Get a life

        1. Get an income so you can buy a legitimate handset.

          1. Lol.. man you be killing these dudes softly

          2. What you consider a “legitimate handset” is only the Note 4 or Note Edge, and I don’t like either of those phones, so no thank you.

      2. That’s why Samsung’s profits are steeply declining. Even after the Note 4.

        1. That’s why SAMSUNG profits are still three to four times more than the closet android manufacturer. Samsung can still lose revenue which turns out to be more than what the rest of the Android platform makes that’s the biggest joke.

          1. Big whoop. Declining profits are still declining profits. Also, if Samsung were sooo great, their profits wouldn’t have to decline at all.

          2. You’re talking about the past man. Yeah Samsung helped Android rise and Samsung used to be a titan. Last year was only their beginning of their decline and its only going to continue until they actually start putting out modern phones again. The only thing they’re up to date on is performance specs.

  2. I would love to see a smart watch with a curved display like the gear S but running Android wear instead of Tizen . Not likely to happen though.

    1. I’d buy a Gear S with Android Wear in a heartbeat.

  3. Hopefully one will have the Note 4 hardware and the other the Galaxy Alpha design/size.

    1. I bet the Alpha style design on the S6 is a sure thing. Lock it in.

      Now, what the rest of the phone specs will be… that is what I am pumped to read about as this “Project Zero” – implying amazing new things – better come out swinging on the S6 or they are in real trouble as the Alpha line is not going to carry them.

      Personally, I would love to see an e-ink back over an edge display, but no chance in that. Just saying of the 2 gimmicks, the e-ink back from a Yota seems to have way more useful value.

  4. Tizen? people arent even buying Windows phones….why in the world would they want a watch with an operating system with a stupid name? Might as well call it Fizail

    1. Touchwiz sounds dumb to me, but look how many people are buying that. Still, the OS itself of Tizen is not all that good from what they’ve shown so far.

      1. I just watched a video on YouTube and its no good at all. I’m not sure what they are doing but this is not a solution to their issues.

        1. Tizen on a smartwatch isn’t bad at all – the battery life kicks the crap out of Android wear (3 to 5 days depending on usage) – the only thing it’s missing is Google services. If I still had a Samsung phone, I would still wear my Gear 2 Neo from time to time.

          1. See, that’s the flaw with Tizen watches… they require a Samsung phone. Vendor lock-in is never a good thing.

      2. Nobody buys Touchwiz, the get it forced upon them.

        They buy a “Galaxy”.

        1. This⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆

        2. Preach

      3. Are you serious man ? Tizen looking real good from the TV to the watches, now if they get it right for the phones we may just have a good competitor in a few years especially if developers get on board

  5. Samsung is dead to me until I see a front facing speaker.

    1. Then you better keep wearing your veil and black cloths.

  6. Can we just all agree about how sh**ty pretty much every new phone is?

  7. Not sure why all the Tizen hate…
    I have had my Galaxy Gear 2 since it came out, the features and battery life are still better than that of any Android Wear device I have seen. I was skeptical to when they first came out but still love mine! 3-5 Days battery life and any watch band I want. Been asked many times what type of watch it was and how nice it is.

    1. Probably because you have to have a compatible samsung phone, vs Android wear that works on any Android phone (as long as it has the compatible Android OS)

    2. because you’re then stuck to Sansung phones

    3. If Tizen watches worked with any Android phone, that’d be fine. But it requires a Samsung phone (and even some Samsung phones aren’t supported).

  8. They’ll need to blow me away to keep my business after 9 months with the S5.

    1. Care to go into detail?

      1. Sure…

        Touchwiz sucks (can’t root, work phone). The UI is laggy every now and then, two worst offenders are opening the gallery (3-4 seconds), and turning the phone on. When I turn the phone one, it almost never recognizes my first pin entry due to lag, so I either have to wait to enter my pin, or redo it.

        Fingerprint scanner is useless. If I really work at and commit to it, I can get it to work about half the time, and that’s training myself how to make it work, when it should work effortlessly. I use the pin instead…

        Terrible build quality, the charge port door is already loose and won’t close all the way, which completely negates one of the phone’s best features, the water resistance.

        The painted metallic plastic band is wearing badly, like you’d expect painted metallic plastic to wear.

        Rear facing speakers (need I say more?)

        Can’t set google calendar to default, so my awesome HD widget only uses the touchwiz calendar.

