Dec 30th, 2014 publishUpdated   Jan 5th, 2015, 11:21 am

htc desire ces teaserHTC typically doesn’t make the biggest of splashes at CES. In fact, often times than not the company doesn’t have anything new to announce or show. But it looks like they could be changing that with the upcoming 2015 edition of the annual global tech conference.

The company began teasing CES musings over at their Weibo account with an image with text that says “Always Desire More” lighting up the skies of Las Vegas.

The text below that city’s skyline says to expect activity on both January 5th and January 6th. The former is the day before the show “officially” kicks off so HTC might make the initial announcement there, while the next day is when we’ll first be able to get our eyes and/or paws on it.

So it’s pretty clearly a new addition to HTC’s long-standing Desire lineup, but what? You can immediately cross the HTC “Hima” off your list: that’s likely HTC’s big Mobile World Congress showstopper and potential successor to the HTC One M8.

The rumor mill hasn’t been ripe with Desire news since the HTC Desire EYE and the latest entrants in the Desire 800 series were revealed, so it’s anyone’s guess as to what we’ll actually see. Only one way to know, we suppose, and that’s taking our butts to CES in the next couple of weeks (which you can be sure we’ll do).

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