Upgrade your charging game with these flexible, sturdy Micro USB cable from AndroidArea.com



When you’re charging on the go, you need a reliable Micro USB cable to get the job done. At the same time, toting your cables around can cause plenty of wear and tear. Up your game with a three pack of sturdy, durable Micro USB chargers for only $13.99.

Now you can leave one in your car, one in your bag, one at your work, or where ever else a charging cable could come in handy. Able to flex to meet your needs but durable enough to resist tangles and breakage, these cable get the job done right.

These 7-inch cables are compatible with all Android devices with Micro USB ports plus an almost unlimited selection of other electronics that also rely on the standard. Start your new year off right with some new cables.

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  1. You know what I never need? A 7″ cable. More power to those that do, but I wish they had a 24″+ version.

    1. Short cables are useful for those portable battery pack or a desktop charger. Those 36″ standard cables are way too long imo.

      1. Agreed I use a 6″ cable with my Ravpower battery pack and my tablet. Battery pack get shoved in the case when the tablet is open.

  2. Saw this on android area last week. It took 2 minutes to find a 6 pack of Anker 1 foot cables at Amazon for ten bucks.

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