        And that’s all off the top of my head.

        1. Never heard of an S line Samsung that was not rootable. I have rooted several, but not an S5 I admit (S3 and 4), but my research shows an S5 is rootable so what does “can’t root” mean?

          1. It’s a work phone, they don’t permit rooting.

          2. Then why would you put that as a con? Also is it work phone that has basically two profiles on it?

          3. I was saying that touchwiz sucks as a con, not that can’t root as a con. Come on, read more than the first three words.

          4. If I didn’t read more than the first 3 words how would a know you made a list smart guy? I’m using the note 4 and I made google calender my default with Google now and everybody else that accesses it. As far as I know that aspect is the same on the s5

          5. Well then I can’t explain why you thought I was saying it was unrootable as a con. I’m talking about phone defaults, not google now. There’s no where on the S5 to set calendar defaults (it’s not on the list of default applications), and that’s what widgets use. I’m glad you disagree with my list for your Note 4, I’m using and talking about the S5.

          6. How are you accessing the calender? Directly or through an app? If the latter, unless you’ve already set a default calender app for that other app you should get the option to always open that calender over another. If you aren’t then the other app (non calender) is poorly code. Regardless of whether Im on the n4 or not that remains the same. How are you doing it exactly?

          7. Technically, as it sits, my AT&T GS5 can’t be rooted because the guy who developed the application to root it no longer supports it, IE: went to work with either Google or Samsung (I forget). And since it was updated to the newest version before I bought it, his tool is useless.

  9. Happy new year….

  10. If people hate touchwiz so much either don’t buy Samsung or just root the damn phone and put a clean rom on it. All the bitching is getting old. Although, coming from the nexus 5 to the note 4 the latest iteration seems to be pretty fluid even with all that 4k video on my internal storage.

    1. Hipsters love to hate on TW as if it’s running Android Doughnut on it.

      1. First time a HEat fan says something cool

        1. That profile pic, though. Somebody probably stabbed that lady’s baby or something.

      2. No, hipsters love to hate on you liking anything that’s remotely mainstream and also if you like what they like. They do that because their individuality and sense of self is destroyed when they’re no longer on the fringes of society but still close enough to it to criticise it on everything they can think of.

        1. Samsung is the definition of mainstream. It’s the biggest Android OEM whether you like it or not.

          1. And? What’s your point?

    2. because the skin isnt the only thing that differentiates a phone. For me, the gs5 was perfect on paper, decent sized battery, water resistance and a nice camera. I just didnt like the UI and home button. I also looked at the M8 and loved the design and liked the UI but the camera wasnt good and battery was smaller than what Id hope. Also, not everyone wants to root, and sometimes putting on custom roms takes away nice aspects of the phone, like camera quality.

      1. U say battery is not what you hoped for, all uuu seen was size huh, did you ever research the life of a charge on the M8 compared to Samsung and seen how M8 last longer than Samsung in alot of areas

        1. Yes i was referring specifically to its size. I understand that the m8 battery was good when it launched. But with a non replaceable battery will it be just as good 18 months down the line? I think thats a valid concern.

          1. It is if it was using Li-ion like Samsung, its already been said that Li-po type has a better degrading period than li-ion 18months is no issue for HTC batteries, I know this

        2. I dont mind non replaceable batteries but i was hoping for atleast 3000mah in it if it was going to be nonreplaceable. Not that my decision was based solely on battery it was a combination of questionable size and the camera. But im looking forward to seeing what the m9 is packing.

        3. Lost longer than the s5 ?.. dude where the hell u get that from ?? U must’ve researching you draw are something

          1. I get that from tech sites, I bet yo ass never did research , you prolly just flocked to the galaxy like a dam sheep, get out of hea you Lamb

          2. That was not a tech site you were watching dude. that site is for farmers on how to grow potato and not produce crap!! But u sure find a way lol.. the s5 better on battery in every way and I’m not even including its power saving features that works wonders. My comment is all the tech site you’ll ever need, now sit your ass down and pay attention kid.

          3. Jamboy300 don’t jump in the pool if you can’t swim potna, because you obviously dont know Shhhhhh! I wont even curse, but I will say I know the difference between a root and a phone, and your comment so stupid it makes my eyes water looking at it, makes me wonder how can anybody be so stupid, I told you, get out of here you Lamb… And if u got internet at home and not borrowing someone else’s , do a more research, you might learn something

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