The new owners of Palm need your help to figure out what to do

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Last week we wrote about Palm being resurrected as an Android smartphone. Palm is now owned by the same people who make the Alcatel smartphones. The official Palm website started redirecting to a new teaser site recently, and now we have some official news on the future of this once great brand.

TCL Communications, the owner of the Palm brand, had this to say:

“We are interested in the brand because we believe the brand has value. It was once a very strong brand and there are many fans of this brand around the world, including people at TCL. Palm was an original pioneer and we want to keep it that way. We want to attract the people who have ideas on how to revive the brand in a meaningful way.”

So what is TCL going to do with the Palm name? They don’t know yet, but it will most likely involve Android. TCL is looking to the community for suggestions of what they want to see from the new Palm. They haven’t set up a way to submit ideas yet, but their vision is a “Palm built by the Palm community.” What do you want to see from the new Palm?

[via Phonescoop]

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  1. Hand sanitizer?

  2. I loved the Handspring Visor (Handspring was subsequently bought by Palm), it was very ahead of its time with the Springboard Expansion Slot and modules.

    If Palm wants to truly innovate then go the route of a Project Ara device and bring back modules.

  3. I think they need to go the mid-range device route but focus solely on battery life….be the first one to create a 4-5 day battery life in a thinner device. try to take battery technology from a tablet and find a way to shrink that down on a 1080p screen to give it ultra long battery life while delivering respectable specs.

    1. I think the reason why tablets last so long is because they’re WiFi only.

      1. Among other reasons,yes

  4. Their flagship phone should be called the Face Palm! As you can see, you hold this palm phone up to your face! Similar to the “suck cut”, it Sucks AS IT CUTS. CERTAINLY DOES SUCK BOB

  5. uh yeah. You bring nothing to the table. A day late and a dollar short. Maybe make cases for phablets with nice physical keyboards built into them. Very thin and responsive. Contact Ryan Seacrest.

  6. They should bring back the OS as a skin on top of Android. It would be great if done well. The gestures, plus Android and Palm always had good if not decent at best hardware. I see a bright future for the Palm revival if they improve on what Palm was known for and the make the improvements needed to make their first device survive amongst today’s flagships.

  7. Why are people bashing them? They’re asking the community what they should do. Not saying they’re going to bring out this device. LoL!!

    They seem to be trying to build devices people want.

    How about some Front Facing Speakers, 5.5 inch screen, 1080p, and no logo on the front. Customized OS, or Stock Android. 64GB internal or 32GB internal with SD card slot.

    Other than that I’m good.

    Edit: 5MP Front Facing Camera. After using that I refuse to downgrade. LoL!!

    1. “We own this name, but we have no good ideas about what to do with it. Please give us your ideas, so we can say that we are once again innovative…even though none of the ideas are ours.” :/

  8. I think that they should start working on bio-mechanical phones in the palm of the hand. A real Palm Phone…

  9. The problem is that I disagree that the brand has value. It’s been too long. It’s gone through too many hands. It’s been split up. It’s a nostalgia name, nothing more. A name and logo don’t mean anything when the people behind them are completely different. I’m supposed to feel some attachment because they bought a name? May as well come up with a new name of your own. It’s got as much credibility in 2015.

  10. I used to love webOS I actually miss my Palm pixi quite a bit. One of my favorite phones. I would like to see 4g at minimum, wifi, 1080, 16 gig minimum, expandable, 5.5 inch with no physical keyboard, 2 gig ram and keep the webOS like the pixi had. 3000mil battery or at least a battery which would last an 8 hour day. Step out of the box of the traditional bar style phone and go with something like the new blackberry passport with more screen real estate. Not necessarily as dramatic as the passport but something young and exciting. If we’re really going to get read and accepted as creators have a built on cover for the gorilla glass 3 protection, instead of having to buy a case and screen protectors. Easily done.

  11. I wanna see WebOS on solid up to date hardware with no keyboard and decent camera…or even build WebOS on top of android, but bring me back true multitasking with my fun awesome cards and beautiful gui!!!!

  12. Follow this blueprint for success: removable battery, expandable storage, stock Android OS with fast upgrades, unlockable bootloader. It’s what got Samsung to No. 1(except the OS). Then as they have started to forget how they got there, they started to drop back to the pack.

  13. A bigger Palm Pre with Android would be nice or even a Treo like device with physical keyboard would be welcomed

  14. What to do? Easy… Chapter 11 and take Black Berry with you. Bye.

    1. Thee funniest I have seen in a while

  15. The palm calendar was one of the great features about the pre. I was a palm faithful until I finally decided to take the jump to the htc hero all those years ago. I liked the pre so much I used it as my work phone well after our office had started switching all our phones to blackberry. I actually had my palm centro and used it for a long time after I dropped my service for it because I like the palm. i would love to see the palm calendar come back on an android device.

  16. A Treo 750 design would be awesome.
    5″ screen, LTE/WiFi, smaller physical keyboard like the Pixi had, Quad Core, 2gigs of Ram and minimum 16 gig with expandable storage and you have a buyer!! Name it the Alcatel 750A Pixi.

  17. I think they challenge the Note. Another high end player in the field with an intelligent stylus. There are a lot of big phones, but there is nobody else driving innovation on an S-pen type tool. Palm would be the perfect brand to take that on.

  18. What to do? Here’s a free clue.

    When something that was once an innovative application of leading edge technology to create a new type of pocket sized computer is now nothing but a brand name . . .

    It’s time to give it up and let it go.

    Something similar could be said of the HP of old, and the current HP. But I’m talking about Palm, or maybe one day . . . Apple.

  19. What I would like to see if an updated device from them that has the latest specs. Create an Android skin that mirrors the old webOS UI. Bring back the cards multi-tasking. Give us a reason to use the bottom portion of our devices and bring back gestures

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