Samsung Galaxy A7 is officially metal and officially thin



Samsung’s continuing their trend of metal-clad goodness as the company has announced another new smartphone this morning. It’s the Samsung Galaxy A7, a phone which is being billed as Samsung’s thinnest yet, and does so with a nice metal unibody casing.

The device joins the Samsung Galaxy A5 and Samsung Galaxy A3 to round out a trio of teasers for what Samsung’s dreaming up for their first 2015 flagship (which is expected to be revealed at next month’s Mobile World Congress). Let’s jump right into the nuts and bolts:

  • 5.5-inch HD Super AMOLED display (resolution not listed)
  • Octacore 1.8GHz – 1.3GHz chipset for LTE version, Octacore 1.5GHz – 1.0GHz for LTE/3G Dual-SIM
  • 2GB of RAM, 16GB internal storage, MicroSD up to 64GB
  • 13 megapixel camera w/ 5.0 megapixel front camera
  • 2,600mAh battery, Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi N, aGPS w/ GLONASS and NFC (only for LTE version)
  • 151 x 76.2 x 6.3mm, 141g
  • Android 4.4 KitKat

Samsung’s calling it the ultimate social phone, likely due to the front camera’s wide-angle selfie-appropriate lens. Other than that there isn’t much special going on here software-wise — it’s TouchWiz on top of KitKat, and we’re sure it’s soon to see Lollipop.

The star of this show is that stunningly thin metal build, and if this is a sign of things to come we can’t imagine anyone will opt to argue. No word on pricing or availability just yet, but we’re sure that info will be coming along shortly.

[via Samsung]

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  1. And it’s UN-officially an iPhone 5s clone with sharper corners.

  2. It looks like the bastard offspring of a Galaxy S3 and and iPhone 5s

  3. What’s up with that battery?

    1. It’s entombed. Small price to pay for a ‘premium’ metal unibody, yeah?

    2. Thank the iPhone for that.. clearly there are folks who don’t care about battery size. *looks at iPhone user*

  4. I still don’t want a metal phone, especially when it means they have to seal the battery in there!

    Plastic is objectively better in just about every way VS “premium” metal: it’s more flexible, doesn’t scratch easily, doesn’t dent, doesn’t block radio waves, is cheaper, is lighter, doesn’t get cold, etc.

    Once we have a new battery tech that doesn’t degrade over time like Li-ion does I would definitely warm up to a sealed battery (but would still prefer polycarb to metal)

    1. You mean like HTC that uses Li-Po

    2. Agreed. The durability of the S5 is incredible. I would hate if they went with a metal design for the next iteration.

      1. Agreed, when passing on my old phone, just replace battery and back cover and its like new.

    3. on top of that, it’s thin and it’s shape doesn’t look very ergonomic, so looks very uncountable to hold

    4. I agree…my replacement OEM GS3 battery cover was only $5!!!!!!! #Winning

  5. I really wish Samsung would finally get rid of the home button on their phones….its honestly my only gripe when looking for upgrades. I always bypass any Samsung in the AT&T site. Literally since upgrading my Galaxy S2 and just looking at the S3 like, “ugh thats ugly”. I like the metal frame on this phone….and really dont mind the battery being sealed since by the time they go bad, i’m on a different phone anyways.

    1. I like the buttons actually. I’ve always disliked the ‘virtual’ buttons.

      1. I can totally respect that….it really took me a while to get used to the virtual buttons after leaving my S3 a few years ago. But I have loved them ever since and cant imagine going back. to each his own, right?

        1. That’s the thing with android, you get choices ;)
          Maybe it’s because my first smart phone was an iPhone, so I’m reassured by the familiar home button at the bottom lol.

          1. I had the Iphone 4 for a bit so I hear ya. I really looked into getting the 1+1 because you get the option of both. But I could not do it. I’m really interested in what the S6 or Note 5 will be….maybe both of best worlds some how.

          2. i dont care for physical home button either. They could also reduce lower bezel that much.

  6. This phone looks a lot like the old galaxy s2.

  7. What do you mean “resolution not listed”? Then what does “HD” stand for?

    1. HD= High Definition,…basically any resolution over Standard Definition..

      480p, 720i, 720p, 1080i,1080p, 2k, 4k, 8k……

      230ppi, 350ppi, 400ppi, 500+PPI…..

    2. Usually HD means 720p, and “Full HD” means 1080p, but as J Cav said, it sometimes used to refer to anything higher than standard definition (480i/p).

  8. This bodes well for the S6.. and that is all I care about.

  9. Is that the galaxy S2 yet again?!?!

  10. seeing this, should i wait to change my s4 for a galaxy s6 or just go ahead and buy the note 4? i really don’t know what to do

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