Jan 7th, 2015

Palm.com teaser

Last week we wrote about Palm being resurrected as an Android smartphone. Palm is now owned by the same people who make the Alcatel smartphones. The official Palm website started redirecting to a new teaser site recently, and now we have some official news on the future of this once great brand.

TCL Communications, the owner of the Palm brand, had this to say:

“We are interested in the brand because we believe the brand has value. It was once a very strong brand and there are many fans of this brand around the world, including people at TCL. Palm was an original pioneer and we want to keep it that way. We want to attract the people who have ideas on how to revive the brand in a meaningful way.”

So what is TCL going to do with the Palm name? They don’t know yet, but it will most likely involve Android. TCL is looking to the community for suggestions of what they want to see from the new Palm. They haven’t set up a way to submit ideas yet, but their vision is a “Palm built by the Palm community.” What do you want to see from the new Palm?

[via Phonescoop]

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